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18 Feb 2010

Cowboy Mike Trivia

Chapters, Cobra Crack, cowboy mike, Michael Jackson, Sabah 37 Comments

In honor of Sabah and Mike's 1 yr anniversary, I thought it'd be fun to have some Cowboy Mike Trivia. Okay, don't cheat and look at other people's answers first or go back and check the story!!!! Just see if you can get them all!

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37 Responses to “Cowboy Mike Trivia”

  1. Maria says:

    This is what I know for sure, because I'm afraid of being wrong, I won't try to answer the rest..!

    9. The one she didn't like.. a confidentiality agreement.. the other one.. not sure!
    15. Mr. and Mrs. M.
    16. An original copy of Peter Pan.

    ...I guess.. I'll stand over there and watch everyone else do much better than me.. :'(

    I'm sooo bad at these things!!

  2. Sabine says:

    LOL, you've confirmed my suspicions that you guys are only reading the dirty parts over and over again!

    By the way, I like your sexy glasses!

  3. elmira2887 says:

    OMG sabine this is sooo hard LOL .. ok these are my answers:

    2- sabah owns her own art gallery :P
    12- one surpise was the cellphone, another one was BUBBLES :D
    13- kit's full name is katherine.
    14- name of the couple? i onlyknow the lady- holoma.
    16- sabah bought michael the peter pan book. it wasnt just any regular peter pan book but it was the very 1st or 2nd one writen.
    19- Abena shared her point of view of her mom??
    20- michael made her pancakes or waffels. and eggs i think? LOL

  4. Ameera says:

    Here are my answers

    1. I dont know the name but the date was Dec.19

    2. Gallery Organizing

    3. New Jersey

    4. Yosmetie Sam

    4. 6

    7. She was Spanish

    8. 87

    9. Mobile Phone and Confidentiality Agreement

    10. I really dont know this one ):

    11. Super Freak- Rick James

    12. Dirty Dancing

    13. Mr. Thomas???

    14. Katherine

    15. Holoma && Holokai

    16. Mr. M Mrs. M

    17. First publishing of Peter Pan

    18. It was in Hawaii with the music in the background

    19. A family photo album

    20. Eggs and Waffles

  5. Sabine says:

    LOL! Ameera, a part from the fact that you numbered the questions all wrong so I don't know what the hell you're answering and have to figure it out, you did pretty good. Except:

    Mr. Thomas is the name of the faun in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe -- oh wait a minute, it's Mr. Tumnous or stg like that. LOL!!!

    No Sabah was not 6 when her parents divorced

    She didn't not count sheep up to 87

    I asked for the name of the maid, not the nationality.

    the profession is not "gallery organizing" LOL!!!! But you're close : )

    the date is correct when they met but minus points for not knowing the name!

    The movie was not Dirty Dancing!

    But not bad! This is fun!

  6. Sabine says:

    Elmire close!!!!! But no fair, you and Maria didn't answer all the questions!!!.......................................................................................................................

    Close for the profession but Sabah doesn't own the gallery.

    Okay you got one of them, the cellphone!

    Yep it's Katherine but what's her last name?

    Almost on the hawaiian couple, Holoma, yep!

    One too many ingredients for the breakfast, but almost!!!


    I should have asked about the sexual positions! I think everyone would have gotten 100!

  7. elmira2887 says:

    hahahahha sabine...... im soorrry i really tried.. I love reading the WHOLE story and the sexy parts lol. But i bet you, even if u question us on the sex positions I know I wouldn't get all of them right lol. i just love sabahand michael soo much.
    ilove saiina and michael too :D
    love uu

  8. Sabine says:

    LOL, even I don't remember all of that sex!!! It's soooooo much!

    You're too sweet Elmira! I wonder when I really get into the plot of Prince Michael, who you will like more, Sabah or Saniia. They have different personalities. Similar but different, too. And Saniia is a virgin

  9. sonia says:

    Okay lets see how many I can get right.

    1.Caribou Ranch not sure if that's the full name.

    2.Sabah is a museum curator.

    3.Michael suggested she was from New Jersey.

    4.Yosemite Sam.

    5.when she was 6, I honestly don't remember so just guessing.

    7..80 something.

    8.He took her to hawaii she liked. He brought bubbles to her apartment she hated.

