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03 Oct 2009


Fan Fiction, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Melissa Fan Fiction Dancer 82 Comments
Michael watched the dancer who was auditioning before him and tried to feign interest. She was cute and she was a good dancer but he’d already seen the girl he wanted for his tour.

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82 Responses to “THE DANCER”

  1. Laura says:

    faints dead away...

  2. Laura says:

    OMG...so freakin hot

    I have read a bunch of that crap in the last two months I think that one is the best

    Just the right combo of innocent and badness (love love LOVE what he was telling her----- UH!)

    sheesh, girl I am all worked up now LOL

  3. mel says:

    As i was reading this I was listening to Give into me the perfect compliment. You Know I always thought you should do more Melissa Stuff or maybe not my heart wont be able to take it. (or my husband)

  4. Sabine says:

    Well, the good thing about the way it's written is I can always revisit. Melissa, Melissa, Melissa, I forgot that your name was Melissa wow - it must be so much fun to read your name, an added extra reality bite to the story, hmmmmm?

  5. Nina says:


    I love how she says she loves him and he whispers,
    "I know you do!" LOL

    Sabine.....I felt like I was there...lol
    Are you sure you're not telling us something??? LOL

  6. Sabine says:

    LOL!! I WISH!!!! Mel wants me to write more . . . one day when I feel hot and bothered!!!

  7. Elmira2887 says:

    I just read this story again for like the 10th time and omg.. It is soooo sexy and hot. WOW i love how you said " she kissed him, but he didnt want to kiss her, he wanted to fuck her.." HAHHA.. i am sorry but that had me laughing and fainting at the same time. I love how at the end mellissa said loves him and he goes " i know u do.." GOsh sooo cocky!! hahaha

    Sabine.. be honest with us.. Are you SURE you never had a relationship with michael? lolol ;) *runs*

  8. Sabine says:

    I was like, huh, I wrote that *blush*. LOL! Then I realized you were talking about the Melissa story. Michael only fvcked Sabah once that was in the beginning. He started falling in love with her right away. Do you see a different in how he was w/ Melissa and how he is with Sabah? I didn't intentionally write it that way, but it was never my intention to write a "love" story about Melissa and Mike. She was some one he thought was cute pretty much.

    I always smile when I read that line. "I love you so much Michael." "I know you do."

    LOL! Cocky but sooooooooo sexy!!!!

    LOL @ my having a relationship w/ Mike. I WISH LOL! But Michael was old enough to be my Daddy. (if he had me at 16). ;)

  9. ~*~MJ~*~FANATIC~*~ says:

    *drools* so hot! Love the story!

  10. Sabine says:

    Hey girl!!! Always more room for another MJ lover!!!! I can't wait to hear what you think about the rest. I'm working on another chapter as we speak. Had to stop for a coooooool drink ;)

  11. MartiniGirl says:

    hahaha... Sabine - you make me laugh. Well I am old enough... only 11 years apart... but as much fun as this sounds - I wouldn't wanna be Melissa!

    I do like this story though... I like the juxtaposition with our Cowboy. So we can see how different he is with our lucky lady Sabah... Yup it is all LOVE for our resident bratty girl! :)

    oh hell - WTF - juxtaposition? I haven't used that word since university. Look at me using big words on the weekend...

    Anyway , took the time to really look around last night Sabine - REALLY nice - am learning tricks from you lovely lady... thank you for such a beautiful home for us addicts.., I feel much safer indulging here - now I just gotta find my safe room and a place for my martini shaker - but now I am off to stretch some seniors!

    (Oh you can update my link now... .com is ready and more updated than blogger!)

  12. Sabine says:

    Hey Martinigirl! So glad that you like it! Well, I'm doing a lot of writing this weekend, and cleaning, all my first loves!

    Love the resident Bratty girl, yep, that's my Sabah!

    But she's soooo cute, according to Michael! : )

  13. Elmira2887 says:

    HAHAH Sabine..
    How old are you? If you dont mind me asking.
    And yes, I noticed the difference between how michael made love to melisa and sabah. I really want to know what got through michael that he started falling inlove with Sabah. I mean he had sex with both of the girls right away u know? :)

    I can't wait for the next chapter. *jumps up and down..*

  14. Sabine says:

    Hey Elmira, I'm 39! Well shoot, I'll be 39. But I swear, I don't know how I got to be this age cause I still remember being 18 yesterday.

