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12 Oct 2009

Baby Be Mine or . . Why Lisa Followed Michael All Over the Globe After Their Divorce!

Fan Fiction, Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson 31 Comments
Ever wondered why Lisa showed up to several of Michael’s HISStory tour dates, in 1997, a YEAR after their divorce? Why she was spotted coming in and out of his hotel room, even after he was married to Debbie Rowe or why she trooped it over to Africa to spend time with him? Well, I won’t keep you waiting much longer. Read It and Weep!

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31 Responses to “Baby Be Mine or . . Why Lisa Followed Michael All Over the Globe After Their Divorce!”

  1. AnniesNotOK says:

    Oh no, this one no... not again...
    *rocking back and forth*

    I think I'm like a sexual schizophrenic (no, I don't "hear" Michael when...), it's just that I like the chivalry of Prince Michael's, the playfulness of Cowboy Mike, the passion of The Dancer Mike and now this one... OMG, I don't know how to describe, Sabine please help me!

  2. deedeeluvmike says:


    girl IF YOU'RE A SExual schizpphrenic, then i'm the sexual psycho, :shocked:

    i mean; good grief, reading that cause stimulants and palpitations in places i did not even know could get stimulated until i became a CCC addict :w00t:

    girl have a bar a recovery room, all the amenities one need to get through these stories and still it aint enough...... Sabine , the surgeon general is looking for you, you're a danger to female libido at least your cobra mike is :whistle:

  3. DeborahGreene says:

    give me a minute , i'm tryna breathe here, this sounds so real


    OMG SABINE, I'm not only speechless, I'm breathless, how come Lisa does not want to have his BABY? Is this Girl crazy? I think I got pregnant just reading this. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Well, I'm sleep for the nite.

  5. Sabine says:

    I think Lisa just wanted to control Michael and "save" him, and i guess having a baby wasn't on her to-do list.

    It's so sad, 'cause she really should have given him a bunch of kids!!!!!

    I'm happy to be Mr. Sandman for you (in America, if you're not American Mr. Sandman puts you to sleep).


  6. DeborahGreene says:

    reading these stories over and over again and they still have the same outcome, mikegasm after mikegasm after mikegasm. he is so hottt. i now have to tell my husband im pregnant with mike's kid. cross you fingers for me. lol

  7. Sabine says:

    :cheerful: I hope the baby looks EXACTLY like Michael!!!!!

  8. MJFanfic says:

    [New Post] Baby Be Mine or . . Why Lisa Followed Michael All Over the Globe After Their Divorce! - via #twitoaster http://cobracrackcentral.com/2009/10/12/...

  9. isabeau says:

    Wow... speachless... mikegasm.... ;)

  10. Mercedes says:

    You know what I don't like? How Lisa Marie went and said she "felt trapped" and she felt "disposable" :angry: BUT. I loved the story((: May you grant me permission to access the rest of your stories?

  11. SuperSabine says:

    Lisa is a grown women. If she felt trapped, its cause she trapped herself. And if she felt disposable, maybe it was because she went back on what she agreed to do, which is give the man children! You actually have access now Mercedes so enjoy! :smile:

  12. JenMJsgirl says:

    Wow. My second story of yours to read. So full of emotion, this one.

    Let me go on to my third. They're really good so far.

  13. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Jen and welcome!!!! :smile:

    I see you're making your way through the stories. There's a part two to this one, but not much more. I don't think I'll ever finish it, to tell the truth, but we'll see.

    The last one you read, Tatiana's story, I had to go in her empty head to find it :tongue:

    lol!!!!! Hope you're enjoying yourself!!!

  14. Girl is Dangerous says:

    Wow - wonderful writing girl.

    I could feel their sadness at the end. They obviously still love each other very much, and while I understand that Mike wanted Lisa to have his child - I also understand where Lisa was coming from.

  15. SuperSabine says:

    Ahhh, this story. I don't think I'll ever finish it!!!! :pinch:

    But thanks so much! :heart:

  16. Autumn says:

    Dear Sabine-- All I gotta say is...

    :w00t: OMG!

    :w00t: HOLY COW!

    Girl....who are you? You can't be someone from this world, to write such stories. I stumbled upon your site by accident and have been reading some of your stories like "baby be mine" "The way he made her feel" and I totally speechless.

    I don't know who to say it......its like....its like....well I'm trying to get out the words.