    14.holokmi or something I can't spell it. can't remember the wife's name.

    16. she bought him a book, she gave to him in the gallery.

    17. At her apartment when they didn't see eachother for days.

    18.abena showed michael her family album pictures of sabah when she was little.

    19. sabah and abena are 2 years apart I believe.

    20. he made fluffy scrambled eggs, waffles and orange juice.

  10. MartiniGirl says:

    how exciting... a quiz and a Prince... dammit will have to come back much later to try - Sabine what a great idea!

    Oh I don't wanna cheat - I have to look away.. I hope someone gets them all right!

  11. MartiniGirl says:

    All right I am going for it blindly… some I know for sure – others have no clue – so here we go
    1. Caribou
    2. Museum Curator
    3. Jersey??
    4. The guy on the horse who is always chasing bugs bunny… Yosemite?
    5. Yeah don’t know that… I thought they were still together – isn’t buying her stuff a couple chapters ago?
    6. Adrian (one of my favourite names!)
    7. 80 something… (how she got that high I dunno)
    8. Cell phone, confidentially agreement
    9. Waterworld
    10. SuperFreak
    11. No idea
    12. Sam?
    13. Katherine
    14. Mr. & Mrs. H – or Holmes and Homie to their friends… (I know it stated with an H!) Kaui coz it rhymes with Maui
    15. Mrs. M
    16. First print/autographed copy of Peter Pan
    17. After making love to her on their last night in Hawaii
    18. Yeah don’t know that one
    19. 2??
    20. Eggs & Waffles

    Whew I am sweating – I feel all twitchy like after an exam I should have studied harder for.

    My reward will now be the Prince!

  12. Sabine says:

    Hi Sonia and Martini Girl!

    You guys did REALLLLY GOOD.

    Some of them I wouldn't even remember!

    Okay Sonia

    Sabah wasn't six when her parents divorced.

    80 something YEP! Close but no cigar!

    Nope it's not hawaii or bubbles!!!!

    Holokmi -- LOL you mixed the too names together. It's okay, nice try!

    yeah it was a book, but WHAT book! It was a very special book!

    No, it wasn't at her apartment that Michael told Sabah he loved her.

    No Abena and Sabah are not two years apart (the clue was in the last chapter!!!)

    But you did really good!!!!!!


    Martini Girl!!! Leave it to the blog drunk to ace the test!!!! LOL! j/k j/k Don't kill me!

    Okay, well, you got most of them right!!!! What the hell!

    80 something, though -- again close but no cigar!

    No idea? Nope I don't think that was the name of the movie!

    No, it's not Sam!

    Katherine but what's her LAST name?

    LOL! At your Mr. and Mrs. H or homie to their friends! WRONG!

    I'll give you half credit for Mrs. M -- what about Michael?

    Hmmm, "Yeah I don't know that one" -- that's not a good answer. That's not what Abena gave Michael.

    Nope they are not two years apart!

    But like I said great job! You surprised me!

  13. MartiniGirl says:

    yeah.. Blog Drunk! I knew I could a job on here! How much do you pay?

    LOL - I work well for Sour Apple Martini's!

    What a fun idea Sabine... I really enjoyed doing that....it was so much fun!

  14. Sabine says:

    Hired!!!!! LOL! I think I'll do one on the sexual positions in the story! I have a feeling everyone will get all the answers right!

  15. Sonia says:

    Thanks Sabine

    You know what I first read your story from the part where michael first took sabah to his home at havenhurst in the wee hours of the morning the first time. So at first I was really confused so had to go back and read, and just skimmed through it and not only that but some chunks I didn't read properly, so I guess I did alright. But I'm so addicted to your michael and sabah story now that I read EACH word properly even if it takes a long time, and some parts I read over and over again if I really like it, especially the love scenes.

    I'm so eagerly waiting for your next chapter, I can't can't can't wait.

  16. Sabine says:

    Really, Sonia!!! What was that like, reading it from the middle like that?

    Was it corney? Like did you think, there's no connection here or were you like I want to read more.

    personally, that's my least favorite chapter. Because I had to really concentrate on getting a bunch of people's voices correct, Katherine, Joseph, LaToya, Jackie, too. It was tough!!!!

    Oh the pressure for the next chapter!!! You guys are going to kill me!

