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30 Mar 2010

Halo Mist ®, the Essence of Michael Jackson by L’Oreal Paris

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Sweet Innocence.   Sensual Lust.    Bold Brazenness. Simple shyness.  Modest Humility.  Devastatingly desirable.  Endlessly compassionate. Incredibly strong with a susceptible sensitivity. An amazingly loving heart surrounded by smoldering sex appeal.   An Intoxicating smile of spiritual purity and an intuitive, intelligent mind masked by magical naivete . . .

You've tasted it in our L.O.V.E. shots. Now we've captured the juxtaposing mystery of the man and the performer in His scent:


Halo Mist®, the essence of Michael Jackson.   Embrace the seemingly contradicting  elements of Michael Jackson and wear it proudly.

That's right, it's all me!

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75 Responses to “Halo Mist ®, the Essence of Michael Jackson by L’Oreal Paris”

  1. Elmira2887 says:

    damn he is sooo fine!!

    I love how he is spraying perfume on his crotch hahaha. and most of all, i love how he has his legs wide open hahaha.

    i think michael got a lot more naughtier as he grew older ;) hahahha

  2. Sabine says:

    Don't you love it! I'm like, damn, Mike, how much perfume do you need down there, and WHO is going to be down there!!!! LOL!!!!! But I bet it smelled sooooooo gooodddd!!!!! Oh, by the way I'm writing BOTH stories right now, it's crazy!

  3. Ingridje says:

    Heehee, Sabine, are you teasing us ?
    First with his perfume and then letting us know that you are writing on both of the stories ?!! Ahw, I can't wait...

  4. AnniesNotOK says:

    Pardon madam, where exactly does this need to be sprayed? Then, and still waiting for your instructions but, is it some kind of pollinator? Will I be able to put my knees together again afterwards? I love the first pic, the black and white one... uh, another question: if I spray Halo onto someone, will I induce in that guy *cough* person some of those qualities? No, no, I know I can't get anymore both the beautiful soul wrapped in a beautiful outside... I was just asking as an improving technique.

    *testing the sample*

    Oooo, so that's the essence of the Bar, right?

    I don't know where I'm at but I'm going to take advantage of it... do you have something to get those sensual curls?!

    (The last gif I swear he's yelling: "SPRAY IT!" - LOL)

  5. EnolaLee says:


    Who's going to be down there?
    I've got the answer to your question, Sabine.
    It's not who IS GOING to... it's who WAS down there seconds before he had to rush into the car...without having time to clean up properly...

    So now I'm proudly introducing the "COWBOY WASH". For real men in a hurry.

    Sorry could not resist.
    And sorry to you too Michael. ;-)

  6. Gracie says:

    Ooooo, something new! Better try a spritz now while hubby's at work...how long does this stuff last anyway?

    mmmmm...it's lovely Sabine :wub: i hope you are inhaling this while you write, what inspiration!

    tsk tsk, EnolaLee, all I have to say is that's nasty :devil:

  7. Sonia says:

    :w00t: Michael is spraying himself like there's no tomorrow, and that to down there.

    :sick: I bet if I was around him and probably pass out from so much mist!

    :wub: Wow the way he's got his legs open. Yeah I think Michael did get more comfortable as he got older.

  8. MJQuan says:

    oh snap now what we have to do is actually find that damn real scent in real life then i can rasterbate, i love rasterbating about michael,... dont get it mixed up with masterbate... lol!!

  9. Sabine says:

    :lol: MJQuan, what's rasterbating?

    Anyway, the real scent Michael is spraying in that GIF is Bal a Versailles - you can get it on line and it smells wonderful, like Baby powder!

  10. AnniesNotOK says:

    For real?


  11. Sabine says:

    Here Annie!!! *squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirttttttt, squuuuuuuiiiiirrrrtttt* Wait, turn around, *squirt, squirt, squirt* Okay now lift up your neck LOL!!!!!

    That's how to put it on MJ style!

  12. Sabine says:

    Oh, shoot I just saw all these comments. Ooooooo Elona, you are NASTY -- BUT i LOVE IT! Sonia, yeah, OMG, I love his wide open legs. That is such a masculine repose! *squirt, squirt* Ann :tongue: iie, you have to spray it all day, everyday, all over, as a breath mint, air spray, at negative haters. Just carry the bottle around with you!

  13. AnniesNotOK says:

    *cough* Air.... air... *cough* ... a... I can' t *cough* ... breath... some one... please... pl *cough* .... fan... fan... me!