    So you tell me! I'm curious to know how it reads to you. What do YOU think Michael fell in love w/ in Sabah.

    Why do you think Michael didn't l fall in love with Melissa. After all she told him she loved him and they were both beautiful, and you're right he did have sex with her and we all know when a guy has sex with you that means he loves you LOL!!!!.

  15. ameera says:

    Woah when a guys has sexy time with you that doesn't mean he loves you. Like duh, this is like the code written for life.

    Michael didnt fall in love with Melissa because..... She's THIRSTY.

    If she played the chase game like Sabah did then maybe she would of had a chance. I mean look how long it took for Sabah to say "I Love you" to Michael????

    Melissa said it so quickly like she has been waiting for that moment forever.

    If she had a couple of bottles of Aquafina maybe her and michael could of had something. MAYBE (:

  16. AnniesNotOK says:

    Wow, Sabine, you just look like having my age, or even younger! Damn girl, how you do it?

    Ok, so I have to confess. I read this when you first posted it but yesterday, with all the new comments it's like the story re-emerged for me and I had the need to read it again. That's the thing: I didn't remember reading the first part then! I almost thought you had changed it (optimizing). But no! LOL I guess it was the sex scene that erased the rest of the story in my consciousness.

    Loving the last line as Nina said. I can almost visualize his sexy smile. I think reading this is like discovering the other part of the dichotomy (Sabah-Melissa). It makes you appreciate even more Cowboy Mike! Now I only hope Michael doesn't fancy some of this just-sex (you know, men...) if he feels too tied with Sabah or because he's running from his own things (skin, jealousy, etc...).

  17. Sabine says:

    Awwww man, you have to talk to my mother, she's 70 and looks 50 but I've always said it was her meaness preserving her LOL!

    So you finally admit to skipping the boring parts and going straight to the sex! I had expected as much!

    Everyone loves that last line! LOL! I love it too!

    God, please don't talk like that, Michael going BACK to Melissa just for sex O-O!!! He has fabulous sex with SAbah!

    Oh God, if the God of Fiction sent me a chapter like that I would cry while I wrote it! Please God of fiction, do NOT let Michael act out of his fears and ruin his chance with the love of his life!

  18. Sabine says:

    Ameera, you are so funny!! Leave Melissa alone. If Mike gave it to you as good as he gave it to her, you'd be thirsty too!!!

    That's why you gotta be careful who you have random sex w/ lest you get HOOKED big time and then find yourself waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Oh the torture. Imagine being in love with Michael, having HAD him and then to lose him. Better to have never had him at all, I think!

  19. MartiniGirl says:

    don't worry about the gods of fiction if mike goes back to melissa....

    worry about the wrath of MG after a few sour apples.... hehehe

  20. Elmira2887 says:

    Sabine, you are 39? wow. you do not look 39 at all. You look wayyyy younger. Sabine you are such a P.Y.T.

    Michael loves Sabah b/c she is independent, has her own life planned, and she isnt in the show businnesss.

    Oh gosh Sabine, please please pleaseeeeeeee don't let michael go back to Melissa. It will ruin things for michael and sabah and the real michael was not a cheater. I hate the idea of MJ going back to melissa, eventhough, i feel really bad for her. And i must say, I agree with you. I would rather not have MJ and lose him than have him and lose him. Oh icant bare the thought.

    Btw, I've been wanting to tell you this. In the past few days, I have come upon sooo many fan fiction stories of michael and i just admit sabine that you are the QUEEN of fan fiction. You truely are. No one compares to you. Some of the fan fictions are just soo funny and cheezy that i feel like im reading a comedy or something hahah.

    I really think that you should have your work published. You dont have to publish cowboy mike, but you should publish your other work. You are amazing and talented. You should definitely consider the idea. I know i would for sure buy your books :D

    love u girl. <3!