  17. MartiniGirl says:

    Ms. Martini reporting for work duty! Umm only light duties for the first hour please as my nails dry and I finish my drink!

    I was the same Sonia - came in midway... I think I came in just before the Grammy's - I think. but so happy HAPPY I have found my way home and a beautiful obsession! :)

  18. Sonia says:

    Hey Sabine

    I love looking at pictures of michael, he's so innocent. I came across your blog by accident. Oh boy am I glad I found it, its my favorite thing to do on the computer when I get time from my busy schedule, that starts at 5 in the morning. Actually it wasn't corney at all, I just kept wondering which ranch sabah and kit were talking about where she spent 2 weeks with michael.

    Sabine let me tell you all your love scenes between michael and sabah make me do the same thing everytime. Not only they make blush like crazy, sometimes when I'm reading the sex scenes, it becomes such an overwhelming feeling that I have to stop reading for minute and I'll be smiling to myself with a big grin on my face having trouble keeping a straight face, throw my head back and have one hand over my eyes looking through my fingers at the screen,and after I've gathered myself together I'll continue reading. That's what happens to me everytime I read the sex scenes.

    Sabine why did you say we are going to kill you? Why is something bad going to happen in the next chapter? Oh I hope not.

  19. Sabine says:

    How did you find me by mistake!!!! You must tell me! It's like fate, right? I believe in that kind of stuff! Since you said you relate to Sabah so much, it was meant to be.

    Sonia you're making me smile so much. A married woman and I have you blushing! That's so funny. But I know what you're talking about. I was reading a book once and someone said to me, Why are you smiling like that and I was like I'm not smiling, but I was grinning from ear to ear and they were like, you're red as a tomato!!!!

    I think my temperature raised like 10 degrees.

    But you know what? Like the Melissa story is cool and the Yvette story is just well nasty in that wicked way, but it's the love story I love writing and reading the best.

    I said you guys are going to kill me, meaning with your insatiable immediate demand for a next chapter!!!!!


    Martini girl, really, I luv ya, but you're fired!

    Wet nails and a drink on the job already -- oh shoot, wait a minute, I forgot what I hired you as.

    You can amp up the crowd and get the ladies really ready for another chapter by pointing out all the deliciously sexy parts of the story!!!!! How's that.

    I loved that you got the HER gum out of HIS mouth -- warms my heart when people notice the little things.

    Like when I wrote after Abena saw Antoinette at the spa -- she looks down at the Olivia and the baby's eyes are open, and Abena realizes that Olivia is awake now.

    That's symbolism. In a way, Abena is awake now too. :wink:

  20. Sonia says:

    Hey Sabine

    I guess it was fate, which I also believe in very much. I was just googling pictures of michael from the thriller era, because that was my favorite era and I thought he was so sexy and cute at the time,before all the horror hit him. I guess the real reason why I love the thriller era is because I was just a little kid at the time, and Michael was at his peak and he was everywhere. For me the thriller era was a time in my childhood before my mother went pyscho on me. Yes there was a time when things were okay. So that's why I love seeing pictures of michael from the thriller era, because it reminds me of a time in life when things were great, and people and the world was more simpler than what it is today. When Michael died I was so shocked and in disbelief that I felt like a part of my childhood was taken, and with his passing marked the end of a time and world (in this case the early 80's) which has passed away in time forever. Your story just also happens to start from that era also, which is what I loved. Michael when he was young and on FIRE and reminded me of the good old days. By the 90's the world had become wicked and we all know what happened after that.

    As for the love scenes its not even the sex itself that makes them great its the fact that michael and sabah have true love between them that makes it great. Its the emotions that make it great. Its not just sex, but lovemaking in the true sense, with emotions.

  21. MartiniGirl says:

    well you know I can certainly do that... so that means I must start at chapter one... what a GREAT Job I have! So I will pop in with my favourite sexy comments and bits... and you may be surprised what I think is the sexiest bits and pieces...

    Hell Sabine.. you make me blush - but that is the fun of it.

    Time for a little horse ride @ Caribou!

  22. MartiniGirl says:

    Sonia... you sound just like me and alot of people around our age..

    you should read the beginning of my blog


    Sabine honey - hope you don't mind the plug... I think I am ready now.

  23. Sabine says:

    Awww Sonia that's such a sweet story!!!! So it was the force then? You know it has a lot of power!!!!!

