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26 Jan 2010

Sneak Preview of Cowboy Mike XII

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When the door bell rang, Michael didn't have to wake Sabah up. She shot of the bed in a flash and immediately pulled on a pair of sweats, all the while she complained,
"Why did you let me fall asleep! Oh my God, I look a mess!"
Michael propped himself up on his elbows and watched Sabah with a cross between amusement and bewilderment. It was a familiar sight. He'd watch people go a little crazy when they met him. They became frazzled and erratic and Sabah was acting like that now. He opened his mouth to tell her that it was only her sister but then thought better of it. Sabah was fully dressed and running, literally, to the bathroom to brush her teeth when the bell rang again.
"You want me to get that?" Michael offered with a laugh.
"NO!" Sabah yelled from the bathroom. She came in with a towel in her hand and as she dried her face she cautioned him, "You don't know what she's like, Michael! Felix Unger has got nothing on her -- nothing! She'll pick you apart, it doesn't matter how great you are . . ." Her voice became muffled by the towel and Michael was glad. Sabah was describing her sister like she was some kind of monster. It made him sad. The door bell rang again.
"Well, if you don't answer it she's going to think you're not here."
"Just promise me you won't leave the bedroom."
"Sabah, why would I do that? Go, before she leaves."
Sabah was half way out of the room before he could finish his sentence and in front of the door in no time. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. There was no way to determine who was more surprised, Abena or Sabah. Abena took in Sabah's flushed face and bright eyes. She was absolutely glowing! It was anyone's guess as to why but the first thought that came to Abena's mind was only a man could make her look so good. To Abena, she really looked like she had either just been made love to or had been caught in the act. She seemed more alive, more beautiful than she remembered. More -- just everything. She even seemed taller, too, if that was possible but the truth was to Abena, Sabah was always larger than life.
While Abena admired Sabah, Sabah stood poised to hug her with her arms frozen in mid air, held in an open position. Her mouth hung open, too, in blatant shock. She didn't even have time to take in her sister's appearance. She became immediately transfixed by the tiny bundle in Abena's arms. She told herself that her eyes were playing tricks on her but then the bundle moved, the blanket fell away and revealed a tiny head covered with soft hair.
Sabah regained a modicum of her composure, but then completely lost it again when she blurted out, "Where'd you get that baby!"

Michael heard Olivia take a deep breath, hold it and then release it. It was a sigh of deep contentment, the kind babies emitted while they slept because they didn't have a care in the world, a sound that was music to Michael's ears, truly. He couldn't think of a more beautiful sound. It was so intoxicating, so alluring Michael allowed himself to wonder at that moment what it would be like if this was their baby. The thought snuck up on him but he immediately became captivated by the idea. Would he ever be able to experience this, he mused, looking across at Sabah?

An image emerged of Sabah on her side, curled around their own baby as Michael stood watching lovingly. Michael was surprised at the longing that accompanied it. He would be a great father! Better than Joseph had ever been!!! His children would call him Daddy and they'd know for sure they were loved. The thought filled an empty void inside of him and all of a sudden he wanted it as badly as he'd ever wanted anything, as badly as he wanted to have the best selling record in the world. But surrounding the desire there lingered a dark, shadowy fear, as if this moment was something forbidden to him; something that he could think about if he wanted, that he could experience second hand, but he must never, ever believe for a moment he could have for himself. The fear made him angry. He WANTED to have this moment one day in his life. What kind of a life would he have if he never had the chance to hold his own child? The fear made his desire stronger and the fantasy became so appealing, so desirable, he let himself indulge in the thought for a long time. So long that when it occurred to him to ask Sabah what she thought about the idea, he realized that she, too was sleeping. He envisioned them in the park, running around with carefree abandon, throwing water balloons at each other. He saw them at the beach, drenching each other with water guns and falling onto the ground as they laughed and laughed. He saw them putting the baby to sleep, it was clear as day - so clear he could make out the expressions on their faces. He felt them making the baby and the feeling was real. It took a long, long time for him to let the fantasy go. In fact, even as he put the idea out of his mind he wasn't sure if he had let it go at all.

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70 Responses to “Sneak Preview of Cowboy Mike XII”

  1. Maria says:

    Hmm?? I didn't know I deleted my comment.. that's weird..