    Its like as if Michael hasn't died at all, your story is a window, kinda like a screen or a live camera that is taking shots of Michael's life every second, and we are viewing it LIVE! It feel so real.

    I wish I could never close my eyes and go to sleep again. I just want to read your stories forever and forever, because as long as I continue to do so, he's alive. Dunno I can't really explain the feeling.

    Its like there was an invisible person all along with Michael who could could to all the places and flutter like a butterfly and know all his deepest secrets.

    Otherwise how else can you catch the sex scenes and all the ocean of emotions that come with it so well? How?

    My hats off to you, you are an amazing writer.

    Sabine I have a request if you, would be kind of enough to give me access to all your other stories, I want to see what is waiting in store for me.

    :w00t: I need more of this intoxication!



  17. SimplySabine says:

    Hi Autumn :heart:

    What a lovely comment! If I can bring Michael to life, even for a moment, then my job is done! Thanks for letting me know that for you I've done that, and I've gone ahead and approved you. So I tell everyone to start with Cowboy Mike! But be careful, because otherwise you won't be able to think about anything else but Michael and Sabah for days!!!!! :tongue:

  18. timikacoleman says:

    Sabine i been missing in action with my workouts for soccer and spending time with my people :wub: and fixing my horrible vision :getlost: so can i pleeeeeeease get access again to read cause its been a loooong time :cwy: and i need my fix or else i"ll.... :sick: so please please please :blush: :angel: :lol: :silly: :smile: :wub: :cwy: :heart: :ninja:

  19. SimplySabine says:

    hey, timika, how the hell did you get all those smilies in here!!!!! :lol:

    you're good to go, hun :kissing: You have access with your gmail account. I haven't changed anything!

  20. Autumn says:

    Hi Sabine..

    I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment too much around here. Actually I've got alot going on in my life, but that's a long story. I mean we've got a similar situation in our house to what Michael was going through his dependency on medications, and I know first hand how extremely difficult it is to try and help someone who is in depression and you try to help them get back on track, and that person has just sworn it to the devil that they want to wallow in their pain and in the past. Im talking about my brother, he hasn't literally come out of the house for years and is always overdosing on medications, and last night, he went into my sister's room and was trying to take her extra strength asprins, because he wanted a kick, my mom and I were trying to stop him, and my mother is so fed up that she has wasted the last 12 years of her life, and with no luck, day and night she spends taking care of him, my parents have no life, they cannot take vacations or do anything because of him. Everyone has told my mother that she is the culprit because until she gets tough with him he won't improve. I see it literally in front of my eyes how he controls her, and is so manipulative, when my mother get all worked up and angry and how much she's doing for him, and tells him that she's also at the end of her rope, he smiles and finds it funny. Even the doctors don't have any explanation for why his depression hasn't been controlled and I told my mother, that maybe its not really depression, its just the way he is.

    Thats when.....

    I got up this morning, and I was thinking of Michael, Lisa Marie and this whole Debbie thing again. I have read this story before but I'm only commenting now. Sorry sweetheart, I don't know where to put my thoughts sometimes. You're probably wondering Sabine what has all this got to do with Michael Lisa, and Debbie?

    Well it made me think. I mean its so easy for all us, including myself to be so critical and badmouth Lisa for leaving Michael and going back on her word for not giving him a child, and I like so many people am guilty of this. As I always say there are two sides to a story. I mean we've all heard stories of how Michael's family and those closest to him CLAIM.....I use the word "claim" because that is what they are saying, and if its true that many times they tried to intervene and help Michael but with no luck. Assuming they are telling the truth I can vouch first hand how true this is and next to impossible it can be. It affects everyone around that person who has this problem.

    I'm not trying to badmouth or take anyone's side in this matter, but I'm going to try and state my opinions as objectively as possible and try to be neutral. Sabine I agree with you on one thing. I did read your article concerning on "Who Michael Really was". If we truly want to have an open and honest discussion concerning his life, we have to talk about him in totality. That includes his good points and his bad points. We can just look at him like a super being who was perfect, and not flawed, and was this amazingly sexually charged person who could knock the socks off a lady in bed, and we girls would give an arm and leg just to experience it, in addition to being the greatest entertainer we have ever seen.


