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22 Sep 2009

Yvette’s Story Revisited Version 2.0

Fan Fiction, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Yvette Fan Fiction, Yvette 66 Comments

Circa 2002
I’ve been dying to share about a night I spent with Michael Jackson.

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66 Responses to “Yvette’s Story Revisited Version 2.0”

  1. Dear Marsha says:



    Whooo Sabine, you are my version of Eri. Took me a while, but I finally got a chance to read The Real Yvette Story, Version 2.0

    Yup, I was effing right, you freakin topped the "original" Yvette, you put her to shame!!!! LMAO! Thanks Sabine I don't think the other girls on the blog know about this, I feel like I got VIP pass to the premiere of This Is It.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whoah! Whoah, whoah, whoah, whaoh!!! Was that real or fanfiction!? If it was real then: I knew it! Mj's a gentleman/undercover freak lol if not then: oh well here's to trying...but i still suspect he was ;)

    great story =D

  3. Sabine says:

    LOL, what's a real fan/fic. That's a double negative.

    I'm glad you like it, but my version is just a story. There's an urban legend though floating around the internet about a real Yvette, that's why this one is called 2.0. Who knows?

  4. DirtyDiana says:

    WOAH WOAH OMG what a great interpretation, I wonder if it really happened, where can i find the original story?

  5. Sabine says:

    LOL! So guess you liked it?

    I follow the org. very closely -- the only difference is my version is better!

    You can look for it online, but I don't know if you'll find it. Someone posted it on a site I belonged to. And like I said, they were saying it wasn't true and it sounded too corny, and unreal.

    Well, well, well, what do you know, not any more, huh?

    And I was thinking of this story when you mentioned Michael didn't ask Sabah if she was on the pill.

    Well, you see he asked Yvette *wink*?


  6. KKDDianaMJ says:

    where is the original story? I'd like to read it for myself and judge for myself! If someone has a link please post it!

  7. sue says:

    Wow I just love this - keep coming back to read it again LOL. Seems so realistic. Dreams...

  8. Sabine says:

    Hi Sue! seems so realistic . . . . love it! thank you!

  9. Elmira2887 says:

    is this story real??

    im confused..

  10. Sabine says:

    The story is based on a story someone copied and pasted when I was a member of another blog. The girl said she found it as a message on a forum from a girl called Yvette, who claimed that it really happened. A bunch of people said that they didn't believe it because of how it was written, they said she sounded too ghetto -- that it didn't "sound" believable, didn't make sense, et cetera. I kept saying that people believed what they wanted to believe and if someone who could write, wrote it over and made it sound real, I bet you people would think it was true.

    So someone asked me to write it over and I did! I added a few facts, some better descriptions, took out the ghetto flavor to the story and Walla! Yvette 2.0. We told everyone that I wrote it over but do you know that even people on the same site who said it wasn't true when they read the first story, were like, Wow, maybe it IS true, after they read my version?
    :lol: So every time someone asks me, IS this really real, I smile to myself because I proved my point!

    So the answer to your question is I really don't know if it's real. I would think that a woman who slept with Michael wouldn't put up the story on some random site, telling perfect strangers that she had sex with him, but stranger things have happened right?

    Well, if it did happen, more power to her because it sounds like he showed her a good time!

  11. parkerlee53 says:

    I am new to your site and I have to say that it is more addictive than crack. Wow, you are a talented writer. I found the "ghetto" version of the Yvette story a few days ago on a fan board, but I like your version better, you left in all the good stuff, but made it sexier.

    I have a question for you, do you think that the original is the real deal? After reading it several times, some of it strikes me as true, but I'm not convinced. Mostly because of all of the rough edges in the story that you so artfully changed. It just doesn't sound enough like fanfic to be fiction. What's you take, is it truth or fiction?

  12. parkerlee53 says:

    I am new to your site and I have to say that it is more addictive than crack. Wow, you are a talented writer. I found the "ghetto" version of the Yvette story a few days ago on a fan board, but I like your version better, you left in all the good stuff, but made it sexier.

    I don't know if the story is true or not, but in my opinion, the "ghetto" flavor of the original made it kind of believable because it was written in such blunt, unromantic fashion. I would love to think that Mike had lots hot sex and enjoyed himself to the fullest. He deserved it.

  13. Lala says:

    I won't the link to the original if you still have it plZ :sleeping: :wink:

  14. Sabine says:

    Hey Parkerlee53, Welcome, girl!

