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13 May 2010

Tame the Wild Cobra Chapter X – Sneak Preview

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Nelson rode away from the castle at break neck speed.  Elizabeth, the witch and this wicked place be damned!    Berigordious spent the better part of the night trying to get him drunk and throwing half naked women at him, as if he was some young pup still wet behind the ears and this would make up for the loss of Saniia.   He wanted that woman, damn it!   And unlike Prince Michael with his pious act of virtue, he knew just what to do with her.   He wanted his hands on those glorious breasts and those promising hips as he'd bargained for!  Unwelcomed, the mocking words of his father, when he cornered Nelson after he had met with Berigordious rang in his ear. 
"You wouldn't have been fool enough to enter into an agreement with that man, would you?  Tell me I've taught you better."  His derisive voice rang in his ears.  "Tell me I've thought you better.  Tell me I've taught you better" and then his mocking laughter.

But he hadn't listened.  Just as he had not listened countless of other times, and again, his father had been right!   Damn, Berigordious!!!  He had the nerve, after he was well into his cups, to boast that he just wanted to see what Michael would do if he showed up.  He said he knew well that the two were perfect for each other and he was very pleased with the match.  He said all of this while Nelson sat there, as if he was a blundering idiot, there to be cuckold by any man with the inkling.  Well, that was far from the truth, and he was going to make that clear to everyone!  Especially Prince Michael, who was as vain as a peacock and just as jarring to the eyes with his fancy clothes and jewels.  He couldn't understand for the life of him why women swooned when they spoke about him, but he'd fix that once and for all.

As the sun crept up into the sky, Nelson's shadowy figure, dwarfed by the size of the stallion he'd stolen, made his way East, towards Epicia at the base of the Epic Mountains.  He decided to double back through Encino Valley towards the barren land just in case Elizabeth sent some of her loyal animal servants after him.  Here, in this rocky terrain she'd have to call the scorpions and lizards to her rescue and that would be difficult.  They served a different master.  The thought did occur to him that she might send an eagle to pluck him out of the sky but then she'd leave her beloved horse in the wilds with no one to care for it.  He'd made sure to choose one of her favorites.  With no water for miles the domesticated animal would surely die and he knew Elizabeth would not take that chance, not even to capture him -- that is if she knew what he was up to.   He felt for certain that she did not.  Besides, he needed to see someone -- two people to be exact before he made his way into the Holy Lands.  The Dianes, , a pair of aging spinsters who made their home in Epicia, were  notorious for their love of gold, gossip and men, in that order.   He was taking a chance, appearing before them alone, and though he was confident he had enough gold to stave them off, he did shiver at the thought.  No man was safe in their presence.  They were man-eaters, in the literal sense.    Known to capture a man and feast on him for days.  The worst part of it all was their deceptive appearance of civility and kindness. An unsuspecting wanderer would fall prey to them easily.  But, Nelson mentally bolstered his thoughts, he was no unsuspecting wanderer.  He'd give them some of the gold Berigordious so graciously gave him to buy his silence and acquiescence and get the information he needed before he went into the dark abyss of the Holy Lands.

There, after the Dianes told him where they were, Nelson would search out the Lost Angels of the Med-dai.  The band of landless, homeless warriors, with allegiance to no one, only out to serve themselves, would kiss Nelson's feet when he offered them the key to what he knew they desired most.  After the Victory War, the lines were drawn clearly in the sand and they became  mortal enemies of both Joseph and Berigordious.   General King had hired their services prematurely promising them riches and land upon completion, but conveniently failing to clue them in on his plans of  treachery, as if they would have objected!  Well, when it was all said and done, not only had they gone away empty handed, but they had lost some of their best men in the battle.  Though it was never proven, rumor had it that Prince Michael had single handedly killed a man,  one who's death he could never be forgiven for -General Sneddon's son.   For a chance to get his hands on Prince Michael, Nelson knew, General Sneddon would do anything.  The Med-dai would take what Berigordius had promised him, and in addition, exact their revenge on Prince Michael once and for all.