    I'm glad you have a memory of a time with your mother that was nice.

    I don't have much memory of my childhood but that is a whole 'nother dark story!!!!!!

    I think it's too bad for me to remember in full.

    Yes, I think the 80s rocked. The more I look back at it, the music, the time, the issues, the more I love it!!!!!

    And I think Michael marked an era of change and growth for lots of people. Like I read somewhere -- it brought tears to my eyes, someone thanked him; they said, Michael, thank you for writing the sound track of my life!


    Martinigirl, yippie!!!! Cna i link you now? Everyone, links are at the bottom of the blog. I keep tring to find a place to put them that doesnt take away from Michael's gorgeous face!!!!!

    I would LOVE it if you'd pick out the bits and pieces that you love in the story!!!!

    WE can see if other people like them too!

    As a matter of fact, I'll start another post, okay. A place to put your favorite Cowboy Mike moments!!!!!

  24. Neicy says:

    Hey all! This is crazy! I was reading the trivia questions and I already know just by lookin at them that I don't even kno all these answers. But like Sonia said it's crazy cuz I just stumbled and found this site to. I was just searchin some Michael Jackson stuff ( I can't remember wat) but I found this site and now I added it to my favorites, and I have to check it everyday. But N-E Wayz let me see how many I can answer. WARNING___ It ain't gonna be all of them!LOL PEACE!

  25. Neicy says:

    Alrite here I go!
    1. Skip
    2. I know she has a passion for art
    3. Michael suggested Sabah was from Jersey.
    4. Skip
    5. 5
    6. I think its Rosie or something
    7. Skip
    8. She didn't like the confidentiality agreement. She liked the fact that he surprised her like a month early and appeared at her door wanting all of her. Wait! If Michael is the gift does this answer count? LOL!
    9. Skip
    10. Skip
    11. I think it was STAR WARS
    12. SKip
    13. Katherine I don't remember her last name.
    14. Holoma is the lady's name. The mans I forget.
    15. Mr. and Mrs. M Who could forget that!
    16. Original copy of the Peter Pan book.
    17. I believe it was when they was on vacation in Hawaii
    18. I don't know how I should answer this one. Okay Abena grabbed that photo album and showed Michael the pictures of her parents and pictures of Sabah and how she always had that same stubborn look on her face. She shared with him that Sabah always did the opposite of what her mama told her to do. Abena mentioned the story about the lake and how she wanted to help Sabah out, but her mother was resistant so Abena cried.
    19. I think they are one year apart.
    20. Eggs and Waffles

    How did I do?

  26. elmira2887 says:

    Sabine.. you are a sweetheart yourself :D this is probably not the right thread to talk about prince michael but, I love both Cowyboy mike and prince michael. Yes, i do know she is young and a virgin and thats why i am so curious about her and michael b/c i can relate to her since i haven't really *done* anything either. HAHA.. if you know what i mean. ;) I really wanna know michael's reaction to sainna's virginity and how he will treat her..
    anyways.. love u :D


  27. Sabine says:

    LOL!!!! Elmire, I thought you were a grown woman with kids!!! Because you sound so mature!!!! Okay Prince Michael is for you then! You an Saniia have a lot in common. But ssssshhhh, don't mention Cowboy Mike and Prince Michael together because they don't get along.


    HI Neicy, okay missy, you skipped a whole bunch of questions but you got some right that others' didn't, and damn you wrote a book in answer to question no. 19

    Okay starting from the top.

    Passion for art is NOT a profession, sorry, close but not quite!

    Nope, Rosie is not the name of the maid.

    yes, the confidentiality agreement but you missed the second one!

    No it was not Star Wars!

    Katherine yes, but what's her last name?

    I can't believe no one has gotten this yet!

    Holoma, yep but what about her poor husband!

    You did really good (well the ones you answered!!!!)

  28. elmira2887 says:

    hahahhah Sabine you are soo cute..
    Well i am 22 and a bit more mature than all of my other friends. HAAH I really wanna know what happens to prince michael and saiina. I can relate to Saiina b/c she is inexperienced. I wanna know how michael reacts to that....

    love u :D

  29. Sabine says:

    Wow, 22! I wish I had my brain now when I was 22 -- it's beautiful that you've waited. I think making love when you're IN love, with someone who cares for you, honors you, has your trust and your best interest at heart is the best thing in the whole world!