    I love this!!! It was sooo sweet.. I was seriously tearing up.. I love the way Abena sees Sabah, now if only she knew.. How sweet.. Michael wants a baby! and that picture.. it's just too perfect! I can't wait!

  2. CobraCrackCentral says:

    Hi Maria, just a little "taste" as Michael says. : )

  3. Ameera says:

    Sabine, you have RUINED me.

    Who gave you the idea of the sneak peeks. I'd really like to speak to that person, NOW!!!

    LOL. But really and truly, now you have me thinking of all the possibilities, that can happen in this type of situation.

    Like how is Sabah going to feel. Like since she thinks that Abena is perfect, what is she going to think of her after she tells her where she got that baby.

    So, im guessing that Olivia is that little baby Abena had wih her.

    Now lets say, you know since Michael wants to have a baby and whatever, he will be paying alot of attention to the baby and whatever (even though i doubt this, its still one of my possibilities) and Sabah gets jealous, I dont know, but What if. Since its supposedly Abena's baby, there might be more jealousy there. But i dont know, im just speculating, i could do this all day.

    Those are the only two i have now, but ill keep you updated. LOL

  4. Elmira2887 says:

    OMG!! i cant wait for the entire chapter to be published! I LOVE IT! yaay!
    thank you sabine..

  5. bumblebgirl says:

    hi sabine loooooooooooooooove your teaser lol and what a surrpppppppppppppriseeeeeeeeeee, oooooooooooooooooohhhhh sabah is introuble now girl lol you know mike is gging baby mode now right?
    cant wait for the real thing. thanks now i'll be thinking about it until you updates *kisses*lol

  6. Sabine says:

    LOL!!!! HI, Bgirl and Elmira -- thank you thank you - - waiting is torture, I know but it will be worth the wait!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is my first time commenting...but I just wanted to say, I'm addicted to this Michael/Sabah saga...it IS like a soap opera! Leaves you wanting more..I can't wait to see what happens next!

  8. Sabine says:

    Awwww come on Anonymous, you have to at least give me a name!!! Come on join our little MJ family. I'm glad you're reading and liking what you're reading.

  9. Planet Jackson says:

    The picture sealed it for me. :)

  10. Sabine says:

    Glad you like! Took me F O R E V E R on photoshop!

    Wanna know something? Everytime I go to comment, I get stuck on the picture of Mike with his shirt open and his little nipples and belly button showing. I just find myself staring at his belly button for minutes at a time. Then a phone rings or someone calls me and I snap outta it. I should put that pic ABOVE the comment form!

  11. Brittney says:

    Sabine, do you think that's really Omer Bhatti on that picture.

  12. Sabine says:

    Is that the rumor, Brittney? I never heard that before! Well, if they are only saying that to support some silly/crazy idea that Michael had a secret son, no, I don't think that's Omar. Girl, that baby could be anyone! It could even be a . . . GIRL! lol!

  13. Brittney says:

    O, but Omer does look alot like Michael, but I was just asking, lol

  14. Sabine says:

    LOL, which MIchael? Bad Era Michael, Motown Michael, Off the Wall Michael, Thriller Michael, Millenium Michael? This Is It Michael?

  15. Brittney says:

    pre-surgery, Michael and after surgery

  16. Sabine says:

    Brittney how can you say that? I love Michael, believe me, but Michael pre-surgery and Michael post surgery, especially by the time we get to the 2000s looks like two different people, and I'm not just talking about color.

    Omar could never look like all of them.

    Now if you're talking about eyes, I can point out fifty people with big eyes like Michael.

  17. Maria says:

    Really, Sabine? I've never seen eyes like that. I don't know, there's something about his eyes. The shape is different than anything I've ever seen.. They look like they're upside-down to me sometimes.. LOL I mean the major curve of his eye is underneath rather than on top.. They are gorgeous, though..

  18. Brittney says:

    well, post surgery and thriller era, really Michael did'nt have several, surgeries he only had a few nose surgeries and the clep surgery, and during the course of his life, the doctors had to do re constructive surgery on his head, which caused alot of the skin from his face to be pulled to his scalp, all because of the burn during the commercial, also Michael had Lupus ( in addition to Vitiligo) which causes extreme pain and swelling to the face and other body parts.

