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03 Oct 2009


Fan Fiction, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Melissa Fan Fiction Dancer 82 Comments
Michael watched the dancer who was auditioning before him and tried to feign interest. She was cute and she was a good dancer but he’d already seen the girl he wanted for his tour.

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82 Responses to “THE DANCER”

  1. Sabine says:

    Michael reaching for her pants and then looking up in horror. Michael running from the room and not calling for six days.

    He was unsure about her; couldn't believe he let it get to the point that they were about to have sex and so he . . . ran.

  2. Sabine says:

    I can’t get over this line : ” He just wanted to fuck her………….”

    “All he could think of was buring his face between her legs…” :w00t: :shocked: OMG

    Wow, withdrawal is getting bad around here, huh?

  3. Colette says:

    Oh Ok Sabine I was thinking it was because she was on her period :lol: :wassat:

    Yes withdrawl is at an all time high, only you can sove it :devil: :silly:

  4. Sabine says:


    Oooo, that's just nasty! I wouldn't write that unless I wanted to gross everyone out!!!!

    I'm working on your withdrawal as I write!


  5. Colette says:

    :lol: I know it's gross but it really seemed like that's what you were trying to get across, with the not calling for 6 days reaching for her pants looking up in horror running out of the room, I remember how freaked out Michael was when Sabah was trying to tell him about her period :tongue: :lol:

    Unloading Shipment OMG :silly: :sideways: I'm excited!!


    Sabine, you are such an excellent writer. This conversation sounds familiar when it was recorded between him and a female friend (just a friend, he was telling her what him and this "dancer" talked about ), I wonder was this during GHOST. Rumor has it that Michael had fallen in love with a girl who tried out for that video, true or not.? When I got to the part where he picked he rup and placed her against the wall with her legs touching the wall.....I had to stop and take a breath. I thought I needed CPR, Girl!!! I'm still recovering and I'm a newby here. Put me to sleep again, just go to bed dreaming bout this excellent body of work of yours. Thanks Sabine. It makes us awonder, just what kind of lover was Michael. If only he had created a video to "Til the Break of Dawn'", but you have creatively spun his lyrics into "action" so we can just imagine it....

  7. Sabine says:

    Hey True! Awwww thanks so much! I see you're finding your way around the site. Well these are just short chapters, the real story is Cowboy Mike and Tame the Wild Cobra (don't worry about the titles they're not what the story is REALLY about -- that's what I told you to start with in the "care package" I sent you :lol:

    I don't know anything about a girl from a video shoot, but definitely I agree it would be wonderful to have a video for Break of Dawn :sigh:!

    Are the break of dawn lyrics in this chapter? :wassat:

    I can't remember :cheerful:

    Welcome again! Glad to see you commenting!

  8. DeborahGreene says:

    you know everytime i read this, im in awe at how she was in the full throws of sex before she even knew what hit her. that &*(&* makes me so hot, the way he was like 'hmmmm' and the what do you think im doing, omg if that was another guy i would have been pissed, this guy was in and out before she knew what happened. jesus i had my first mikegasm off that @#$%. so i keep coming back to read again and again and again. damn he was smooth. i love you mke and sabine

  9. Sabine says:

    OMG, you are totally not Team Sabah if you love this story!!! :tongue:

    But we still thank you for the love!!! (not Sabah though!)

  10. KJ says:

    Hi Again,
    I will have to come back and read another time but I really really have to tell you I LOVE that photo of Michael in the white shirt, smiling so sweetly - the one below the New Shipments information ♥♥♥

  11. SusanTrout says:

    Hello Sabine!

    I've never left a comment before. I did receive your recent e-mail about the changes to CCC. Hopefully, I'll be able to access all the stories. Having just finished this one, I had to take a moment and send you this note.

    First, I want to say what a great writer you are. And, you couldn't have picked a better man to write about. So sorry to hear about the challenges you experienced with your stories. YOU are the writer. It is YOUR imagination, your magic dance of words that creates the story. Believe me I have no interest in messing with your imagination and expression--just happy to read a fantasy account of the life and loves of the sexiest, most incredible man to ever grace the planet.

