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13 Oct 2009

The Way He Made Her Feel

Fan Fiction, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Tatianna Thumbzen 50 Comments

We all know the story of what happened AFTERWARD but what really happened between Tatiana and Michael BEFORE that fatal day on March 3rd, 1988 and THE KISS?

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50 Responses to “The Way He Made Her Feel”

  1. Gemeuxx says:

    Dear Sabine! LoL :)

    This is great girl! I'm feelin the "this is it" song in the background I honestly think the other Jacksons sound great in the background...perfect! I get to look at our beautiful Mike, these pictures are priceless! Seriously, if you ever write a book. LET ME KNOW I wan't to be the first in line. We all know Tatiana had fantasies like this LOL ahhhh she is joined w/ 2348230482348 other fans :) This story is HOTT! Oh and Laura story is HOTT too omg! MJ and LMP having angry sex!!!! ahhh all these stories are killin me, I will take my frustrations on the love when I get back :)

    OMG I can't help it is playing now.....his voice! ahhh killin me sabine!

    On a serious note, you've taken time to write such classy fanfic stories you are talented. Thank you for writing these stories! and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this blog :) It's greatly appreciated and I just wanted to say that. Oh and you just had to make it all worse by putting up GOLD PANTS pic...THANK YOU LOL Mwahz!

  2. CobraCrackCentral says:

    Gem, you have me grinning from ear to ear!!!

    You are too sweet. I am loving this blog - it's like my little baby, and the stories are too fun to write.

    But like Mike, I'm a perfectionist, so I have to keep trying to top myself. This means they'll be more to come, and it should be better!

  3. Gemeuxx says:

    Well it's the truth sweets! I'm a perfectionist too, but I can't write stories LOL :) I'll leave that up to you, you're stories are slready GREAT though I love em! Cant wait to read more!

  4. Linette says:

    ok first off....these stories are AMAZING! OK SERIOUSLY YOU HAVE GREAT TALENT FOR STORY TELLING!. this is an awesome blog girl! i can not wait to check out all the stories you have thus far! i am offically a fan of this blog too! :0)
    p.s..........i totally am feeling gem..taking out the fustrations on the lover hahahaha

  5. CobraCrackCentral says:

    Oh Linette, honey, you are the greatest thank you, thank you, thank you -- but the real thanks goes to Michael!

  6. Nina says:

    OMG!! Sabine, all I can say is WOW! I love your Tatiana story...the ending is hilarious..lol. I can't believe how real the angry sex story seems, makes you wonder.
    Laura loved your story too, especially the part where she is pilfering the food and Michael feels a bit sorry for her...you guys have talent...thank you!!

  7. CobraCrackCentral says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again, on Laura's behalf!!!!

    Poor Tatiana, I tried to make it very good for her!!!

  8. Ameera says:

    "It would be a little difficult, adjusting to becoming Mrs. Michael Jackson. How much would it cost to remodel Havenhurs? Maybe Michael would move out of there. She'd have to talk to him about it, probably have to convince him."


    Yea im still laughing

    that was so funny. I love how you showed us that Thumbelina was basically an air head who had this idea that Michael loved her and wanted her so much. So funny.

    Shall i give you one of my famous claps?

    Yes i will

    Cause that was too darn funny!

  9. Sabine says:

    LOL@ you Ameera!!!! You know that's what she was thinking girl. She's still talking about that one kiss 20 years later!!!!

  10. Lauren says:

    Tatiana isn't just talking about the kiss, but showing up at MJ related events too. I think she might have performed with an MJ Impersonator too. LMAO at Mike saying she was prowling around like a bitch in heat.

  11. CobraCrackCentral says:

    Lauren, say it isn't so O-O You can tell by the way I wrote this that I don't think she's too bright!!!

    Carrying a torch for 20 years? Come on!

  12. Lauren says:

    Mhmm...I know she was at some TII related event recently. Regarding her carrying that MJ torch, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this happened and she NEVER got over it. Her behavior after being fired is similar to LMP's after the divorce (ex. going to see Katherine).