  21. Sabine says:

    Elmire, I'm just going to squeeze you -- you're so sweet! Thank you! You know, I just have a youthful spirit I guess.

    LOL on the cheeszy funny fan fic stories. Oh my god, sometimes I read stories, (not fan fic) but other romance and I'm like OMG, please someone kill me -- do people really like this?

    But lots of people do. I don't get it. My daughter told me about one where they had Michael throwing vases at Priscilla. I was like really, LOL!

    Then she said there was one where they had him do something with Janet O-O -- I think that's terrible. You know words have power. If you can write something believable to write something like that, about Michael doing his sister -- that is SOOOOOOO WRONG!

    I'm glad I never came across that.

    Oh my God, I've already said my prayer to the God of fiction to NOT make Michael cheat on Sabah, I could not deal with it.

    Michael is NOT a cheater! I dont think the God of fiction will do that to me, to us -- to HIM!!!!

    I just like a story that sounds and reads believable so that's what I try to write!
    Thank you so much for all of your praise and support -- I'm so humbled - I don't know what to say (LOL, even though I've said so much). Definitely I WILL publish. Maybe if not this (I think Michael's estate would sue the pants off of me) something similar. If I publish this story as is, it would burst into flames on the shelves there's so much sex in it!!!!

    Maybe I will change the name and make it Jackson Michael LOL! Every single Jackson fan will know who I'm talking about!!!!!

  22. Elmira2887 says:

    HAHAHAHA Sabine,
    I agree with you, some of those fan fictions are just sooo yukky! and michael and janet having sex? my goodness like wwhat the ............. Anyways, im gonna throw the thought out the door LOL.

    About you publishing. I think MJ fans would LOVE to read the story. on the other hand, you are right. The jackson estate would probably kick ur tooshy LOL. You don't have to publish this story but you could publish other stories. I love romance novels so i will difinitely buy your novels. :)

    love u girl.

  23. Sabine says:

    Girl, when I publish you will be the FIRST to know!!!!!

    I think it is RIGHT for Michael's estate to kick my butt all over town if I was to have the nerve to try to publish such a story!!!!

    This just means I'd have to change it enough that it RESEMBLES Michael but not quite ; )

  24. The Man says:

    First of all I want to introduce myself, I'm the man in capitals, which henceforth will leave comments. Well, this was a joke.

    I also take this opportunity to congratulate the author of this story, I believe you've thought, rewritten and perfected what has been written to make it ideal to all your readers.

    How is this seen, read, by a boy? What is my assessment?? Well, you realize that words are not written in vain, everything has its meaning (this is said by a boy who has a background of "letters" studying - of course I'm not going to reveal all the data in the first message, I must leave a bit for the intrigue... ;) ). The narrative is well woven, increasing interest in reading until the final climax, through initial shyness and ending with the most primal acts such as intercourse.

    I'm gonna continue reading and posting. Greetings to all of you, ladies. Kisses.

  25. Sabine says:

    LOL, I love introduction and the chosen name: Not just a man, but THE MAN! Welcome to our harem!!!!

    So yes I do want to know, how is this read by a boy -- ehem, excuse me a man, no wait a minute, not a man, but THE MAN and I love what you've written so far.

    Of course, I didn't set out to deliberately to write it this way. I have to humbly say it comes naturally so I am glad to get a good review!!!!

    Thanks for commenting and hope to hear from you again!!!!

  26. Elmira2887 says:

    Hey Sabine..
    Is there anyway that I could send you a personal message??

  27. Sabine says:

    Sure thing hun, go to the contact me page at the bottom of the first page!

  28. anaiskarim says:

    Sabine, you definitely need to publish your work. I've been reading romance novels since I was waaay too young and you have SKILLS. I will pay cash money for anything you put out.

    For Cowboy Mike, just change the names and descriptions of the obvious guilty parties and send that out! It should be published. You should be able to make your living doing this. You are that good.

  29. Sabine says:

    Thanks so much, Anaiskarim :)!!!!

  30. parkerlee53 says:

    Just one question, is this story based on the Glenda conversations? Just curious. Another well written piece. I concur with the others, you should absolutely publish. I'm new to the site and I haven't started the Cowboy Mike story yet, but it's next and I can't wait!