    I just discovered CCC late last year. I love all the great photos and the continuous play of his music. Great job! How creative you are! In fact, it was your site where I first heard We've Had Enough--just one of his most compelling, heartfelt message songs. There are so many. I love them so much. Always an admirer of him, when he left us so suddenly I concentrated on studying his life--wanting to know about the "real" man. Naturally I fell in love with him and join with the thousands of loyalists and devotees who long to put an end to the trash, the lies, and the cruel injustices and restore his good name. I honestly don't know how any normally functioning woman who was a fan of his music could not also fall in love with him after spending time getting to know more about him. Just thinking about him causes you to feel a warm, loving feeling. I don't think there is anyone like him and there never will be.

    I particularly appreciate your writing style because you are bold and you portray him, genuinely, as a passionate, caring, deeply loving soul, fraught with the normal fears that plague most men. But of course, his situation simply magnifies those fears a thousand fold. Through your stories, we can hope that Michael did find great, passionate love with caring, genuine women. He deserved to love and be loved so much. It's just both exciting and soothing to read your stories about him. And, highly erotic of course. I have to laugh when I read questions from women wondering what kind of a lover he was. Ha! Honey, just watch him move on stage and you'll catch a glimpse. Your words just confirm what we all know.

    Anyway, I'm sure not very computer-savvy but hopefully I'll be able to access all of your stories now.

    Thanks for sharing, Sabine! Keep on writing. You keep a special aspect of his memory alive and sensuously exciting.

    Special note--that picture of him taken from the back where he's wearing tight black jeans and a white shirt just makes me weak in the knees. God he's so gorgeous! :tongue:

  12. Sabine says:

    Hi Susan, thanks honey!!! I like hearing how people discovered CCC, especially if they come in in the middle of a chapter. You're reading "The Dancer" which is Melissa's little fantasy, and I guess if you're read Cowboy Mike, you know all about Melissa!!!! :lol:

    Thanks for expressing your appreciation -- I wouldn't know otherwise!!!! Yes, I don't understand why anyone would doubt Michael's virility and masculinity!!!!!

    That picture you mentioned, for example, exudes it!!!!! I'm always surprised to hear people say, oh, I discovered CCC last year, 'cause i'm like huh, I've been writing for a year here?

    But I guess I have, huh? I'm glad my stories have contributed some positivity to your day :smile:

  13. phi says:

    Hello Sabine, hope you are doing well. I just finished reading "The Dancer" and now I can understand why Melissa couldn't let Mike get away to be with Sabah. It is kind of sad that she had this " one night stand" with him which left her thinking they could have a strong relationship even though he was about to tour. But anyway, as always, I love how you developed their characters from the beginning of the story to the end. You made it perfectly clear that he was not looking for a serious relationship but was struck by her beauty.

    You are very talented to write such description. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. If these strories could get published, you would have a best seller each time.

  14. Sabine says:

    poooor Mellisa, Phi, I do so feel sorry for her :pouty:It's funny to read both stories, this little story and Cowboy Mike and see how different Michael is with the both of them, isn't it? :lol:

    I still don't know how I did it!!!!! But I'm glad you like it and can see the difference between a little fling and what Sabah and Michael have. You know I think you can even tell the difference from the first chapter of CBM, but I might be mistaken :smile:

  15. isabeau says:

    Never read this before... the dancer...
    I danced half of my life... I would give anything to have a 15 minutes dancing with him like the girl in the Blood on the floor video... He is SO damn good in dancing latino... I was surprised to see that the first time and I guess he could dance tango Argentina too...
    Dancing for me is comparable to the ecstasy of sex, no kidding, of course it is physically different but I get easily excited dancing in couple if I like the partner and the music very much. My senses all blend together in a sinesthetic pleasure and loose sense of time and reality. It happens to me when I dance by myself too sometimes... But look how he moves so perfectly and that braid... SO damn sexy!!

    About this story... well I have troubles commenting since it is too intimate and I'm a bit shy...
    but I can say the god of fanfiction is definitely on your side girl... ;)

  16. Sabine says:

    I always wondered about actors/actresses who claim they don't feel anything during love scenes.