  13. CobraCrackCentral says:

    So my theory is right about Michael. Once they got the Cobra, poor girls, that was it for them. I mean Tatiana is a gorgeous woman, she looks so beautiful even now. She couldn't find a man to take Michael's place, huh? Well, I can understand why!!!!

    Oh, speaking of LMP, did you read the LMP stories?

  14. Lauren says:

    Yes, I read the LMP stories. They are INTENSE. VERY well written.

  15. Sabine says:

    Lauren - Intense!!!! You're not the first person to tell me that. Someone asked me what did I have for breakfeast that morning!!!

    Maybe some of Holoma's soup!!!

    Lots of people have asked for more LMP, and I will do more, but they take concentration because I don't think it's fair to just make it all up. Using what really happened and trying to be true to each person's personality, it makes the story more valid and real in my opinion, so when I do the next LMP I want it to sound like I just interviewed them!!! LOL!!!!!

  16. Lauren says:

    LMAO at Holoma's soup! Hunestly, they are really intense and some of the best fanfic I've ever read.

    Glad to hear there'll be more LMP fics. Will you write MJ fanfics with other ladies? (of course we love more Sabah)...there's also coughdianarosscough cough lol.

  17. Sabine says:

    LOL!!!! Dirty Diana, OMG, it would be such a challenge to write about Ms. Ross, because I just don't think how she treated him was romantic!!!!

    I mean if I did it I swear, I'd have to do it first person, in Michael's head, because I think that whole relationship was in his head!

    I've been so busy with Michael and Sabah, I haven't thought about anyone else, but you know I've got a couplah drafts I haven't finished, hint, hint.

    Who knows?

    Usually what happens is I'll be on the train or something and I'll have to grab a pen and a piece of paper (or the back of a paper bag) Maybe one day (soon) Ross will hit me upside the head.

    LOL @ Holoma. I kinda love her, if I do say so myself!

  18. Lauren says:

    Well he did want to marry Diana. The body language between the two of them is very telling. MJ was very much in love with her. I guess it depends on how far you think they went.

    If you think they did have a relationship (and she was possibly his first); then one could say the way she treated him wasn't romantic. That she looked at their relationship as great sex with somebody she cared about but for whatever reason, in her opinion, it couldn't progress to marriage.

    He, of course, wanted to marry her. Look what he told Ebony in December 1982: http://i46.tinypic.com/10fpbbk.jpg

    YAY for the drafts! lol As you said, whenever it hits you. I do love Mike & Sabah and I hope you keep writing. I want to see those two go far lol.

  19. Sabine says:

    Yeah, pooooooor Michael. God, I wonder, did it go to sexual relationship??? Sometimes I think yes, and sometimes I think no -- I just can imagine how painful that was for him.

    Carrying a torch for someone that ain't feelin' you like that is a complete drag!!!!!

    I mean, that link you put up, what he said about her, that's pretty deep, huh!!!

    Yet she acted like this was not at all true. I mean we'll see. It will probably hit me (like a ton of bricks LOL!!!!!)

    Now Sabah and Michael, they've got a while to go yet!!!!! So we can have a lot of fun with them : )

  20. Mercedes says:

    Hello :biggrin:
    I love this story((: I would also like to ask your permission, so you would let me access your stories.

  21. SuperSabine says:

    :wub: You're reminding me of my niece. When she wants something she just keeps asking until she gets it!!! :smile: I gave you access so you can read the other stories now!

  22. Mika says:

    Sabine I really Love your stories you are an awesome writer and i miss your stories and all the characters so can i please get access i miss crazy sabah and bad boy mike

  23. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Timeka! You're not approved?


    Get ouuta here! :w00t:

    Ok . . . . :whistle: Give me a 'sec.


    here you go. You're all set. Well, go on, you can go read now. What are you waitin' for!!!! :lol: :cheerful:

  24. JenMJsgirl says:

    This is sweet torture!

    This is the first of your work i've read, and it's very good!