    I know you said Michael thriller era and during the 2000's look like completely different people, although I've compared pictures and they don't look all that different (aside from the skin color and his nose)

    also I would'nt be so petty as to believe that just because Omer has big eyes that automatically makes him his son, what I'm saying is that Omer has a clep just like Mrs.Jackson and all of Tito's children have a clep chin, also I've concluded from several pictures that Michael, Randy and Omer (as a child) all have the same hairline, and his eyes are exactly like Michael's and they also have the same facial profile and structure.

  19. msj@nice305 says:

    The suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love it. Love it. Love it.

  20. Sabine says:

    MsJanice, Cheri!
    I'm happy to provide some escapism in this terrible time of turmoil for our people.

    Now I will not lie to you, I'm putting the finishing touches on the next chapter. Look for it this weekend!!!

  21. Sabine says:

    Maria, I have some big eyes folks in my family, let me tell you. And because of it, I'm always noticing people's eyes. But Michael's eyes are soulful, there's a sadness in them which I attribute to his childhood and upbringing. Our eyes look different when we're happy, sad, excited, mad -- so the appearance of someone's eyes has a lot to do with the overall personality. It's like this sadness never left him which brings me to my next point.

    Brittney, honey, I love Michael to death but let's be real.

    Michael suffered from Body Dysmorphia. Yes, Michael had some serious physical reasons for his change in appearance, but MIchael also battled some serious emotional issues that caused him to abuse his body.

    Not only did he suffer from BDD, which led to his plastic surgeries, but he also suffered from anorexia, which also attributed to his changing appearance. Several, few, one two -- doesn't matter. Michael changed his appearance to the degree he did because he suffered from low self-esteem and could not see himself clearly.

    It wasn't just physical, Brittney.

    Michael had the type of face that if he lost weight, you saw it in his face immediately.

    But let's look at 2001 Michael at The Virgin Record Store signing, or at the 30th Anniversary special w/ his brothers -- that's not from weight loss; that's not from Lupus or Vitiligo. That is a man in intense emotional pain crying out for help.

    WE're not going to help any of the other people who suffer like this by denying that Michael suffered like this.

    Michael in 1970s does not look anything like Michael in 2000 -- come on, let's be honest.

    Now this conversation is closely tied to the debate we were having. Just like you cannot tell race by facial features, you cannot tell familial ties by physical aspects.

    There are completely strangers who look a lot of like. There are mothers and daughters/ fathers and sons who look NOTHING alike.

    I look nothing like any of my five sisters but yet, they are my sisters.

    Plus, the more time you spend w/ someone, especially if you admire them, the more you pick up their mannerisms -- you talk like them, walk like them, move like them -- and this gives the appearance of resemblance.

    Now people say Paris, Prince and Blanket are not Michael's children because they don't look like at him, and others rush to get pictures to prove that untrue -- but it doesn't matter. They could very well be his biological children without looking anything like him at all, without having his hair, color or features. It's very possible.

  22. Brittney says:

    sorry but I just don't agree and you did'nt touch on what I mentioned which was the thriller era (saying that Omer looked exactly like Michael), and you CAN very well look like your family members, I'm sorry but just because you don't look like your sisters doesn't look like you is not a good point I look exactly like many people in my family, and you don't have to look just like your biological parents and Prince and Paris don't necessarily look like Michael all the time, but their are some very Big clues that say other wise

    Prince:looks like his mother, Debbie Rowe and like Michael grand father on Joseph's side, and also Prince has vitiligo (says Layout,and also I've seen it for my self on pictures)

    Paris:looks like Katherine Jackson and favors Debbie Rowe and also Latoya Jackson and Janet Jacson.

    Blanket: looks like Michael's twin (as a child)and also looks like Omer.

    (so obviously the people who say their not his kids cannot support their belief)

    anyway's I'm getting off of topic.

    I still very much so believe that Omer looks very much like Michael before and after surgery. And I don't believe Michael suffers from Bdd.

  23. NightGarden says:

    This is gonna be so so sweet: I'm looking forward to reading the new chapter! :-)

  24. MartiniGirl says:

    yes, yes - look past the zipper...past the zipper.

    what? damn I go distracted again.

    Thanks Sabine - I found it... ZIPPER! : )

    Sending you an email now

    This new snippet looks good - but don't tease me.... I will wait by the zipper.

