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04 May 2010

Cowboy Mike XXII Sneak Preview!

Chapters, Cobra Crack, cowboy mike, Michael Jackson, previews, Sabah 293 Comments

The car pulled into the parking lot and Sabah hiked up her tight, dark skirt, careful not to rip the inch split in the back.   As she stepped out of the car she caught a flash of gold in her peripheral vision.  She didn't know what made her notice it or what made her stop but something told her to turn around and look a little closer.  Well, she did and it took about a half a second for her to recognize who it was that she was looking at.   Jogging as best as she could in her high heels, she caught up with Melissa as she was sticking her keys in her car door.

"Excuse me."  Sabah called out, even before she had reached her.  To Melissa, the clatter of her heels on the pavement were ominous.  When Melissa didn't answer Sabah called out a  little louder.   "Excuse me!"

Melissa hesitated and looked in Sabah's direction but she didn't stop or turn around to acknowledge Sabah in any way.    If anything she tried to open her car door faster but Sabah had already caught up to her.  She arrived at her side, slightly winded and gave Melissa a leveled look.

"Melissa, right?"

"Yes," Melissa replied apprehensively.  The last thing she wanted to deal with this morning was a confrontation.   She tried to do so inconspicuously, but she couldn't help but take in how Sabah was dressed and she kicked herself for pulling on an old pair of jeans, a dusty pair of sneakers and a simple T-Shirt this morning.  Right about now she'd kill for some heels, if only so she could look Sabah in the eye.  As it were, Sabah was dressed  to kill in an obviously designer suit, tailored to accentuate every curve on her shapely body.  If Melissa didn't feel intimidated enough, the fact that she towered over Melissa in her two inch heels was even more daunting.  The dark color and the simple lines of the form fitting skirt and jacket made Sabah look elegant while Melissa felt frumpy and unwanted.   She came in hoping to catch a minute with Michael and though she knew he was there, he had avoided her like the plague.   Thirty minutes she hung around and not once did he come out of his office, not even to say hi.

Sabah's penetrating  glance spoke for her, even before she said a word.  Considering what had just happened, Melissa couldn't help but feel small.  She felt like hired help being cornered by a VIP business exec.  And Sabah looked like she meant business, too.  Melissa swallowed.   It didn't take a rocket science to guess what this conversation was going to be about.

"Sabah Graham,"  Sabah held her hand out with confidence and Melissa hesitated before giving her a weak hand shake.  Sabah's grip though was firm, and as soon as she released Melissa's hand she pinned her with an accusatory glare.   Her tone though remained misleadingly disinterested.

"Um, what are you doing here?"  . . . .

Meanwhile, the driver who had driven Sabah there peeped his head into Bill's office.  Michael was laughing at something Bill had said and Bill was still talking when he interuppted them.

"Heads up guys.  Mr. Jackson,"  The driver nodded at Michael respectfully.  "Bill, Ms. Graham is here, and unfortunately she spotted a woman leaving -  Melissa, right?"  The driver glanced at Michael.   When he saw Sabah run away from the front door towards Melissa, he made a mad dash for Bill's office immediately.  He knew who Sabah was and Melissa -- well, she'd been sniffing around Michael for a couple of weeks now.   "They're in the parking lot, um, having a discussion."

The guard wasn't even able to get the last words out before Michael sat up in his chair.  "What?"

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293 Responses to “Cowboy Mike XXII Sneak Preview!”

  1. msjanice305 says:

    I hate working extra hours, I was actually lurking for the past few days also.

    No, I didn't forget about Cali girl. Sabs need to purchase her ticket *hint hint*

  2. MartiniGirl says:

    yippee... I think my hubby is getting concerned that I will be all MJ all the time - but we are driving all the way from Toronto to Cali - so I said = hey don't worry - you will be sick of me by the time we get to LA - and happy to be rid of me for a few days..

    I am so super excited to meet other fans - since I don't have very many fanatical fans with me here..

    Although - every once in a while - I am like priest (oh I know that makes no sense) but peeps coming out of the closet, so to speak, telling me how much they love MJ or how they cried when he passed... it is like it is okay to tell me - coz I understand - quite funny!

    When I get back tonight I will have to share a really heart warming kinda story someone shared with me yesterday... it made me feel great.

    Okay I gotta go get kinda pretty - see you gurls later!!

  3. Colette says:

    Hey AnniesNotOK, yeah my name has only one L in it COLETTE, it was rather uncomfortable wasn't it msjanice305? I'm glad it's over!