  25. BreionNicholas says:

    hey sabine,
    kind of a new member i would like to know can i have access to the stories please!

  26. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Breion,

    Welcome, everything you need to know is here in this post:


  27. Girl is Dangerous says:

    Wow gurl...that was intense. Tatiana certainly had his attention. I loved the flirting between them. She was playing coy with him but we all know that she wanted Mikes cobra. Wonderful writing, Diva. :heart:

  28. susantrout says:

    Hey Super Sabine! Just read this story! So haaaat! 2000 watts, fuse blown! :silly: What a story. I did think there was a real chemistry between Tatiana and Michael but I think she was a little bit of an airhead, like you said. I can't be hard on her, though, still loving him and wishing it could have progressed to something serious. Look at Lisa. She files for divorce, realizes she can hardly function without his passionate love-making, so she has a change of heart and starts pursuing him all over Europe and Africa, telling him she'll give him nine kids. Yeah, right! More lies, more heartbreak for him. I do wonder, though, had they both sought outside counseling to help them through the rough spots, and she would have just let him knock her up, their marriage would have turned a corner and perhaps they would have lived happily ever after. :heart: There was no question about his incredible love and ability to be an extraordinary father to his children. The last interview she had with Oprah was telling. Gone was the need to joke about their union. There was a very real sense of regret in her voice. A relationship like theirs is the worst kind--you can't live with each other and you can't live without each other. She finally moved on and I hope he found sincere love before he died. That's all he really ever wanted--to be loved for him--Michael, the man.

    I love the woman you've created for him--Sabah. She's gorgeous, sexy, vulnerable and completely dedicated to caring for him. I especially loved the recent chapter where she boldly confronts him about his excessive plastic surgery. She's no doormat, in spite of how deeply she loves him. I think a woman had to be a bit of a vixen but soft enough to where she could coax him into trusting her and letting go of his fears. Even he admitted that he wasn't easy to live with. Few men are but they're worth the effort most of the time.

    I'm looking forward to many new chapters. But, I must admit (like you warned all of us!), your writing is totally addicting and when I should be doing other things, I'm salivating at reading about this gorgeous sex god! :w00t: :w00t:

    Keep it up, Girl! You're more than awesome! :wink:

  29. SuperSabine says:

    Hey Susan!!!!

    Well, well, what are you doing reading over here! :tongue:

    Just kidding! I'm glad you like this story, I think it's one of my funniest!!! :lol:

    I really do think Tatiana is STILL an airhead, which is kinda sad. A young airhead is cute, but an older airhead is sad :lol:

    Lisa is a whole 'nother story, a hot mess!!!! I don't envy her current husband, with her moaning and groaning about how much she loved Michael -- I mean what kind of relationship can she have with him saying that crap!!! :wassat:

    I don't think all the counseling in the world for both Michael and Lisa could have helped their marriage, cause Lisa has a lot of her own problems that she needs to deal with.

    I think Michael could very well live without her. I really think she was just someone to marry at the moment.

    I love the woman you’ve created for him–Sabah. She’s gorgeous, sexy, vulnerable and completely dedicated to caring for him. I especially loved the recent chapter where she boldly confronts him about his excessive plastic surgery. She’s no doormat, in spite of how deeply she loves him. I think a woman had to be a bit of a vixen but soft enough to where she could coax him into trusting her and letting go of his fears. Even he admitted that he wasn’t easy to live with. Few men are but they’re worth the effort most of the time.

    Awwww shucks! I love Sabah!!!! :wub:

    She's a little rough around the edges, admittedly, but Michael is so smooth!!!! My intention was to create someone who compliments him and made up for what he lacked and visa versa -- Michael has all the qualities that Sabah needs. So where she knows how to speak up and confront, Michael knows how to hang back and access. They are perfect for each other!!! :wub:

    Don't you love it? I do!!!!

    And as you mention, the most important part of their relationship is that they love and trust each other, well they're learning to trust each other more and more.