  31. Sabine says:

    :smile: Good question!!!

    Here's a good answer to that question: http://cobracrackcentral.com/what-is-cobracrack%E2%84%A2/

  32. deedeeluvmike says:

    sabine i just realized i never commente don this story LOL

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor Melissa; no wonder the girl went bonkers :blink:

    every time she closes her eyes that is what she remembers :blush:

    it's really not fair of MJ TO PUT THAT THING ON a girl and expect her to remain sane or human , this is what he had her reverting to :alien: oh melissa honey dont feel too bad it's only human to feel pain and loss of the cobra :devil:

  33. Sabine says:

    Yeah, he put it on her! I read it again myself and was like Wow, Michael wasn't really into her at all, was he?

    It was realy just her trying to GET him to be into her! tsk tsk !!!!


  34. AnniesNotOK says:

    You're so sadic...

  35. Sabine says:


    :ermm: Nope.

    Hmm sadi . . .


    man, I give up!

  36. AnniesNotOK says:

    Bringing the story up again... and front page.... please! Poor girl... after all the humiliation, hasn't she had enough? I can even hear Sabah (and Bill, and the driver, and all these people hiding in the parking lot but listening, even the trucks!) laughing.

  37. Sabine says:

    LOL, being a perfectionish, when I read it again last night I was like, damn, I should change some facts -- they over lap, you know. He speaks about his scalp burning, and going on tour -- that's when he's with Sabah!!! I could change it - - should I?

  38. AnniesNotOK says:

    He's being unfaithful to Sabah, OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! *freaking out*

    What are you drinking girl? I want to say perfectionish too!

  39. Sabine says:

    :w00t: Oh God, is that what you think?

    NO HE'S NOT!

      I just messed up, because I wrote this story first.

    Okay, I'm changing it right now!


    Okay, DONE!

    CCC Announcement: This Story takes place BEFORE Michael met Sabah; he has NEVER cheated on her -- and he is talking about the Triumpth Tour!



    That was close!

  40. bumblebgirl [dee dee] says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, dont change anything! it's fine LOL


    YEAH ,, he wasn't all that into her except certain part of him that i WILL not mention :devil: he just said ''i know '' when she told him she loved him like that was an inevitable feeling for her falling for him :whistle:

  41. bumblebgirl [dee dee] says:

    not trying to double post as someone else girl but i forgot my PW on this sign in page and i cannot bother going searching :w00t: for it on the other page i'm perpetually signed in


  42. Sabine says:

    Hey DeeDee, girl I know it's you! :heart:

    I already changed it -- you'll hardly notice. Now the stories match perfectly. It could be the prologue to Cowboy Mike :whistle:

  43. katerina says:

    just one question... reaching for her pants and then looking up in horror? I mean what could he possibly had seen to make him such a reaction?? seriously! I was like yawk what's that now? and she was still trying to get in contact with him? how about the word embarrassment??
    (as you already see today I'm going through the whole site!) man am I talking!

  44. Sabine says:

    Ha, ha, good question Katerina -- if we ever find Melissa maybe she can answer it for us! :lol:

    I see withdrawal is getting bad, that's what I see! Need another chapter, huh? :whistle:

  45. katerina says:

    girl how can you do that? I'm dying here trying to imagine what could you possibly had in mind and you're still not answering... :pouty:
    another chapter on that story? nahh it's over with this woman. I don't see it going anywhere. she was too hasty. she didn't even give him the option to chase her. she was after him all the time.
    and I'm so curious to see where this thing w Sabah will go (although I kind of suspect that)

  46. Sabine says:

    Melissa had her five minutes of pain and that will be all for her!


    For Melissa not Sabah!

  47. Elmira2887 says:

    I can't get over this line : " He just wanted to fuck her............."
    oh gosh........!!!

  48. Colette says:

    Sabine I want to know what made Michael look up in horor after reaching for her pants?? I still can't figure it out, I remember asking about this before, PLEASE :silly: tell us, i have to know!!!

    "All he could think of was buring his face between her legs..." :w00t: :shocked: OMG

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