    More addictive than crack! :biggrin:

    You've made my day!!!

    So you found the REAL story! :w00t: Get outta here!!!! Now see again, proving my point. The forum where I was felt the story wasn't true BECAUSE the girl was so ghetto to them -- they said that Michael wouldn't have messed w/ someone like that.

    See, people believe what they want to believe! So you liked what I did with it? I made it classy! :biggrin:

    Do I think the story is true??

    Nahhhh, I don't because I really don't think that a person would put up such a detailed description of an encounter w/ Michael on some forum -- why would she do that?

    What would be the motivation. But you know, people do crazy things so maybe it is true. If it is, good for her! IF you have the link post it so other people can compare the "original" to my version. Plus I'm interested to see if its the one I read.

  15. parkerlee53 says:

    I don't have the link anymore, but I can copy the letter her if you don't mind. I have no idea which page on the forum I got it from and it would take me days to back track. Just say the word and I'll put it up.

    As for it being true or not,, I don't know. It does kind of match to the letter that was written by the anonymous employee (Frank Cascio). He said that after Mike broke up with Blanket's mother he had lots it and runs. Also, the Yevette post is from the same time frame and Cascio's, around the second allegations. If it's true, the only reason I can come up for her sharing the story would have been to prove that MJ loved women.

    Michael is such a mystery. I guess we will never know of Yvette was real, but that original story is so graphic and raw that I felt like I needed a cigarette after I read it, and I have never smoked a day in my life!

    I'll be away for a few days, but I'll check back soon.

  16. Sabine says:

    Hey honey! Thanks for asking me whether it was okay to post it. Send it to me in an email so I can put it up properly if I decide to. The link is right on the bottom.

    I'm not quite convinced that that letter is real, you know, again for the same reason. Anonymous postings on forums don't hold much weight with me. It's too easy for any crack pot to write anything, you know, and if you're a good writer you can make it sound believable.

    If she wanted to prove that MJ loved women, she could have testified in court. But then again, if she was ghetto . . . .

    LMAO!!!! :lol:

    Okay, let me stop!

  17. parkerlee53 says:

    Now you know my secret, I/m a computer idiot and email is still tricky for me, I know, sad, but true. Before we lost Michael the only thing I used my laptop for was shopping. I love your "then again" reasoning. Michael is such a mystery, I think that's what makes him so hot. We will never know for sure unless Mike's ladies start talking out in the open.

  18. Sabine says:

    Hey Parker -- using your laptop for just shopping is a good thing, trust me!

    You can get lost in cyber space. I for one, wish and hope that his ladies NEVER talk. I mean Michael valued his privacy and there's no need for that.

    As you can see, I have a vivid imagination :wink:

  19. michaelisa jackson says:

    i cant believe this gee..this is not true! dont let this girl fooled you!

  20. Sabine says:

    Michaelisa, it's fiction girl -- at least what I contributed to it. I have no idea of the story it's based on is true! :cheerful:

  21. katrina.denise says:

    Hi Sabine,

    I enjoyed your version of this story. I havn't read the original but I would love to... I read what some people said about this girl being too ghetto for the story to be real. What we MJ fans seem to do is forget the he was just a man. If she was attractive to him, I don't think her being ghetto would have stopped him from sharing one night with her.

    Besides... from what I know about Michael. I don't think he judged people so harshly.

    Anyway, if were true. I am jealous. Sounds like they had a great night.

  22. Sabine says:

    Hey Katrina! Welcome!

    Well, I maintain, I have no idea if it's true or not. :lol:
    It's a fun story though, right, and wonderful to fantasize about :smile: :lol:

    The org. isn't that much different, just less artfully written if I do say so myself! :cheerful:

  23. MJFanfic says:

    [New Post] Yvette's Story Revisited Version 2.0 - via #twitoaster http://cobracrackcentral.com/2009/09/22/...

  24. MJJWendy says:

    OMG this was buck wild. I nearly fell out of my chair. I hope it was true ((snicker, snort)))))

  25. Sabine says:

    Hey Mjj :smile:

    What are you snickering/snorting about? :ermm:

    Jealous? :tongue:

    No one knows if it's true or not, definitely my version is fan fiction. There's an Yvette story floating around that purports to be true, but no one has owned up to it or come forward to claim it sooooooooooo . . . . . I tend to disbelieve anonymous posters carrying tales but lots of people would love to believe it's true.

    we believe what we want to believe, IMO.