  25. Sabine says:

    Hey Brittney, well as any good debater knows (and I happen to love a good debate) you can't use fallacies to support your argument.

    Of course, just because I don't look like my sisters doesn't necessarily mean that ALL siblings don't look alike -- that would be a fallacy.

    I was simply pointing out the fact, which is true: JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE RELATED DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO LOOK ALIKE.

    This renders your argument that Omar looks like Michael and so therefore MUST be related to him as invalid.

    Next point, Michael and BDD. Here is the definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_dysmorphic_disorder.

    It is not simply enough to say, I don't believe something or agree, you have to say why and support your opinion with facts.

    Michael talks about not wanting to look like his father in the Glenda tapes and his anorexia; we cannot dismiss the factual evidence right before our eyes: The man changed his beautiful natural looks so much that over time he almost looked unnatural and almost lost his looks.

    I understand this is a taboo topic but denial never helped anyone and it didn't help Michael at all.

    I think Michael was beautiful no matter what he looked like, because Michael had a beautiful soul, but let's not forget what he looked like when he died, and the weight he was in; let's not dismiss his drug use and his emotional distress. The man went through two false allegations, abuse as a child and as an adult, a life where he had far and few moments of privacy.

    You don't live that life and not come a way with scars.

    If you are saying that Michael did not have excessive surgery and did not suffer from BDD, please tell me, what emotional scars do you believe Michael suffered from as an adult that lead to his untimely death at the clumsy irresponsible hands of Dr. Murray?

    Now you can say you disagree, but you have to support your disagreement with facts, otherwise you're just being contrary : )

    Michael and his children:

    I for one believe that these children are 100% Michael's by the fact that he raised them. No one is asking Madonna is that little African child really hers or Angelina if her adopted children are hers.

    As for there being Michael's biological children, of course it's a definite possibility, although I cringe when I think of Michael having sex with Debbie (God forgive me!)

    I actually think Blanket looks like Michael as a child.

    You are actually agreeing with me and echoing my own argument about looks.

    It's an imperfect way to assess race and family relation. I've already said (and you agree because you just restated it) you can't ALWAYS judge looks as a criteria for family relation, just like you can't ALWAYS depend on looks to determine race.

    Yes, sometimes it's true, sometimes relatives look like each other, but it is also equally true that sometimes that DO NOT look like each other. One truth does not cancel out the other.

    Just like just because a person has Asian eyes, doesn't mean that they are Asian. But it is true that most ASIAN people have ASIAN eyes.

    It's the same argument. : )

    (Omar - according to you he looks like Michael in the Thriller Era and I don't see it - on that point we have to agree to disagree.)

  26. Sabine says:

    Hey NG, I see you HIII! Welcome back, it's been a while since I got a comment from you. I thought you weren't reading : ( Glad you're looking forward to the next chapter.

    Martini girl, stop harassing me! Or I'm going to make Michael spank you!

    I just told MsJanice that I'll have the next chapter this weekend! I swear!

  27. Brittney says:

    I still don't belive Michael suffers form BBD, but just because he did'nt want to look like Joseph (who makes "me" cringe means nothing)

    also what are we agreeing on? I have'nt noticed.

    but we can agree to disagree, because I very much so see a resemblance between Omer and Michael also I know the definition of bbd, and I still don't believe Michael has it.

  28. Sabine says:

    You still haven't said WHY you don't believe that he suffered from BDD, just that you don't believe he did.

    Michael has all the symptoms and then some and also confessed to not liked the way he looked with his own mouth. It's not just about not wanting to look like Joseph. He said he thought he was ugly. When anyone who had eyes to see could see that he was beautiful.

    He could not see himself clearly because of Joseph's abuse.

    LOL! You must be in a contrary mood if you don't see we are both saying you don't have to necessarily look like someone to be a relative, but in many cases relatives do also look like each other.

    Both are equally as true, there I said it again -- that's three times : )

    NO truer words were said Britteny: "I very much so see a resemblance between Omer and Michael" -- I believe you! Probably because you want to. I told you, people believe what they want to believe.

    Just like you don't want to believe that Michael had BBD, but you have no reason for not believing it, other than just your own willfulness.

    Stating it over and over again won't make it true that he didn't suffer from it.