    Michael did have flaws, and even the most biggest die hard MJ fans should accept this, if they truly love and respect Michael. I think only then we can truly feel for him and love him, in totality, if accept the good parts and the bad parts in totality.

    Now trying to put ourselves in the shoes of someone inside Michael's circle. What would any of us do? The most logical thing I can say is...nothing. Why? You can't help someone who doesn't want it, or can't see anything wrong. It has to be up to that person to change themselves, everyone else around you is only to offer support and help.

    Lisa I agree, her biggest mistake was in trying to change Michael. I guess when she saw what was happening with the drug addiction and how Michael molded everything around him to fit is reality and whiat was convenient for him, she changed her mind, about having a baby. I don't think she had it already premeditated that she wasn't going to give him a baby, otherwise I don't think she would have spent the years after their divorce obsessing over Michael. I think she did love Michael, and her following him around, I think does prove that. I mean come on! Its MJ for crying out loud and who can resist him. But LIsa unlike all the other ladies of the world had the privilege of getting close to Michael and knowing him in way we all couldn't so who is to say what any of us would have done in that situation? . I also get angry at Lisa for going back on her word for not giving Michael a child, and always say "what a fool" she let such a golden opportunity slip through her fingers, and she deserves what she got. Good thing Michael kicked her to the curb.

    However, Sabine...lets take a look at this in more depth and try to be as fair as possible. I'm not going to say Michael or Lisa, or either one was 100% right or wrong. I think both were right and wrong in their places. I do believe Lisa when she says that it was an extremely powerful dynamic force that she was up against concerning Michael's problem with medications. But for the record I just want to make it clear from my end that Michael's ability to be a father is not in question, there is no doubt he was a great father. As much as it kills me Sabine I also have to state my opinion that as far as Lisa is concerned she may not be a good marriage material or a life partner, but personally I think she is a great mother. I will give Lisa credit for that. I think she really loves being a mother. Being as close to Michael as she was who knows what she had to deal with on a daily basis. I'm sure she had alot to cope with also. I think as she said in that interview Oprah (all her interviews with Oprah make me mad) but I do believe Lisa when she said that Michael had created his reality all around him in such a way that if it didn't fit him, or if someone didn't tell him what the wanted to hear, they were in short disposable, out the door, basically. I personally never liked this attitude of Michael's and I think he was wrong in this way. People are not disposable, like an item, you can chuck out. I do feel a bit bad for Lisa in this way also, I'm sure she must have been hurt, when Michael told her he was going to have kids with Debbie. I mean come on, this is not a normal thing for any husband to say.

    Now whatever Lisa's reasons were for going back on her word, I don't excuse Michael for going and having them with another woman. Its not up to Michael to keep Debbie in check but its up to Michael to keep Michael in check. I think his sirens should have gone off when Debbie offered to have kids, but I think Michael's extreme desperation to be a father clouded his good judgement. As the saying goes, it takes 2 to tango. I also hold Michael responsible for making that decision. He forgot that he was also a husband but all he could think of was being a father, and come what may, he was going to do it no matter what, and Debbie offered the candy and he took it. The only person who I see here for being completely wrong is Debbie. You see Sabine I'm kind of an old fashioned person when it comes to marriage vows, and when Michael didn't get from Lisa what he wanted he went to Debbie. I think its his mistake that he went to Debbie told her about the crack that was in his and Lisa's marriage due to her not having his children, and Debbie wasted no time in making that crack bigger.. I don't think she was no friend. Michael came to talk about his feelings and she exploited his marital problems. Debbie in my eyes acted like a snake in this matter. If I was in Lisa's shoes, I'd be very hurt and angry, I don't think 2 wrongs make a right. Michael should not have let Debbie get in the way. I understand he had no way of knowing that Debbie was going to make such a juicy offer, but when she did, he should have walked out the door. But its all subjective, what one should do, right or wrong depends on perspective. I'm not trying to pin blame on any one person except Debbie of course, but I'm just trying to be objective as possible.