Elizabeth stood in her prayer room before a massive rock that had been chiseled down and flattened to resemble an alter.    On its face was the imprint of  two hands, one large and one small.  Elizabeth took her left hand and placed it in the smaller one.  Seconds later a blinding light filled the room and a vision appeared like magic before her eyes.

She saw a young Saniia, laughing and carefree, playing in a village with a group of other children.  Then the scene changed, she was in a carriage, looking out from the back at the group of children, her mouth turned down into a frown.  The image zoomed into her face, their were tears falling from her eyes.  Then she was in the DeRoss castle, roaming sadly from room to room, jumping as the guards passed by and leered at her, so alone.  Then she was sneaking into the tunnels.  She saw her laughing with the man sculpting the sculpture which now stood in  her halls.  She saw a man with caring eyes,  sitting on a swing tied to a tree and then standing on it, and then jumping into the air and doing three flips until he landed with precision on his feet.  She saw the same man fastening ropes to a tree and then hoisting Saniia up in the air until her body was swinging wildly through the air, somersaulting with carefree abandon.  She saw Saniia flying through the air over a huge net; she was laughing in delight.  Then she saw an older Saniia, in the castle again.  She was seated a the dinner table, her face stoic, serious and wary.   Surrounded by guards, her eyes darted from side to side and she held her shoulders rigid.  Then everything completely changed.  She saw a battle scene and Michael fighting like a demon.  His sword reached up and slashed at a man before him, Elizabeth shuddered.  In the distance she saw an older man, with the same weak jaw and receding hair line as the man Michael had cut down.  He screamed to the heavens in agony as he watched his son's body fall to the ground.  Then the battle scene faded and night fell.  She saw Saniia again, now skulking in the darkness, though she barely recognized her.  She was  dragging the lifeless body of the guard into the bushes, a guard who had moments before stood guarding the tent where Michael was being held captive by General King's men.  She saw her dipping into this tent, her head shorn, her voluptuous body completely camouflaged in her boy's clothes.    Finally she saw young Nelson, on her most prized Stallion, heading East towards Epicia, towards the Dianes.  Diane of the Diamond and tribe and Diane of the Sawyer clan -- she knew them well.  She hoped they tore him into pieces and made a nice savory stew of him.  But her visions did not show her that.  They ended with flames, tall and orange as far as the eye could see.  Then the flames engulfed the screen and disappeared.

Lifting her hand off the stone alter she trembled with rage.  It was rare that a vision could affect her so, but she was actually frightened.  She sighed and took a deep breath.  It was the last thing she wanted to do but she had to go to their chamber.   She had to warn them and tell them what?  She saw what had happened and saw Nelson running to the Dianes, but she could not see past that point.

Stay tuned!  (Go on to Chapter Ten)

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86 Responses to “Tame the Wild Cobra Chapter X – Sneak Preview”

  1. deedeeluvmike says:

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    wow, wow, wow, I'm at the bottom of the pile

    :whistle: i'mma get right to the point , I WANT SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX AND MORE SEX lol WITH sANIIA AND PM


  2. deedeeluvmike says:

    :wub: HEY Sabine lovin' the new set-up :wink:

  3. MartiniGirl says:

    *looking around*

    what is all this commotion in here? you're all just a bunch of dirty dirty birds in here I tell ya!


    I dunno about this sampler my queen... it is kinda like when you go to the store and you buy pretty smelly stuff... and they give you samples of other pretty smelly stuff to try..

    you either...

    lose it on the way home and can't find it
    love it - but want more LOTS more
    hate it - but think it would be better in a bigger quantity or wonder why they teased you with such a package
    tear the package open - and loose most of the contents on your hands or down the sink...

    no matter what it does - you are frustrated at the end...

    So may I request a SUPER GULP please...

    I am kinda thirsty!

    :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

  4. musicnme says:

    LOL! Sabine I can't believe you are giving me this face:


    YOU??? The person who is responsible for delivering the hot sex scenes. Umm....ok.


  5. Sabine says:

    MUSICNME: LOL! Sabine I can’t believe you are giving me this face:


    Not I, the God of Fiction!

