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22 Sep 2009

Yvette’s Story Revisited Version 2.0

Fan Fiction, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Yvette Fan Fiction, Yvette 66 Comments

Circa 2002
I’ve been dying to share about a night I spent with Michael Jackson.

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66 Responses to “Yvette’s Story Revisited Version 2.0”

  1. SuperSabine says:

    Hello my dear, visiting with Yvette????? :tongue:

  2. mariahcopeland says:

    Dear SuperSabin,
    I've been looking around on the internet for fan fiction, and I found your website. I already read all of Yvette's story and I would LOVE your private stories !!! Please allow me to read them.

    Thanx :biggrin: :heart:

  3. mariahcopeland says:

    Oh no, I'm sorry it's CLEARLY better than fan fiction ! :angel:

  4. SuperSabine says:

    Ha, wrong! It's not fan fiction at all. Haven't you read the post "what is CobraCrack"

    :lol: :silly: :tongue:

    Start off with Cowboy Mike! You welcome in advance! :smile:

  5. mariahcopeland says:

    THANKYOU ! i'm sure Cowboy Mike is gonna be awesome !

  6. SuperSabine says:

    It really is :wub: :heart:

    But hopefully you'll take a minute to tell me what YOU think!

  7. afrochick says:

    heyy sabine. looong time!! I've been quite busy. anyways i made a new accound and I would really appreciate it if I could get access to the other chapters, which i enjoy reading. Thanks so much. :heart:

  8. SuperSabine says:

    Hi . . . I think!

    You must be someone I knew in another life! :lol: My bad, but i just don't recognize the name!

  9. afrochick says:

    yea its FanaticJ...I should have stated that from before, my bad

  10. SuperSabine says:

    Oh, hey Fanatic, well enjoy it while you can. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do about this place.

    Lately I get so many comments asking for access and I never hear from the persons again. That's no fun for me!
    I was thinking of closing it down all together!

    We'll see . . . .

  11. afrochick says:

    aww man, one bad apple spoils the rest!....but dont close it down, i'm sure there are a lot of people who love reading your amazing work; but at the same time I understand what you are saying. Anyways, its your decision :)

  12. SuperSabine says:

    Well, it's not one! A lot of people are logging in here and asking for access and I don't ever hear from them again, unless they want another chapter, not even to say thank you !!! :tongue:

    Anyways, its your decision :)

    Yep! Whose decision would it be, if not my decision? :silly: :tongue: :lol:

  13. afrochick says:

    yepp, it is your decision; because after all you are "super sabine"

  14. mjbutterfly says:

    Hey Sabine , I haven't been in here for so long, and I'm trying to catch up with the new chapters, although I don't know why I can't access the chapters although I'm signed in here with my google account. Please let me know how I can gain access to the chapters again :( thank you. Xx :unsure:

  15. jasminacosma says:

    Wow that was so good. I tried to comment before but didn't know how. But I got it now. :yes:

  16. Sabine says:

    Great to hear feedback. I'm glad you liked it :smile:

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