    *rolling eyes at the back of her head*


  14. MJQuan says:

    rasterbation is like when you get a picture or an object and blow it up, but for me its just overdoing everything mj.... like most of us... like i got to know what he smells like, ETC..... and then you imagine yourself in the moment on the beach, ya know......

  15. MJQuan says:

    oh im laughing my ass off at michael, that is how they really be swinging their heads on those commercials lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats is hilarious!!!!!!

  16. AnniesNotOK says:


    You mean reverberation (spelling?)? Like when "everything" is related to something, Michael in this case? You hear something and you link it to him... or everything "smells" of Michael... or you are living some episode and relate it to some song of him, etc... or something like this?

    Uh, I'm not being clear, sorry. Back to my drowning.

  17. Sabine says:

    LOl, I like that word, rasterbation!!! I think I'm going to add that to my vocabulary! Love, love, love it.

  18. msjanice305 says:

    Damn Mike. He was just spraying away. lol

    What I would've gave to hug and smell him. :wub:

  19. Sabine says:

    Hey Ms. Janice *squirt* *squirt* Lift up your arms girl!!

  20. mel says:

    I would love to get a wif of Halo mist. Although most perfumes upset my stomach. I think I am safe 'cause the only scents I can handle are love baby soft and cool water woman. I cal them softer scents. Most people say he smelled like baby powder. AHHH!!! a scent I can handle.

  21. Sabine says:

    Halo Mist smells like pure innocence *squirt* *squirtrrrrrrrrtttttt* Wait a minute I missed a spot. I'm like those perfume sprayers in the department stores, you have to dodge them like a ninja! :ninja:

    I only like light scents, too Mel. That's why I was pleasantly surprised with Bal a Versailles! It starts off stronger than it is -- I think that's why Michael is spraying it like that (listen to me making excuses for him) because it doesn't last long.

  22. EnolaLee says:

    Hmmmm... Took another look at the "squirt scene".
    It just occured to me that the perfume in Michael's hand looks like Black Orchid by Tom Ford, which I have been using on special occasions for years. But I could be wrong, and it doesn't really matter...

    Anyway, I'm glad I'm not in that car. I would desperately need an oxygen mask.
    Poor driver - he must have had a headache for days after driving Michael. ;-).

  23. AnniesNotOK says:

    I think that was his other favorite, besides BAV.
    Tell me about the problem of being in the car, I'm asthmatic!

  24. EnolaLee says:


    Seriously, he liked Black Orchid? I had no idea.
    OMG it just dawned on me...if that's what he's using down there ...how can I ever squirt myself with that fragrance again?
    I would be smelling like Michael's... you know what. LOL!

    I'm asthmatic too. How strange.

  25. AnniesNotOK says:

    Enola - LOL @ the thought of being smelling like Michael's... erm... ahm... uh... ok.
    The thing is the other hand (is it a man or a woman) tries to go down twice. The first time the hand hits with Michael's own hand and can't go down... but the second time, with the hand already spraying "there", even Michael is like "ok, that's enough!".

    Why strange, about asthma?

  26. EnolaLee says:


    Strange... hm...what did I mean with that?
    I don't know anyone with asthma apart from myself - so I thought it was a strange coincidence I would meet one on the CCC.

    You have to pardon my English sometimes. I don't always think before I write and with English not being my native language things can get a little "strange"... . ;-)

    I'm not sure if the other person is a man or a woman. Michael's hands look bigger, so maybe it's a woman....but then again he had huge hands, so maybe it's a man. No matter what, it's a lot of perfume!

  27. AnniesNotOK says:

    Oh, don't worry! It's clear enough English isn't my native language, either! I didn't get you because to me asthma is not strange, it's common.

    Well, here you have 2 asthmatics more, me and my sister. But hey, I'm sure Halo Mist will act as something almost homeopathic! Ok, 3, 2 , 1...

    *spraying and deeply inhaling*

  28. EnolaLee says:


    It's working!!

  29. AnniesNotOK says:

    Told you!
    Hey, you got me thinking... is there any other asthmatic here? *Halo in hand prepared - LOL* Maybe this and allergies are more common in Europe?

  30. msjanice305 says:

    Good morning/ afternoon ladies!!!

    Just wanted to stop by to get a quick whiff of the lovely MJ.

    LOL @ Annie with Michael saying "okay that's enough"

    BTW I'm asthmatic as well, so there you go.

  31. EnolaLee says:

    Jesus Christmas! Another one!

    Get out that Halo Mist and give her a nice spray!