    So of course, that's just a hint of what Saniia will be getting.

  30. elmira2887 says:

    ^^^ yeaa.. Michael is amazing, iknow he will treat her like a queen :)

    I can't wait until you continue both of the stories.. <3!!

  31. msj@nice305 says:

    2. Museum Curator
    3. Jersey
    4. Yosemite Sam
    5. 10
    6. Adrian
    8. confidentiality agreement & 1st time he went to her apartment
    9. WaterWorld USA
    11. Flashdance
    12. Thomas
    13. Katherine Simmons?
    14. Holokai & Holoma (Ni'iau)
    15. Mr & Mrs M
    17. on their Hawaii trip
    19. 1 year apart

  32. AnniesNotOK says:

    Here we go!

    1. Cobraland. December, 24? I mean, for the gift!
    2. Stealer (of our Mike)
    3. She can ride… if you know what I mean.
    4. Jessica Rabbit?
    5. –
    6. Ms.Potts
    7. 69?
    8. You mean surprise like…? (see number 1)
    9. DrownBashirPark
    10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW7Fh_D24pg
    11. The one he was seeing in Thriller w/ Ola Ray. It had to be New Moon I guess, for her face of terror.
    12. Bashir? Ah no, he was fired cause he didn’t know how to open the door –essential competence for the job.
    13. You mean the one from Knight Rider? Girl, please… why are you asking this now? Go back to Michael, shamone!
    14. Teriyaki & Sushi (don’t know why but all of a sudden I’m hungry o_O)
    15. Cobra & the Cave (sounds like a rock band)
    16. Bashir’s head? Ok, I’m starting to see I have a problem.
    17. After me telling him I couldn’t be in the limelight.
    18. Her too? O_O
    19. Wait until Sabah know that Abena “shared something personal with Michael” (subtle way to word it)… and she’ll be light years from the whole Planet.
    20. Oh girl… I don’t remember that breakfast, I remember THE breakfast!!

    LOOOOL, ok, I give up! I can’t remember my name, how do you want me to remember all this data? But this doesn’t mean I don’t read carefully and appreciating all your work, ok? :)

  33. msj@nice305 says:

    LOL@ Annie

    I think you need an intervention.

    Please step away from the cobracrack. For goodness sakes, didn't you read the disclaimer?

  34. Sabine says:

    Ms. Janice, Ms. Janice, you are wanted in the principals office. We found your cheat sheet!!!!

    'Cause I mean either you cheated or you are very careful reader!!!! Wow I am freakin' impressed!!! Bravo!!!!

    NOw Annie! I don't know what you've been smokin! YOur answers LOL!!!!! I especially love "they must have been watching New Moon, because of the terror in her face."

    New Moon was THAT awful!

  35. Summertimes says:

    O_O Wow how come I don't remember any of this lol...here goes..no making fun of me!

    1) :( off to a bad start

    2) All I know is she runs an art gallery

    3) I dont remember but I do remember where he suggested she should go :)

    4) Betty Boop LOL i unno

    5) Im gonna take a wild guess at...eight?

    6) this isnt going so good

    7) im gonna guess ONE cuz we know what happened next

    8) One was a cellphone to call him and the other was a confidentially agreement YAY i remember one...hopefully im not wrong

    9) Waterworld...lol Im creative with my guesses

    10) -____- why

    11) -___________- i unnooo


    13) - ______________-..Kitty? loool

    14) holomai and hanalulu LOOOLL i cant believe i forgot I loved them!!

    15) Mr and Mrs Michael?

    16) An original Peter Pan book??

    17) At the island whose name I def know

    18) That Sabah really looked like her mother and that she aint so bad herself among other things i think

    19) 2?

    20) Waffles with syrup.....

    Wow Im deeply dissapointed in myself :(


    *runs to read CCC and studies*

  36. Sabine says:

    Summertimes!!!!!!! Okay, you get an E for effort, and an F for funny!!!!!

    Hanalulu!!!! Is that the island or the name of the couple.

    Girl for that you have to read the whole series again!!!!!!

    (that's not really a punishment!)

  37. MartiniGirl says:

    Summertimes.. that was freaking hilarious - a nice way to start a Monday. Crack, Coffee, Comedy...


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