    He did. He knew it, he said it with his own lips: I couldn't control anything but my eating . . . my brothers took their anger out on other people, I did it to myself."

  29. Brittney says:

    like you said we can agree to disagree, I have several facts but, I want say since you seem to be in a contrary mood, lol and I'm not saying he looks like him cuz I that's what I want to say, I'm just not blind( but like you said) we CAN agree to disagree I still don't believe Michael had Bdd.and I don't have to answer because you didn't completely answer my initial question, but I'm finished talking about this subject.

  30. Sabine says:

    Really, I'd be interested in the facts you have to support why a man who originally looks like this:


    (perfectly beautiful in every way)

    Would have surgical procedures to look like this:


    If he DOESN'T suffer from an emotional body dysmorphia disorder , if that person has healthy self-esteem and loves himself and how they look; if that person DOES NOT suffer from crippling insecurity about their looks; facts that would negate all the times he told us he thought he was ugly and wouldn't look in the mirror and used to cry every day because of it; facts that would change history and cancel out when he told Liza Minelli's husband, "Don't you want to look better?".

    (Michael, I so wish someone made you understand you can't improve on perfection! You were PERFECT just the way God made you!)

    Brittney, really, I'm very interested so I hope you change your mind and decide to share because if I'm uneducated, I want to be educated. I'm open to change my mind. : )

    I don't have to answer because you didn't completely answer my initial question

    Now, really, Brittney, to be fair, you haven't addressed half of the points I raised. And of course, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

    Now what was the initial question that I didn't answer?

    You asked if the baby was Omar and I said I have no idea.

    Another rule of good debating:

    Take is as a friendly tip: You can't win a debate by stating that you're no longer interested in talking about the subject.

    It's a false power move. You don't have control over the person you're talking to and therefore cannot control the conversation, since a conversation takes two people. The other person can continue to state their views with or without your participation.

    Stating you are "done talking about the subject" is a statement designed to get the other person to shut up.

    It's a weak debating tactic and doesn't work. : )

  31. Brittney says:

    what you consider to be a "weak debating tactic" I consider to wisdom,if I want to talk to you any longer about this subject I don't have to, that's what gives me the right you the to disagree with you and what gives you the Medical Credentials to falsely diagnose Michael with a disease,when I stated that Michael had lupus and vitiligo I've heard Michael say that he had lupus and his doctor "Dr.Klein" state that he had lupus. I haven't took the liberty to throw my own personal opinion into someone's life,and I'm not easily persuaded by the bill of goods that the media sells to the public, it was those kind of lies that tries to discredit him before the public. I have a long list of celeberity's that have had multiple surgeries to improve on what they felt they needed to change, after all "we" don't live with their faces, they do. for adduce (instance) Halle Berry she's had her nose pinched that doesn't necessarily give you the qualifications to say she has "bdd" Michael after all had severe childhood acne and it did after all run through his adulthood, I would imagine if I had severe acne I would'nt have the best self-esteem ESPECIALLY if I had to live in the public eyes.

    I'm not, going to reveal my other reasons to believe Michael suffered form "bdd" and I want agree nor address that subject any further.

    we WILL agree to disagree.
    either I don't agree with the "ideas" you've raised.

  32. Brittney says:

    I strongly disagree with your belief that Michale suffered form this disorder.

  33. Sabine says:

    Hi Brittney, boy I can hear your conviction through the screen.

    BBD is not a mild desire to improve on what one finds lacking in their physical features, so comparing Michael's extensive surgery to Halle Berry's nose pinch is hardly comparative.

    Michael's acne was gone by the time he started obsessively undergoing plastic surgery procedures so one cannot blame his acne for his decision to undergo the knife so many times.

    I am not diagnosing Michael, I'm offering my opinion on his behavior and I might point out, you don't know what credentials I have so let's not assume.

    I am not throwing my personal opinion into Michael's life, which is now over. I am expressing myself, as I encourage you to do as well, if you so choose.

    Of course, it is your choice to reveal or not reveal your reasonings for choosing not to believe that Michael suffered from an emotional disorder. It is also your choice to address the subject or not. You hardly need to announce it.