    We've all hated Lisa alot, and Debbie....need I say more! Sometimes I feel that maybe Lisa didn't want to have kids with Michael because she felt the environment was too unstable. Like I said its all about perspective, if she felt unsure about bringing a baby into that situation, then we I feel we should respect that decision, from her. Then there is another part of me that goes, well if she had given Michael children, then what happened on June 25, 2009, if it had to happen then at least the kids wouldn't have been without a mother, they would have had at least one parent alive. Because Debbie was too selfish of a bitch without any maternal qualities to be a mother. I truly without a doubt feel that Debbie was the final nail in the coffin on Michael and Lisa's marriage. If Debbie hadn't offered to have kids for Michael, then maybe there was a chance Michael and Lisa would have worked out their problems. Even after Michael went and had kids with Debbie, still Lisa was following him around and offering to have kids with him. What is there to say that just maybe if Debbie hadn't got in the way, then perhaps, they could have worked things out. Maybe some time apart could have done them good and made them reflect, and Lisa would have come around. Lisa is at fault for walking away from Michael and I personally feel Michael was the first one to break his marriage vows, and have kids with another woman. I can't speak for everyone else. But I sometimes question if Michael's first 2 kids are really his because, because if they are, then there is chance that he had to go behind a closed bedroom door with Debbie to have them. Debbie was pregnant and miscarried before Prince, and if the timeline in my mind is correct that would have been quite sometime before he and Lisa got divorced. I don't know if anyone has ever given this a thought but Michael has mentioned it how terrible it use to make him feel when they use to come home from the road and his mother would be waiting back at the house, and his father use to lie through his teeth and Katherine didn't know he was screwing women in hotel rooms, It would make Michael sick to his stomach to see how his father was betraying his mother.like that. I sometimes have wondered why would Michael subject his wife to kind of hurt? Michael to be having kids with another woman while he is married I will not justify his actions, even if we all feel Lisa was so wrong for not having his baby.

    Whenever I see those early pictures of Michael with Debbie and the kids, I try to read the expression on Debbie's face and try to wonder what must be going in her mind, and she must be feeling so proud of herself, that she succeeded in knocking Lisa out of the picture and putting herself in it. Its like really Debbie...don't tell me you wanted to selflessly give Michael kids without an ulterior motive. She wanted to secure Michael for herself. Maybe that's why Lisa was so much after him and trying to offer to have kids with Michael after their divorce. If Debbie had stayed the hell out of their lives, and if Michael had no where else to turn to, just maybe they could have gotten together again. I mean how long can we resist MJ. I know I couldn't!!!

    What goes around comes around. Michael knocked Debbie out as well. Way to go Michael! Now to that I will say she deserved it! At least Lisa has got good maternal qualities unlike Debbie.

    Sabine please don't think that I was trying to take anyone's side here or anything. I love Michael alot, but yes I do feel he was wrong somewhere in there also. And because he was so very stubborn on having things only "his way", I feel that is also part of the reason he got himself where he did. I no doubt feel that he did manage to push away people who wanted to help him, and attracted all the leeches. I have got 2 cases in my house, both my brother and sister are examples of him. My sister attracts all the people who she thinks are her 'friends" but they all just use her, and dispose of her, this is why our family doesn't tell her or speak to her anymore. No point in trying to reason with a person, who doesn't want to face reality. Michael no doubt had all these. This new freaking book from Casio that is coming out so freaking makes me mad. If he was a true friend he wouldn't be talking all this shit. I mean Michael's image has already been tarnished enough by all the garbage that is out there about him and all the false accusations, I don't think we need his crappy book, to tell us any more useless details. Michael had shortcomings, but don't we all??

  21. Sabine says:

    :bye: Hi Autumn!!!!

    Well, you have a lot on your mind! I see you needed to get it all out and I know how that feels. Sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind. well, let me tell you, there are a few things that you and I agree wholeheartedly about.

    I agree that Debbie took complete advantage of Michael, inserting herself into his marriage instead of being a true friend, just there to listen and offer advice, not her womb!

    I also agree with a lot of what you've said about Lisa, how difficult it must have been for her to step into Michael's world.

    You know, reading about your brother and sister, a few things come to mind. One, I will tell you, the best way to help a person who is on a self-destructive spiral, is to STOP TRYING TO HELP THEM.

    Really ,the best gift it to accept them exactly as they are, and that's what I fault Lisa for not doing.

    Now what does acceptance mean? It means after you accept that your brother is manipulative, controlling the whole household with his issues and forcing everyone to revolve around him, you have to take your power back and decide what YOU are going to do about it. What are you going to STOP doing that you've been doing to contribute to the problem, and what are you going to START doing that will help create good boundaries and a new relationship that is healthier and more productive, at least on your part.