    Michael couldn't have been a piece of cake to live with, I mean he's an artist. Artists are kinda crazy!!!!!!

    :lol: :silly:

    soooooo :ermm:

    Let me apologize in advance for the long wait for another chapter, but what can I say!!!! I want it to be perfect and I AM writing it!!!!! :w00t:

    I swear!!!

    Love hearing from you! Thanks! :kissing:

  30. Lisamarie says:

    Hey Sabine I have been trying for ages to log into the site and finally it worked. I have come here looking for access to read badboy mike.

  31. SuperSabine says:

    Well, Ms. Lisa, you've come to the right place. And how have you been doing hmmmm?

    You know, you have access with your Yahoo account. . . .

    Welp, enough small talk! Your wish is my command :tongue: :lol:

  32. Lisamarie says:

    I have beeb trying to log in using so many accounts I got frustrated so I created a new one. I am doing well. I couldn't believe that saturday was two years since Michael died. It only seems it happened yesterday

  33. SuperSabine says:

    Time is so elusive, you just can never hold onto it!

  34. mylaakhaliaa says:

    I Really Enjoyed this Story,It was so well worded and I Love well worded Stories because Nowadays Its Rare Since Everyone Seemed to Have forgotten Proper English lol.Any way I Really enjoyed This story :wub:

  35. SuperSabine says:

    thanks hun! :heart:

  36. afrochick says:

    ohhhh damnn, sabah would not be too happy hearing about this

  37. ashleylaney says:

    I know this is a separate story...but it made me think back to the Tatiana storyline in Cowboy Mike and Bad Boy Mike.

    I'm coming up blank when i try to remember if her storyline is over or still continuing with Sabah and Mike. Actually it's been so long since i have been on here I cannot remember if Tatiana is in the story yet....wow.

    I know there was the Melissa part and Sabah of course was ready to fight for her man.. It's Michael, who can blame her for that?

    I'm not sure why I thought of this at midnight on a Saturday night...hahaha but now it seems super important to clear up my blank memory.

  38. SimplySabine says:

    Tatiana comes up in BBM :tongue: But look at the Author's note!!! That should clear everything up for you :silly:

  39. ashleylaney says:

    Will do. Thank you...and of course thank you for creating stories that are much more than what is typically found on most Michael sites. You create worlds that have depth and and speak to human emotions. Let's just say that is rare with sites related to Michael Jackson.


  40. SimplySabine says:

    Thank you for thanking me!!!! It means a lot but of course I'd expect nothing less from a Baylor student!! :tongue:

    I noticed that you lost access so I've given it back to you. :kissing:

  41. ashleylaney says:

    Thanks! I must not be doing it correctly because it still shows that I do not have access. I am logging in and then going to another page to give it time to recognize me.

    Hope you have a great week! :smile:

  42. SimplySabine says:

    My bad, I thought i changed it but I didn't. You're all set now :smile: Enjoy!

  43. louloutre4 says:

    Amazing site, but too complicated to get to those private chapter :cwy:

  44. Sabine says:

    Hi and thanks!!!! :bye:

    It's not complicated at all, you just have to ask! I see you figured that out! Hope you enjoyed this short story.


  45. susanchaney says:

    I definitely didn't like Tatiana but this was hotter than h*ell, your writing is to die for you are absolutely fantastic. I have been having an horrendous time getting on the site but I know it is because of my stupidity. Will someone tell what I need to do to get to the private stories. I apologize for my denseness!

  46. Sabine says:

    Hi Susan :bye:

    I see you finally made it in. Thanks for reading :reading: I'm glad you liked it!

  47. jasminacosma says:

    I don't know what to say Sabine. I heard about you on COMJ from a couple other members. Your writing is fantastically sexy and warm. It feels so real. Cannot wait to read more. Jaz

  48. Sabine says:

    Thanks Jasmina :smile:

  49. drush says:

    Your are a awesome writer and I hope you keep writing because so many people enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Sabine says:

    Thanks! I've been having a hard time with haters, so I haven't written in a long while but keep your fingers crossed!

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