    I don't watch the main stream news nor do I follow main stream media, in fact, I hardly watch T.V. at all, so I'm not sure why you brought that subject up. It's certainly not the tabloid mainstream media's opinion that Michael suffered from a disorder, it is their opinion that Michael was a freak. And that's because it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    There are a long list of Holly- weird celebrities who suffer from BDD. However, because an unrealistic image of beauty is promoted in Holly-weird as the norm, this affliction is denied and ignored, and young girls from all walks of life consequently are patterning themselves after dysfunctional behavior that tells them that they need to be a size 0 to be pretty, and that it is okay to mutilate their bodies to be "beautiful" rather than encouraged to accept themselves as God made them and celebrate the natural beauty that we are all born with.

    My opinion that Michael suffered frm BBD is based on years of counseling women who suffer from the same disorder, my extensive knowledge on the subject, my personal experience with the issue, my indepth experience in recognizing the symptoms and patterns of behavior -- (which I will gladly point you to resources to understand better if you so choose) -- but most importantly, it is based on listening to Michael's own words that came from his lips. To ignore what Michael said is to call him a liar.

    I believe Michael when he said he felt he was ugly.

    I believe Michael when he said he took his anger out on himself because he did not know how to express his anger.

    I believe Michael when he said that he would have rather worn a mask than go outside with his regular face.

    I believe Michael when he said he was more comfortable in disguise.

    I believe Michael when he told the story of the woman who asked for "cute little Michael" and said "ill" when she saw him -- I heard the hurt in his voice as he told the story, so many years later, with such vivid detail -- I saw very clearly that he was STILL hurt from her words, even though he was an adult.

    I believe Michael when he said that he wanted to look better.

    I believe Michael when he said he was a perfectionist and was never satisfied with anything when Oprah asked him about his plastic surgery.

    I believe Michael, and that is the FOUNDATION for my opinion that he suffered from a disorder.

    Now whether you choose to believe him or not is your choice, Brittney; it's hardly a matter for us to agree or disagree on. It's a matter of choice.

  34. Lovelyone18 says:

    I love your writing girl!

  35. Sabine says:

    Hi Lovelyone -- thanks you so much, sincerely.

    I'm crying right now. I just copied a huge part of the next chapter and then the phone rang and someone asked me to look something up on line and I copied the address and deleted that huge part of the story off the clipboard. WAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Now I have to write it over! I hate when that happens!

  36. Maria says:

    OMG Sabine!!! NOOO..
    Ugh. I HATE when that happens..
    I once did a nearly 200 picture photoshoot with my cousin and then the memory card randomly decided to commit suicide overnight.. but we decided to retake the pictures the next night.. and they turned out muchhhh better the second time. :)
    Hopefully this will be one of those instances!

  37. Sabine says:

    Yeah, you have to look at things this way. It was meant to be. Thankfully it wasn't such a big part and I know exactly what happens. I was sad cause I liked the way I wrote it, but you're right, it will probably come out better the second time around. I'm still sad : (

    I will probably publish tomorrow!!!!

  38. Brittney says:

    well, first I've never called Michael a liar, however I WILL not adress the subject,This is your forum and I'm sure you will assume whatever profession that you need in whatever subject/"debate" were having. And you diagnosing based on your opinion.You will never convince that Michael had bdd.

    hahaha lmao with your opinion.
    just to tell you one thing Michael felt more comfortable with a disguise on because he couldn't go out in public without getting attacked by obsessive fans.

    and of course, theirs way more people in hollywood who have had way more surgeries than both Michael and Halle combined.

    btw just becuase I don't agree with you does'nt mean I agree with Micahel.

    and when you said Michae's acene had left by the time he started undergoing surgery is a lie, because acen runs in their family just look at Jermaine's face or better yet some of the pictures of Michael on "your" forum.

    THIS IS THE END OF THIS SUBJECT FOR ME. since obviously, "you'll" always be right and "I'll" always be wrong.

    according to you.

  39. Brittney says:

    btw I meant to say I don't agree with you but I'm not calling Michael a liar.

  40. Sabine says:

    Brittney, you can keep saying you won't address the subject anymore, but if you keep coming back to the subject, guess what? You're addressing it.

    You can disagree with someone and still be respectful and nice, okay. : )

  41. jenna_hodge2003 says:

    Hey Sabine, loved the sneak peek :)
    Can't wait for the next chapter. Yay!!