  4. msjanice305 says:

    I'm excited as well..... Have fun

  5. msjanice305 says:

    Colette- It was hilarious when you stated that you were scared of Sonia. I'm was thinking, WOW she even scared Colette? Now that's something. LOL :biggrin:

  6. Colette says:

    msjanice305 :lol:

    Yeah that is something isn't it, the whole story about her beating someone up , I was like OMG :shocked: , I get angry but not that angry :lol:

  7. musicnme says:

    When do I think they fell in love? I think they fell in love at the cabin. I also think the time when they went to the movies and were split up was the confirmation for both of them. Sabah was trying to fight it and thought she would end it then but she couldn't and Mike knew he couldn't let her get away..

  8. Sabine says:

    Hey everyone!!!! So do we have a consensus, Michael fell in love . . . . when?

    And Sabah, after he took her to Waterworld, at the cabin, when they went to the movies?

    They all sound good to me.

    You know there's always that moment when everything changes :wub: :heart:

    Anniiiie, I didn't notice your eye is back -- you see when I'm responding behind the page, I can't see the AVIs!!!

    I'm glad we have a happy spirit back and other people are commenting! I was watching things unveil and a little worried that other people were not feeling comfortable enough to comment. I love everyone commenting of course, so it's important to have things comfortable for all, that's what matters.
    It's a tough job :lol: . . . but I'ma tryin' :smile:

    Ms. Collette I am 38 years old, I remember being 10 -- and 18, too, when I started working and it sure seems like yesterday, but now you have me talking like an old person so i'm going to stop. :lol:

    Okay, I'm going to work on the shipment. I got an email the the MikeMail plane just landed!!!!

  9. Sabine says:

    Oh by the way, to get to Cali, I want backpack it, and hitchhike all the way there!!!!

    Can you imagine the stories I would tell when I got there! :silly: :cheerful: :happy: :face:


    Mgirl is out for a REAL DRINK -- that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!!!

  10. musicnme says:

    Umm Sabine thats if you would make it there alive. No hitchhiking for you kay?

  11. Sabine says:

    MsJanice, Naaaahh, I'd just start analyzing and talking about spirituality and stuff and they'd kick me out the car!!!! :silly: :smile: :face:

  12. Ingridje says:

    A sneak peak with over 260 comments ! Way to go, Sabine ! I guess you can call us addicted. I come here everyday, to find out if there's anything new. I love it all : the movies, the drinks, the rooms and of course the stories. You built up a wonderful site here ! I just wanted to say that once more...LOL
    :heart: :w00t: :silly: :wub:

  13. Sabine says:

    Inridje :wub: :wub: :wub:

    All that love is for you, for all the love you give me. See it goes around in circles!!!!!

    Thank you honey. It wouldn't be anything without people to share it with!

  14. Shaz says:

    "OMG! INCOMING SHPMENT!" :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    I agree with MartiniGirl, I think something changed in Chapter 4...for both of them, even though neither of them knew or wanted to admit it yet! :heart:

  15. musicnme says:

    Hi Ladies! OMG I was freaking out last night. I couldn't get back on the internet. :w00t: What a dilemma!!! All is calm and I hope I don't have any problems today. :biggrin:

  16. Colette says:

    Wow I never would have guessed that you were 38, you are old :lol: just kidding, you can pretend to be 30 and no one will question you!

    It looks like our shipment is almost here, today maybe?? :whistle:

  17. MartiniGirl says:

    hahaha.. musicnme - that is... umm wait that is NOT funny!
    It is kinda like when Sabine played that April fools joke on us... I was all panicked!

    Okay lovely ladies.. I am gonna try and be super productive today - so that this evening I can sit by the fireplace and hang out with the addicts and chill...

    And YES I can actually have a fire tonight as it is gonna be below freezing here! Not sure if unhappy or not about that - but looking forward to an evening of relaxing in here!!

    Have a great day..

  18. Sabine says:

    Musicnme, was that YOU trying to get in here !!!!

    OMG, I heard banging and screaming and yelling and frantic crying. I called the cops but they all but told me that they're not coming back here after the last two addicts beat the crap outta six officers who tried to keep them from getting in the recovery room!


    I'm glad you were able to get back on line because I was scared!!!


    Collete, most people say in real life that I look 23-25 so thanks for those extra five years!



    Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy Shaz, see you spent the night - Again!

    MGirl, FREEZING over there -- really? God, I hate being cold!