  26. katrina.denise says:

    Just read it for the 4th time. Gets better everytime.

    Love your writing Sabine.

    Katrina :wub:

  27. Sabine says:

    Awww thank you!!!!!!!!! I read this a couple of weeks ago and I was like :w00t:

    :blush: :blush: :blush:

    And then I did this:



  28. brittany says:

    Okay. I finally figured out how to read stories :blush: lol. I remember reading the original Yvette story also! Anyways, I loved this version :wub: ! It was really hot!

  29. Sabine says:

    Glad you liked it! :smile:

  30. MarLee says:

    I could never get tired of reading this story WOW :w00t: :blush:

  31. Neecy says:

    Definitely one of the best i've read! :blush:

  32. Sabine says:

    I can only take partial credit since I rewrote it :wink:

  33. isabeau says:

    Wow. Wow. I really hope the original story is true and I like to think it is for both of them.
    It is a little strange to post a story like that on a blog expecially describing every detail but... as you wrote Sabine, wird things can happen... who knows...
    It would be nothing strange for me to know that Michael was a passionate lover... I can see, almost feel passion coming out of him on stage and also in life.
    Anyway... my heartbeat got much faster while reading because I put myself in that situation...

  34. katrina.denise says:

    Hello Sabine - I have been trying to get in touch with you to regain access to the Cowboy Mike/ Bad boy Mike stories. I have been a loyal reader for about a year. I don't get to log on as much as I like because I have a very demanding schedule, but when I have time I really love to read your work. Please hook up me, I am really feening.

    Thanks in advance.

    Your loyal addict


  35. QueenSabine says:

    Hey Katrina! How have you been? Well, I'm not that hard to find! I'm right here! :smile:

    I thought I went through all the comments and gave members messages but I always seem to have missed someone.

    :ermm: Nope, just as I thought. I did give you access. Remember, log in on the home page, and then click on of the non-private stories, like this one, and THEN go to the private stories. That's how it works best.

    Enjoy :heart:

  36. Amy says:

    Dear Sabine,

    How are you ? I hope you are fine :)
    I havent been here for a very long time O.O I am so excited to read the chapter for TTWC :heart:
    I just browsed through it and I will spend my day tomorrow reading it as now getting late here :sad:

    It's always good to know how Michael is treating and doing with the ladies if it's a true story. I really like your version. Very pleasant and easy to understand compared with the original. Very HOT too :lol: I love rereading it whenever I dont have the time to online. :biggrin:

  37. QueenSabine says:

    Hi Amy,

    I'm doing well and very happy to say that!!! :smile: It's nice hearing from you again. I'm glad you find this story entertaining but I can only take credit for making it better. :cheerful:

    At the end of day, I really tend to think it's just a story.

    I hope you like TTWC -- did you read up to the last one? I remember you expressing excitement about the invitation. Anyway, yeah, it should be a blast.

    Now I love that you love re-reading, but if you notice, I had to edit your comment a little though. :tongue:

    http://cobracrackcentral.com/ccc-copyright-notice/ I know you're just expressing love for the stories, but I don't want to give some of the unscrupulous people who just keep logging in on here any ideas!

    take care :heart:

  38. Michelle says:

    hi sabine i like your version alot more than the original one i read a few months ago it gave me gosebumps but than again everything gives me gosebumps lol i do wonder if its a true story but hey you never know like you said stranger things have happend right but why would a women who hade a night like that with mike blog about it but than again you never know if it really did happen than damn shes lucky and i agree mike did have passion ozzing out of every pore of his body and another thing i was thinking if that really happend wouldnt she have hade to sign a confidentiality agreement like everyone else but i could be wrong either way i loved how you wrote it much love

  39. QueenSabine says:

    Awww thanks! Well, I've already explained I rewrote it as a dare. I don't really believe that a woman lucky enough to share this with Mike, if she was smart, would go and blab on some random forum. But then again, maybe it's true and she wasn't that smart :tongue: :lol:

  40. MariJackson says:

    this is a good story is seems so real and its very well written :cool:

  41. QueenSabine says:

    Hi Mari! Thanks :smile:

  42. Mercedes says:

    I'd like to ask you for permission to access your site((: :heart:

  43. JasmineLuker says:

    Queen Sabine please allow me to access your private stories :blush:

  44. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Jasmine,

    I'm SuperSabine now!!!!