    Shamone! If you're attracted to the person you're playing with or into the script, that's impossible!!! :lol: :cheerful:

    I think it's the same w/ dance. It may be over the minute the scene is over but for a minute it's REAL, and Michael said he HAD to be attracted to a girl to dance with her -- for their to be some kind of chemistry.

    You know, if you see him when he played the Jackson Variety Show, you will see that Michael could dance ANYTHING.

    His mother said he learned tap just by watching Fred Astaire and others on t.v. Michael never took formal dance lessons. Which let's you know how gifted he was.

    Isabeau: About this story… well I have troubles commenting since it is too intimate and I’m a bit shy…
    but I can say the god of fanfiction is definitely on your side girl… ;)


  17. NancyCastelli says:

    You are a gifted writer! I am new here and am loving the stories!

  18. SisterSabine says:

    thanks Nancy!!!! Welcome!!!! :smile:

  19. SuperSabine says:

    You know what's funny. Michael says in this story that he FORGOT that Melissa wasn't going on tour with him. :lol:

    That's so different than how he was with Sabah!!!!!

  20. mirela.lelic says:

    OMG!damn!I haven't read this one before!Oh Goooooood this was soooooooo intense!got me all hot and making me want to call my bf!lol like right away!!!!dayuuuum!God this amazing girl! (edited) lol I love it sweetie!omg!I AM still shaking, just like Melissa!LOL amazing!beyoind words!

  21. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Mirela! :heart: As usual I can read your excitement! It's practically jumping off the page.

    :getlost: But girl, I had to edit your comment!!!!
    :kissing: I wrote this story just for fun, but it ties into Cowboy Mike. When I read it again last night, it was interesting to read how different Michael sounds here than he does with Sabah! :w00t:

  22. Girl is Dangerous says:

    Hi Girl!

    Yet another amazing story from you. I have to say that your attention to detail is amazing. I remember the towel and hat thing from the Glenda tapes...I love how you weaved parts of those conversations through this story. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  23. timikacoleman says:

    Sabine i had to create a new account so can I please get access again to read your wonderful stories. :cwy: :angel:

  24. SuperSabine says:

    :lol: When I first heard that story with the towel, I couldn't understand it, but i guess I made it make sense huh?


    I'm glad you liked it!!!!

  25. mjsgirl says:

    came back to read this one again :) sooooo hotttttttttttttt.... but... she's no sabah ;)

  26. SweeneyTodd says:


  27. susanchaney says:

    :happy: Well am I bad because I say this was extremnely hot and really enjoyed it. The six days I never thought about her being on the period but I guess that is a possiblity. I am finally figuring the new site out a little bit. I used to come on the old one and loved it. Thanks so much hoping to be able to get access to the private section soon I am running out of stuff to read and I desperately want to read it. Love the nbew site awesome!

  28. drush says:

    I'm glad I found this site and I enjoyed this short story as well as the others I have read so far. This is the best website I have been too involving Michael Jackson.

  29. Sabine says:

    Thanks so much. I'm glad you're enjoying the short stories.

  30. P1nkNPrpleSki3s says:

    this story made my stomach go in flips!!1 I loved this! and i could see.every.single.part.in.my.head! it was that good and descriptive...I love descriptive stories they make reading it so much better...and I'm new-ish...i used to sign on here on my google account but was so confused and then i decided to come back again after a loooonnnggg time and sign in with my twitter account....I'm still confused here but I'm sure I'll get it...anyway thanks for the lovely story..
    you're an awesome writer.. :blush: :smile:

  31. P1nkNPrpleSki3s says:

    This story made my stomach d o flips!!! it was amazing and I saw.every bit of it in my head! it was that good and descriptive...I love reading descriptive stories so i can imagine whats actually going on like I'm there. :) Anyway Im new-ish...I used to sign on here with my google account and I was just so confused I left...and then today i decided after a looonnnngggg time I'll come back and take a shot at it. so i signed in with my twitter account and even though I'm still confused I think I'll get it eventually..

    Thanks for the lovely story, I enjoyed reading it

    You are an amazing writer :blush: :smile:

  32. Sabine says:

    So good you had to say it twice, huh? :lol:

    I guess you thought the comment didn't go through! :smile: :yes: I loved reading it twice, so thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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