  6. Ingridje says:

    LOL Sabine !! Are you trying to be strict ? :w00t:
    Just take your time, dear... I'm waiting patiently... The longer the waiting, the better it gets... :wub:

  7. AnniesNotOK says:

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  9. Sabine says:

    Not me, the head of CCC wrote the letter!

    (I'm practicing the politician's specialty of shirking responsibility by blaming imaginary people)

  10. Sabine says:

    I am just a lowly messenger! I swear!


  11. Colette says:

    I changed my response in the poll because after thinking it over there is no reason why they should wait I mean they both love each other and Michael is over his fears, he has to have Saniia so Nelson (who I hate with a passion) won't want her, Michael has to take her verginity soon, and in the beginning where you gave us the beginning of the scene where they finally "DO IT" there is an urgency there like it's now or never, so with all this trouble going on I think this chapter is where they do it!

  12. deedeeluvmike says:

    @MGIRL :w00t: YES girl, i aint hiding it , i want sex; hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot eyes rooled into the back of the head mikegasm :wink:

  13. MartiniGirl says:

    You are hilarious...


    Right on Colette - coem on over to the sexy side!

  14. Elmira2887 says:

    ohhh noooo
    i'm getting worried...

    Nelson better done pull of something Shady....
    that is not right.........

  15. Sabine says:

    Nelson better done pull of something Shady....

    Unclear speech -- the first sign of CobraCrack withdrawal.

    :sad: Hold on Elmira! Let me get you a can of Liquid CobraCrack.

    Or do you want the Joseph Jackson naked picture?


  16. Frodes says:

    WOO-HOO!!! FINALLY!!! Someone (Colette) knows what they're talking about!!!

    Which is why I answered "Yes. Come on, no one has that much self control."

    They both want it and they both should get over themselves and DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Elmira2887 says:

    hahaha no no please no naked pis of joseph jackson.. i'm okay.

    I meant to say "Nelson better NOT pull off something Shady.." Eventhough I know he will or is thinking of it.

  18. Colette says:

    I'm finally on the sexy side :lol:

    It's about time they do it, their rleationship and their lives are in danger!! :unsure:

  19. Colette says:

    PM and Saniia, this is the 2nd GIF I've ever made :lol: , This Pepsi commercial reminded me of TTWC

  20. Sabine says:

    Ooo, Colette -- I like it!!!! I always liked the smokiness of that commercial!

  21. Ninja says:

    i hope the story comes out soon cuz i have to give up my laptop next monday im so sad, ive been reading your stories since September 2009 lolz i dont want to give them up im addicted *sigh*

    :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

  22. Sabine says:

    MG, have I been writing since then? That sounds like from the beginning but . . . . Pssst -- Hey Ninja, remember there's always the public library! Or here in NY, we lounge around the Apple store and use their computers all day.

    But they might wonder why you have that big smile plastered on your face.

    I hope you still find a way to read!!!

  23. MARIAKOURAKI says:

    I hate I hate I hate Nelson!!!!!He is sneaky and mean.Don't you think Sabine it;s about time for PM and Saniia do something? I can hardly wait to see it and I think they are in danger.OMG I can imagine how hot it'll be!!!!!

  24. Ingridje says:

    I wonder about something else.... the time setting for this story could be the middle ages...Okay ? So there a no civil ways of birth control... Once is enough ! :w00t: Just wondering...

  25. Colette says:

    That's my favourite Pepsi commercial, it's so sexy and creative but I think it got banned, and if that's true that's really stupid :getlost:

  26. Shaz says:

    just wondering what the ETA is of the complete shipment? :ninja: :angel: :whistle: :biggrin:

    (I think I hear Nelson singing "Insatiable" in the background...)

  27. Sabine says:

    My addicts are always thinking, even when they're in withdrawal. I think more than CobraCrack, what you guys really want is a baby MJ :smile:

    Hmm, Maria, you won't have to wait for long


    Banned, Collette, really? Why -- there was nothing wrong with it!

    Shaz, hmmmm, loo up at what I said to Mariakouraki!