    That might mean that your parents will say to your brother, you have to find another place to live.

    I know, I know. I have a son. It is the hardest thing in the world to do, to understand that your children have to make their own mistakes and live their own lives. To me it doesn't mean cutting all ties, or not speaking to a person, because you don't want to leave the person w/o support, but it means to stop enabling and and stop being a crutch for the person. The person does what they are doing because it "works" for them, even if it is dysfunctional; so you have to stop being part of the situation that "works".

    I think Lisa jumps into marriage w/o thinking, and she married Michael out of infatuation with his image and not really the man behind the image. You heard her speak about him on Oprah, I'm sure. She spoke about feeling "high" off of her relationship with him. I think she was working out her Daddy issues with him; she was going to save Michael like she couldn't save her Daddy. Well, real relationships don't work like that.

    I think Michael for sure had issues trusting and being open. Why wouldn't he? This was never modeled for him. As a writer, I suppose, it's easier for me not to do the right/wrong/bad/good thing. I just see people as people trying to get their needs met in the best way they know how.

    Debbie being manipulative and dishonest.
    Lisa being co-dependent and controlling.
    Michael being controlling and co-dependent, too.

    I have no judgement about it. I hate what Debbie did, because I personally can't stand users and I cannot fathom how she abandoned her children, but that's me personally.

    As for Michael, yes, he was a very complex, in depth man, and I think the more I learn about him, the more there is to learn. I, too, agree that real friends don't write tell all books, but I guess Frank felt he could humanize MIchael and help people understand him more -- who knows, that and the money he is getting from it. It's never black and white though, but shades of gray and I'm sure there are lots of reasons why he's done what he's done.

    Did Michael "cheat" on Lisa with Debbie? I really don't think Michael ever had sex with Debbie. I'm sorry, my mind can't conceive of it. I think after Michael realized that Lisa would not have kids with him, which is the primary reason he married her, I think he didn't feel devoted to her anymore, and you know sometimes people leave a relationship emotionally long before they've left it physically.

    What you mentioned about your sister is true for Michael, isn't it? He attracted all types of people that he thought were his friends but really were like his family of origin, and doesn't that make sense? What else would he attract? Why does your sister attract those kinds of people? That's what your family needs to ask itself before they just stop speaking to her!

    You know when the family is sick, all the children present with symptoms of that collective family sickness. I hope you don't take offense at what I'm saying. I'm saying sick in terms of there being a problem that has to be addressed. All the members are hurting and everyone is looking to get their needs met, escape or deal with the pain in the way they know how.

    Doesn't mean your family is bad or evil. All families have problems. The sickness comes from not dealing with the problems. My family are EXPERTS at not dealing with problems!

    Lots of times families don't deal with problems because they feel so overwhelmed and don't know what to do, but really the thing to do is just acknowledge that the problem exists and that is often the biggest hurdle.

    Acceptance is really the key to solving any problem. Michael needed to do it. Lisa needed to do it. Debbie needed to do it.

    The fans need to do it.

    Really, we all need to do it.

    Thanks for the great comment!!!! :kiss:

  22. nahlaboudax says:

    Sabine, AMEN to all you've said above and more...wow. While reading this triangle sort to speak I saw everything you described about Mike, Lisa and Debbie. I really dont understand how Debbie left her kids..I mean look at the children they've become. MAN! How in the hell do you not reach out and want to be apart of their lives.? I just dont get it, and I never will.

    :sad: Augh! I really wish Michael went about it another way, he should of not entertained Lisa and Debbie and perhaps got a surrogate like he did for his youngest child. He was emotionally done with Lisa with all the mess she dragged into the marrige after the marrieg went along.. aka her issues and that mixed with his issues ad on top pof all of that she denied him the one thing he wanted more than anything and that was children, at this point it was game over in his mind. Mike should of just divorced her, kept it moving and found himself a surrogate. It just complicated things with all parties involved. Debbie was wrong, Mike was wrong and Lisa was wrong. sigh* :pouty

  23. Sabine says:

    I can't imagine a mother leaving their kids either, but you know, don't you that Debbie was adopted? She also said, when she was testifying in court at her hearing, where she sought to give up her parental rights that she felt that she didn't have anything to give the children. So my amateur psychologist mind says that she was just re-creating her past. Intellectually, I try to get it, but emotionally I don't get it at all.