  32. AnniesNotOK says:

    *looking suspiciously msjanice*
    Are you European, girl?

    And about the gif, it's true!! Michael laughs like "you want me to take off my pants so you can spray IT better?". Wonder who that hand is... mmm... *cough* KF? *cough* (Oh, I'm too bad...)


  33. msjanice305 says:

    Why thank you my dear. :smile:

    Can never get enough of his scent.

  34. msjanice305 says:

    No, was born and raised in the US.

    I never knew you were European. Which part?

    Whoever hand it was, they were on a mission to spray down there.
    I would've done the same thing. :tongue:

  35. Gracie says:

    Lordy girls *cough* there's a cloud of Halo in here from all your spraying!!

    am I allowed in the European party? does it count if i am descended from German immigrants?

    Enola I literally LOL at you smelling like Michael's netherlands!! :lol:

    BTW I am in US and asthma is VERY common here, my husband and one of my children have it and several of my childrens' friends as well...we have very unhealthy air in this part of the country. sometimes in the summer the ozone gets so bad they warm asthmatics to stay inside. :sad: Enola, maybe we should move to Denmark!

    ok...someone squirt me, i gotta go!

  36. msjanice305 says:

    Hi Gracie!

    Okay here you go *squirt*

    You're free to leave now.

  37. EnolaLee says:

    You are more than welcome!!
    We have clean and fresh air for everyone here in Denmark!

    No seriously, there are many asthmatics in Denmark as well.
    However, I am the only one in my family.

  38. AnniesNotOK says:

    msjanice - are you talking to me? I thought you knew I was European! *spraying meanwhile* Catalonia! (Spain)

    Gracie - I'm sorry, I guess our asthmatic bronchia are bombproof! LOL. You know, I've always heard that asthma can be developed from excessive hygiene in the first years of a child, like you're "cleaning" the child protection and you make her/him more vulnerable to all these things. Shiny us!! LOL

    *sprays again - this is addictive*

    Maybe now we're gonna develop a Halo allergy... *thinks better* Nah!!

  39. MartiniGirl says:

    good morning ladies...
    this is my first visit
    what is going on in here?

  40. AnniesNotOK says:

    *welcomes MGirl with a bunch fsht fsht's*

    Ok, you're baptized now.

  41. AnniesNotOK says:

    -> bunch (of) ...

  42. MartiniGirl says:

    oooooooo I feel good.
    and DAMN I smell good too!

    Annie what happen to your old AVI - I liked that one... it was kinda twitchy!

  43. Gracie says:

    LOL Annie, thank you for creating the perfect verbal equivalent of a perfume spritz "fsht fsht" !!!! that's my new favorite onomatopoeic phrase!

    :lol: BTW "excessive hygiene" most DEFINITELY not an issue in my house, not even with the first baby and it's only been downhill since. I DESPISE cleaning :tongue: I've heard that a messy desk is a sign of a brilliant mind so i'm going with that and assuming an entire messy house will make me an absolute genius!

    ....stepping out for a drink :smile:

  44. AnniesNotOK says:

    Oh oh, here we go again! Twitchy, twitchy, twitchy...? Help! LOL - What do you mean, PearlySmileGirl?

  45. Gracie says:

    hmmmm...Annie, my mom uses that word to mean sort of "crazy" but not like totally crazy, just a little "twitchy" but i don't know if that's what Martinigirl means....

  46. Gracie says:

    :angry: dammit Sabine, the link to the Halo room at the top of the page doesn't work and i keep forgetting to use the side one and clicking on it! UGH! i hate when i'm stupid that way, it's like when you keep turning on a light even though you know the bulb burned out 3 days ago! Anyway...just FYI:) sorry i freaked out a little

  47. MartiniGirl says:

    Yeah... that i swhat I mean... I like the one you had ( I like this one too) I just like it coz it seem like it was on edge?

    Is mine too smiley?
    I should change?
    Oh I know!

  48. AnniesNotOK says:

    Thanks Gracie!

    Uh... On edge? This one? Or the other? Why? What? ... too many drinks today I guess and I can't understand.
    Nope, yours is ok! Why changing?

    *off to the corner where she keeps all the avis to decide what to do*

  49. MartiniGirl says:

    Annie... I like you just the way you are... and your AVIs too.
    Nope it is not you... I speak in broken english...
    Twitchy is good....

  50. EnolaLee says:

    You won't believe this.
    I have just bought another bottle of Black Orchid on the internet. I'm going to swim in it....
    Seriously, I have lost my mind.


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