  28. Shaz says:

    :w00t: "Unloading shipment!" Sabine, I think I love you. :lol:

    Aw, a BB MJ...yes! :wub:

  29. Ingridje says:

    Oh yeah, a baby MJ to care for...that would be nice..... I will take him for long walks and tell fairy tales. We can spoil him rotten !!

  30. Colette says:

    I'm not sure it's it's true that it was banned but one of the comments on Youtube said it was because he got hit by a bus in it IDK, but that's still dumb. :pouty:

  31. Neicy says:

    OMG! I see that the message says unpacking shipment, I hope that means that we get our shipment today!

  32. musicnme says:

    Sabine I know you are working girl because you must have typed "upacking shipment" in a hurry. Don't sweat it . We will be here when it's done. :wub: :wink:

  33. Amanda says:

    Why can't I read any of the stories?

  34. Sonia says:

    Hi Sabine

    :dizzy: did I miss something, I don't remember reading this, part in any chapter, and then I looked at the date May 13, 2010, but I could swear I never commented on this bit.

    Boy I must really be out of it. But I was finding it so amusing the way Nelson has been so messed since our Prince snatched Saniia away. I mean it looks as if his ego and pride have been crushed in the worst way possible by our Prince, but he truly is a hero!!!

    :lol: I wonder what Nelson will do or think when he comes to know that the beautiful Saniia has been HAD BY OUR PRINCE, and she's now expecting HIS BABY!!!!!

    :heart: :wub: There is nothing like a baby to join two people FOREVER!!!!! Even when two people decide to part ways, they will always be joined by that baby in one way or another so they will always be in each other's lives.

    :dizzy: But this freaking Nelson is no match for our Prince. And what is he thinking, he can't understand why women go gaga or swoon over Prince Michael????

    :lol: Now there is something not just men, but alot of people in real life aside from your stories, can't even understand in the real world, aside from us ladies WHO KNOW WHAT WE WANT IN MAN!!!!!! And people who truly understand or understood what Michael was all about.

    As for the Diane's, now there are two people who are a disgrace. I mean if you can't understand someone like Michael you must be inhuman or really messed up, and people like them try to project all their flaws and shortcomings onto people like Michael, after all as Michael had said its "HUMAN NATURE"". They didn't like the fact that someone was not following their rules and trying to actually do some good. I was just for some reason remembering that Evan Chandler yesterday and thought it was so strange how there is poetic justice and only after Michael's death a few months later he committed suicide. I don't know why I all of a sudden remembered that, and some people even in defense of that lowly person were trying to defend him and say he did it out of frusteration because he was really wanting to get justice against Michael.

    What justice, I mean Michael was innocent, why don't they admit that their guilty conscious caught up to them, and he couldn't take it anymore, I haven't got a clue how his son is living his life off of his millions in peace............OR IS HE!!!

    I miss Michael alot, I was thinking of his children the other day and how they are growing up so fast.

    But lets be practical no matter how much we may try to defend Michael and praise him and try to show the truth, those people will do anything to try and twist everything around and make him look bad. There is no way to win against it.

    Then I was remembering the 3 bodyguards who were with him in his final days, and then all of a sudden they were nowhere around when he died, and then under the disguise or using it as an excuse to defend Michael they went out and wrote a book saying they were defending him.

    Sorry I kind of just went on and on and digging up old bones. It was a holiday here in India, and these were just some things I needed to get off my chest and I do think about Michael alot but because of time I don't always get the chance.

    :heart: I work with kids now and when I'm with them, I think how happy Michael would have felt to be with them like that all day.

  35. Sabine says:

    Sonia: Then I was remembering the 3 bodyguards who were with him in his final days, and then all of a sudden they were nowhere around when he died, and then under the disguise or using it as an excuse to defend Michael they went out and wrote a book saying they were defending him.

    I don't know why people do that. Disappear under messed up circumstances and then come back as if nothing is wrong. It's like they believe that everyone else has a convenient memory too. My feeling is people like that like to tell themselves stories about what is happening, what they've done, what's going on, and it doesn't matter how crazy it is, how far from the truth, or if everyone else knows it's bullshit, as long as the person can continue to tell themselves that the story they are weaving is true, they just continue in their dysfunctional behavior.

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