    If a man tried to take my kids, I'd sleep in front of his door step!!!!

    I do think Michael should have went about having kids another way, but I don't think he knew how to do that. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to help him here in the story :yes:

    I don't even like the idea of a surrogate for Michael . I think Michael was a romantic at heart, and really, really wanted (and needed) a good, strong family base, since so much of the world was against him. Sadly, I don't think Michael's own family (brothers/sisters/mom/dad) were that emotionally healthy, and they sure didn't protect him like they should have.

    Thanks for the comment :smile:

  24. Autumn says:

    Hi All!

    I saw this comment a few days ago, and I didn't have time to comments so I'll put my additional thoughts on it.

    You know Sabine, one of the things that really continues to confuse, and puzzle me is Debbie's lack of involvement with her kids. I mean she had those kids only for Michael but now that he is no longer in this world, I don't understand how Debbie could not want to step up even now. You said Michael took those kids away, I though Debbie gave them to him. She never wanted anything to do with them. It was I think just all a pretext to trap Michael and her plan backfired. I can't remember which interview it was, I thought it was so sickening the way she kept on calling Michael "my Michael". I just don't get how she can have two kids in this world, and that too with someone like Michael, and not have anything to do with them. I don't get it, was it really a selfless act of giving Michael kids or a very cunning plan of trying to trap him? The way she's spoken in the past about Michael, she seems to me like some crazy deranged woman who is just obsessed with Michael and I don't pick up any genuine love. I mean a woman who doesn't feel any love or connection to her kids, what more can I say.

    I've been noticing with passing time, it only seems like yesterday there were babies, but my how time flies, Prince I has a girlfriend, and Paris is the one out of the 3 who really loves the camera, and her appearance on Ellen, I must say she is so gorgeous and at just 14, she'll be a guy magnet in 5 years. Michael would have needed to carry a baseball bat with him if he was still alive to keep the guys away. He must be so proud looking down on them, but at the same time I don't know if he would have liked them to have so much exposure. They suddenly seem to be in the spotlight after his death. There was an expression she made on Ellen and it looked just like Michael from the Thriller era.

    Also Sabine I don't quite get it. Debbie was adopted but so are many other people and they go on to become good parents, and vice versa you can also get people who come from good families and don't want to have kids, you can get all different kinds of people from various walks of life, who do or don't want kids for various reasons. What would be the reason for Debbie wanting to recreate her past, although I don't know much about her past. I forget about where I read this whole article on Debbie and how she told a close friend I think someone by the name of Tanya Boyd if I remember correctly who claims they did conceive the kids the old fashioned way and Debbie said she enjoyed making love to Michael...oh the thought of it, yikes!

    I mean Michael's kids are now without a parent so does that mean that say Paris will not want to have kids one day just because she had absolutely no mother figure, and knowing well who she is and why she's not in their lives. I thought it was so cute when Pairs said on Ellen that she loves to babysit. I wish Michael had had a traditional nuclear family also, but I agree with the comment above, often I've thought given his circumstances, Michael should have just stuck to having kids by a surrogate and not getting involved in all that Lisa and Debbie mess, or just adopting to begin with. But knowing the tabloids, that would just have fueled more untrue stories regarding Michael's sexual orientation, so there was a good side to it as well, not like the tabloids believed even then.

    So Sabine what are your thoughts on this, you seem to much better informed on all this than us?

  25. Sabine says:

    Oh, I don't think I'm better informed! I do have my opinions though.

    Autumn: The way she’s spoken in the past about Michael, she seems to me like some crazy deranged woman who is just obsessed with Michael and I don’t pick up any genuine love

    Totally agree! I think Debbie is the uber-fan that got lucky. She wanted to possess Michael and thought that having Michael's children (or giving him the gift of them - the gift she charged Michael for -- would accomplish that fact) well, Michael had other ideas.

    Did I say he "took" them away from debbie? I mean to say I think Michael didn't want to share the children with a mother who he felt (and probably correctly sensed) was going to use them in a game to possess him. Also, for his own personal reasons, a deep need for unconditional love.

    I think all the children are beautiful, but I so agree as well that Michael would not want them as exposed as they are, which is why I never post pictures of them or repost articles about them. I really think we can look at Michael's life and see what a childhood in the spotlight can do to a person. I myself wish them a nice, healthy childhood out of the spotlight.