    Just read about you losing some of the story, oh no!Im sure you will re write it just as good if not better this time :)Ill be checking the site constantly now over the weekend!

    Btw i also believe Michael had BDD, I know someone who was diagnosed with it and its all there, thinking you dont look good enough, striving for perfection, not seeing yourself the way others see you.

    Keep up the great work girl
    L.O.V.E :)

  42. Sabine says:

    HI Jenna! Oh, no, I'm going to have people logging on like crazy, I better start rewriting that part, because after I'm finished.

    Michael definitely suffered from BDD, poor thing. I wish he knew how beautiful he was in every way that counts, spiritually and physically

  43. sweet&sassy says:

    This is a very stupid debate because too many people get fantasy confused with reality, but the truth be told people only know what they've read about Michael or perceive, and from what I've read, Sabine thinks she's the only one with a valid opinion, with that being said I agree with Brittney.

    I've been reading this story for quite awhile and you can delete my comment if you like, I do enjoy your story but I've lost respect for the author.

  44. Ameera says:

    Hey Brittney or shall i say Sweet&sassy, here's a heads up, next time you make a comment and make a different name, at least try to sound like a different person. Don't change your name and then sound the same, that's just dumb. Epic Fail.

    Sabine thinks she's the only one with a valid opinion

    Really is this true about Sabine or yourself? cause your the only one who seems like they want to be right and thinks that whatever you say goes.

    I've lost respect for the author.

    Really??? Just because she wouldn't let you have the last word or because you lost the debate with her. Shame on you. You cant win every single debate on this site. And i'd really like to know, what is your VALID reason for losing respect for the author???

    If you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

    Really and truly, maybe you should leave the blog for a little while too, i think the lack of Sabah and Michael stories and negative energy is causing everyone to go into withdrawal syndromes. And they are putting this negativity onto the author.

    Unlike you guys, i would actually like this series to continue and i would like my stories to be filtered of drama and negativity. =]

  45. Brittney says:

    Sabine,rest assured whatever message I leave you is under "Brittney".Because I woman enough to give you my opinion,regardless to whether you agree or not,and if anyone agrees with a statement that I make so be it.

    Ameera: you can back the hell up,brown noser.I never have liked you,speak when your spoken to.

  46. Sabine says:

    Brittney, this is a forum to celebrate Michael's life with L.O.V.E.

    I want the negativity to stop. You don't have to argue and insult every person that disagrees with you.

    Everyone has a right to express their opinions, but I ask that they do so with consideration and respect. and most importantly L.O.V.E.

    Thank you in advance for respecting Michael's memory and this blog.

  47. KKDDianaMJ says:

    So I see you guys are getting a taste of what I was going through not so long ago lol. I don't think Michael liked anything about himself, which makes me angry with him. I wish I could have convinced Michael that he was so handsome and sexy and perfect and he didn't have to change anything. Michael went to the extreme with his surgeries, if he had stopped after Thriller that would be OK, but he didn't. There must have been something wrong for him not to see how woderful he was, and he said to Oprah that he would cover up mirrors so he wouldn't see himself because he always saw something he didn't like! It makes me so sad, but I've always found Michael attractive because his heart and personality shine through, and his beautiful smile never changed! I wish someone could have been there for Michael and told him the truth, and stopped him from destroying his face! I don't believe Michael's kids are his biologically because with his thinking he wouldn't want his kids to inhert his "ugliness", but I hope I'm wrong because they don't have to look like Michael to be his, and Blanket is the only one I can picture being Michael's bio son, I can see some resemblance there! I hope they all are though.

  48. Loveless246 says:

    HI Sabine!
    You probably don't remember me but i was indigo`sky on Disqus. I pretty much lost all contact with everyone and everything(everything went private) except for CCC. I have been so busy I forgot about Cowboy Mike and knew I had to catch up. I have been searching for a new home to chat and readed about(of course Michael).

    I love this story!!!

  49. Maria says:

    I just wanna say, that whatever age Michael was and whatever he ended up looking like, I'd hit it, in every room of the house, from 18 to 50. hahahaha :D

  50. Brittney says:

    What's coming from me is all for "love" too,that's why I'm defending Michael and his honor.

    ...and I still disagree on the "bdd" subject, but my bad I thought this was constructive dialogue.

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