    How about some liquid CobraCrack everyone?


  19. Pink Frosting says:

    When when when?! *pulls out a clump of hair* :sideways:

  20. Sabine says:

    Pinky, have a glass of Liquid CobraCrack, it'll take the edge off :wink:

  21. Colette says:

    :lol: Sabine

    I meant to say you look 25 yeah that's what I meant :biggrin:

    Don't sweat the extra years I gave you, because every 5 years you'll look 5 years younger :cheerful: :tongue:

  22. Elmira2887 says:

    you are unpacking shipment? NOOOOOOOOOO way!!!

    does this mean the story will be up today? :D
    i cant waittttttttttt

  23. Sabine says:

    Elmira SHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Colette, awe thank you honey. I remember I went to Great Adventures, and they had that little game they play where they guess your age. So I told my daughter to get the hell away from me! Cause with her standing next to me, they'd know.

    So I went, and he was like hmmmmm, okay, 22, 23?

    I was like NOPE!

    38! So he said, I need to see ID, and he couldn't believe it! LOL! I got two prizes 'cause I went back with my son later when they changed shifts.

    It's the only freaking game I can win!!!!!! :lol:

  24. musicnme says:

    Yeah I was literally cursing at my computer. Even tapping it on the side as if that would help lol.

  25. Colette says:

    That's a funny story Sabine I bet you get asked for your ID whenever you go to the Liquor store :lol:

  26. Sabine says:

    Music, we were all hiding in Da Bar Room saying, You go open the door for her
    No you do it!!!

    Collete, yeah, I'm always carded even when I go to my daughter's school they want to see my school i.d., and the little boys hit on me, too.

    One little boy told me age aint nothin' but a number -- I said, Little boy, you better get outta here! :lol:

  27. Elmira2887 says:


    what do u mean ur labeling the packages? :S
    just upload the new chapter PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!
    i beg uuuuuu

  28. musicnme says:

    I keep saying to myself I have to go in the bar but never end up there. Wow these little boys are something else. Under 16 right?

  29. musicnme says:

    The pic of Mike beside the comment box is so sexy. Have mercy!

  30. Ingridje says:

    I'm getting slightly worried that my package will not arrive in time !! It's after midnight here and no postman in sight !!! Should I stay up ? :ermm:

  31. Colette says:

    OMG boys these days are pretty bold and conceited, how old was he 16?? , good thing you shot hmi down you don't want to be in jail right now :lol:

    The packages plural with an (S) does that mean more than one??? :cheerful: are being labelled that could mean any second now!!! :w00t:

  32. musicnme says:

    LOL! Check out Ingridje trying to get an ETA. :biggrin:

  33. Ingridje says:

    Well,I guess I have to stay up some time longer...Luckily I drank a lot of coffee this afternoon.... Will the postman ring twice ? Should I wear a babydoll to open the door ?

  34. Sabine says:

    Yeah, lol get this first he asked for my daughter's number, and I said she's too young for you, then he said, well, what about you! LMAO!!!!!

    I don't know how old he was, maybe 17 . . .

  35. musicnme says:

    Was he cute? :angel:

  36. Pink Frosting says:

    Checking again. I wanna rip that blinking banner down...lol

  37. Colette says:

    :lol: Sabine that must have been embarassing and flattering at the same time

  38. Sabine says:

    My daughter did NOT like it at all!!!! I mean it's funny, 'cause she's taller than me!

    Music, if he was cute well . . . ya know . . . . :lol:


    but seriously, I once dated a guy who was 10 years younger than me . . . it was fun!

    Mostly all of the guys I've dated as an adult have been younger than I am.

    I'd only want an older man, if he had a youthful spirit like Michael cause I'm a big kid myself!

  39. Sabine says:

    Temper, temper, temper Pink frosting :devil:

  40. Elmira2887 says:

    I agree with PinkFrosting
    LOL SABINE.. your banner is driving me nuts. Stoppppppppppp teasing us LOLOL

    i cant waittt

  41. Skipper says:

    I want so much to read this story but every time that i try it says access dinied. Please someone help me :cwy: i tried everything but its not working :cwy:

  42. Skipper says:

    I want so much to read this story but every time that i try it says access dinied. Please someone help me :cwy: i tried everything but its not working :cwy: PLEASE

  43. Sabine says:

    Hi Skipper. You can purchase Cowboy Mike at this link - the button to go to our gift shop is right on top! Enjoy!


    :reading: :hungry:

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