    I see you've chosen the name Jasmine Lurker, so I want to take the time out to say that I appreciate everyone who reads, because that's why I share the stories.
    Everyone has the right to comment or not, as they see fit. I know some people's preference is to lurk.
    But that being said, I put a lot of time and effort into this place and the comments are in part, the driving force that keeps me writing, so in order to understand why I've made the stories private and who I want to share the stories with I created this post, and I'd like people who want access to read it so that they can understand both my vision and what i need to keep writing (which I'm thinking most people want me to keep writing!)


    So here you go, and after reading that you can let me know where you stand!

  45. Goldpants says:

    I've read this story a few times now and it still makes me chuckle. I don't think it's too much of a reach to think that there is an element of truth to this. Maybe Yvette is fictitious but I’m sure there have been many women who have a secret to tell about our Mike’s prowess in the bedroom. I wonder if one day someone will come forward with a genuine encounter? The irony is even if she did no-one would believe her. Unless there was a camera in the room at the time, how would she prove it?

  46. Goldpants says:

    Actually there could be some camera footage of Mike in action somewhere. He usually had people video taping everything he did!

  47. SuperSabine says:

    I’m sure there have been many women who have a secret to tell about our Mike’s prowess in the bedroom. I wonder if one day someone will come forward with a genuine encounter?

    Would it surprise you to hear me say, I hope not! :wassat:

    It's fun to imagine, but I think Mickey wanted that part of his life kept private, and I hope all the women who were intimate with him will honor that! I don't need to know, KNOW, ya know? :lol:

  48. susantrout says:

    SuperSabine....you have totally spoiled me with respect to lusty romance novels! This story is an orgasmic 10 on the satisfaction scale. Holy Mary, Mercy Me! I agree with you that he was a very private person and though I'm endlessly fascinated to learn more about Michael, the man, I hope no woman is that foolish and disrespectful of him to exploit something so intimate and beautiful with the world.

    I think he truly loved women and was a very tender and passionate lover. I think over the years he came to accept the idea that marriage to one woman was indeed far too complicated and demanding of his time and emotion to pursue. I believe that his whole being was ruled by his genius creativity and, coupled with his deep love of and desire to help children, a wife would simply not have sufficient understanding to accept third rung on his ladder of importance. I think that's why Llsa Marie called it quits. She didn't like that he felt ALL children were his children to love. Plus, he simply was a free spirit, a "rolling stone" that needed to have more freedom than the average woman is willing to allow.

    Hopefully, he had a woman or two in his life that accepted and was grateful for whatever time and love they shared. He certainly deserved that.

    While I really do hope I never see a "tell-all" book about his love life revealed, I'm not bashful to admit your vivid and smokin' hot (and so realistic!) stories create to-die-for fantasies. We can all imagine, can't we?

    You rock Lady!

  49. SuperSabine says:

    Hey Susan!!!! I see you logged in all right, great!

    You know, Tim Burton and his wife, this is the arrangement they have. He lives in one house and she lives next door in the other house, and there's a bridge connecting the two, and she says they "visit" each other when they need to.

    So you know, I think there ARE women like that, who don't need to be with someone 24/7. I don't know if Michael had given up on the idea of marriage or if he was ever even sold on it, being that his mother and dad had such a strange relationship (together but not really together) -- maybe he felt like it couldn't work for him and got disillusions.

    You know what I also think? I think Lisa was a rebound girl!!!!

    Yeah, she didn't like that he could love all children, but I actually think that's a beautiful sentiment, and I think with a stronger woman, she could have made Michael understand how family comes first before everything, but the trick to doing that is to accept him just the way he is (Beauty and the Beast) :smile: :wub:

    It's not about tying someone down but loving them as they are, and then when they receive that love and feel how good it feels, they want to do all they can to keep it.

    Now the question is could Michael have received that love?

    All in all, I'm with you! I don't want to read any tell all book. Besides, the moment a woman would write such a book, I already don't like her. I mean who likes someone who kisses and tells???? :w00t:

    By the way, thanks for the lovely compliments. I've read this and I've been like


    I wrote that????? :lol:

    I mean I tweaked it, but it's still hot!!! And the other stuff is hot too, if I do say so myself!!!!! :tongue:

  50. mel says:

    Just trying to see if I'm doing this correct

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