    As for Debbie recreating her past, sure there are other adoptive children who grow up marry and have a family. It's not a recipe, how a person will re-create their past or if they will at all. Usually a person who was traumatized by a past event will recreate it to try and heal. So basically, in Debbie's situation, my mother did not love me and gave me away, so I grow up with a deep sense of rejection.

    How do I try to get a handle on it? I attract to myself people who reject me or I set up situations where I reject people. I get pregnant by a man who does not want me and I give my children away. It's an effort to understand the pain, to try to master it or maybe try to change the outcome (this time I will not care; this time I will be the one doing the rejecting; this time I will be in control -- the variables are really endless).

    From the way Debbie spoke, it was clear to me that she had issues from her past that she had not gotten over so I thought it was interesting to find out that she was adopted It was the way she behaved with Michael, how they married. Debbie inserting herself in another man's marriage is like the perfect recipe for rejection. I mean, she had to know that she was setting herself up to be used, even though she might have fooled herself into thinking she was the one doing the using.

    All the things she had said about not being a good mother and not having anything to offer the children after they were born, on top of her saying she didn't have the children for herself in the first place, it's co-dependent, amongst many things and like you said, creepy! Yikes :wassat:

    I do think the way she spoke about him was like he was a possession and not a person she was in love with, but Michael attracted a lot of people like that to himself, poor thing. That was him recreating his past. He was just a shiny, pretty "toy" that all the kids wanted play with and keep for themselves. The first kid being Joseph.

    As for Debbie having sex with him - um, no. I don't think so! :sick: I know I could be wrong, but I will go to my deathbed believing that it never happened unless I see proof otherwise!

    Autumn: I mean Michael’s kids are now without a parent so does that mean that say Paris will not want to have kids one day just because she had absolutely no mother figure,

    I really feel for Paris -- well all of the kids. They have SOOOO many issues to struggle with. The rejection of their mother -- I mean a pretty CLEAR rejection, if you ask me. She'd rather be on her farm taking care of horses than with her own children. It will take them a long time to understand and accept that it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with her.

    Then there's all the people around them wanting to use them! Something their father struggled with all his life.

    There's a woman who wrote, what I feel was a pretty horrendous blog article about how much Paris had changed, and not for the better. She put up a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures, criticizing the way she dressed, the music she was listening to, and then wrote an open letter to Debbie to go and get the kids from Katherine because she felt Katherine was too old to supervise them.

    Well, I thought the letter was so invasive and high-handed. First of all, Blanket is NOT Debbie's child, what about his feelings in all of this? Second, the letter doesn't even take into account whether Paris would want to live with Debbie, after all she doesn't know her at all.

    But the most important part is that teenaged years are tough for any young girl. Putting a teen girl on blast, criticizing her pictures, the way she dresses, what she's doing, talking about her behavior and finding fault with it so publically, when teens are so susceptible to public opinion, so insecure, especially a child that has gone through such trauma, losing her father, and being thrust into the public, when her life had been purposefully kept very private.

    Ugggggh :pinch:

    Well, I left a comment but of course she didn't post it. I just think some fans need to really learn to have some boundaries when it comes to Micheal's kids! He didn't want them in the spot light for a very, very good reason!

    Anyway, I say all this to say it's not a coincidence that neither Janet or Latoya had kids. It's not a coincidence that LaToya ended up with Jack. They watched their mother and Joseph have a very toxic relationship, and I'm sure were very wary of allowing motherhood and a man to dominate their lives, even as they were programmed to be with just that type of man -- children who go through trauma in a family have serious control issues. I can see Paris wanting to be very much in control of her life and who is a part of it.

    Now on the other hand, she might do what many women do, which is try and create the childhood they never had by getting married, having a child or children and loving them like crazy. Hopefully not too early or with the wrong man!

    Like I said, there's no recipe and so many ways people try to deal with their past issues, you can't really predict it but you can come close!

  26. leahlester says:

    HEY , It's Leah from Facebook . It says I'm logged in but I can not read anything ... Thank you !! Your storys rock ass . <3

  27. Sabine says:

    You're good to go, Leah. :smile:

  28. Karen Ingrid says:

    Thank you, I just started and The story has already gripped me....

  29. Karen Ingrid says:

    Thank you, I just started and the story has already gripped me.......

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