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10 Aug 2010

OH. MY. GOD. Look at Cowboy Mike IN ACTION!

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Our favorite rugged leading man!!!! Can’t get enough of this boy!!! He was so versatile!!!!

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34 Responses to “OH. MY. GOD. Look at Cowboy Mike IN ACTION!”

  1. MartiniGirl says:

    I started making a cowboy mike gallery to dedicate to the end of the story and I got sidetracked with my martini - will have to complete before my vacation!

  2. Frodes says:

    OMG, I freaking love it!!!

    And that performance on The Jackson's Variety Show is my favorite one that they did!!! I SO WISH he would've recorded that song and released it it's PHENOMENAL!!!

    Sexiest Cowboy I ever saw.

  3. Sabine says:

    I saw this one when I was searching for the above pic and couldn't resist :wub:

  4. Frodes says:

    LOL!!! I've seen that captioned one before. I love it!!!

    You know, cowboys are one of the types of guys that I'm not attracted to at all. But Michael as a cowboy???

    Forget about it!!!

  5. Sabine says:

    I just like the out - doorsey type, but I also like the intellectual, the kind hearted, the sensitive -- see that's why you gotta like Michael!!!!! :wub:

  6. Sannah says:

    WOW! Sexiest cowboy ever........the way he shakes those hips of him.....just so drooling with........tsk...tsk...tsk....

  7. EnolaLee says:

    When did Michael dance the Cowboy Dance?
    He looks so young. :heart:
    Judging by the outfits, it must have been back in the 1970s, but what year exactly?

  8. ladake says:

    I've always had a thing for cowboys. Even before Cowboy Mike.

    Maybe it's the country in me. :lol:

    Mike just outshines everyone in that video.

    :wub: He's so agile and limber....the way he moves is just effortless.

  9. Sabine says:

    Mike's got to be like 19-20 in the video, Enola

    Hey Sannah!!!! Isn't he ever! :sigh:

  10. Katerina says:

    Save a horse ride a MJ ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! it's a good thing I'm home alone and didn't wake anyone up!! this is definitely one od the funniest makros I've seen!!!

  11. Sabine says:

    Isn't it funny, and the pic, well you can never get tired of looking at it!!!!

  12. Katerina says:

    you bet! and he has this angry look going on... damn!!

  13. Sabine says:

    He's so super sexy -- I actually think Michael was more masucline-sexy back then.

    Later on he was sexy, but it was different.

  14. MartiniGirl says:

    hmmmmm masculine sexy MJ... YUMMY
    and he had lots of open shirts or he was ripping open or off...


  15. CherryLeigh says:

    LOL It's funny because whenever I look at Michael pre-Bad only one word comes to mind, sweet. I mean, in this picture above he IS sexy, no doubt and there a few others where I think he is sexy but apart from that Off The Wall / Thriller Mike is like my brother or just a very good friend, cute, funny, adorable, I could go "aaaw" all day but that's it. This is why I said when reading CM I pictured Bad era Michael from the very first chapter because to me it felt weird to read all the lovescenes and picture the at-the-Grammys-with-Brooke-and-Bubbles-Michael, I really couldn't! :biggrin:

    Yes, you could say in the picture above he looks more masculine-sexy and I like that a lot but I also love that later on he became a whole new type of sexy, imo, mixing masculine and feminine aspects of beauty and attractiveness. As Karen Faye said, he didn't see the barriers and that is, for once, something I agree with her about.

  16. Katerina says:

    different so that we wouldn't get bored of him! :tongue:
    not that we would ever do but... (oh well who knows what went on in his head...)
    Cherry Leigh I've found a pic (even before Off the wall) that would change your mind in no time!! :biggrin:

  17. CherryLeigh says:

    Really? Okay, show me!!!! :silly: :biggrin:

  18. Edbanger Loves Triumph says:

    Awesome...but that is to be expected considering this is Mike we're talking about. The dancing is awicked, but his walk in this video gets me. That walk when he first comes in and towards the end of the video is just pure swag. We know Mike held very little arrogance, but he walks like he knows he biggest....one in the place.

    Sabine, I love your website, but I'm also terribly jealous. You have some pics on this website that I have been seaarching far and wide for especially the one with the shorts and the dead on kepi(Civil War Styled Hat) that stops you in your tracks. How did you find them?

  19. Edbanger Loves Triumph says:

    Sorry for the typo. I was trying to say that he walks like he knows he has the biggest one in the place. :blush: .... :wink:

  20. Sabine says:

    Ach, don't be jealous!!!! What a name, Edbanger -- I hope you dont' mind if I shorten. Well, you see I have a stash of pictures. People send them to me, I've serached for them, and at one point my daughter and I were competeing to see who could find the best ones. Some of them I've photoshopped -- getting rid of all the unnecessary people in the background!!!!! :lol:

    So that's the story of the pics!!!!

    I'm so happy you love the website!!!! Have you become a member!!!!?!?!?

    It's the only way to fly! :lol:

    I think Michael was BOTH insecure and cocky -- it's his multifaceted contradictions that makes him so fascinating!

    Cherry, yep, young Mike is so sexy, with the fro, then he got really shy and introverted around Thriller jheri curls -- I think the fame and the lifestyle got to Mike.

    But young Mike in the 70s had that swag, like Edbanger said, OMG!

  21. Gemeuxx says:

    Everytime I watch him dance...I become mesmerized by his movements! He's so sexy...Giddy up Cowboy!

  22. Sabine says:

    Good morning Gemeuxx!!!! MJ in the morning, that's the only way to fly!!!!!!

  23. Gemeuxx says:

    Good morning Pretty Girl! :) It's my day off and I'm catching up on Tame The Wild Cobra! HAHAHA YAY!

  24. Gemeuxx says:

    I have to tell you WHY I love the front page picture. Ok so everytime I see that picture it's almost like I'm looking at a 5 year old little boy who looks up innocently...like he's saying "I didn't do anything" LOL, and then you expect him to flash this amazing smile. Michael had such an innocent almost mischevious look. It's so adorable and sexy at the same time Whew!

  25. Sabine says:

    Wow you mean you're not caught up!!!! Then you're in for a treat.

    You describe Michael's smile PERFECTLY -- it's everything you've said!!!! :wub:

  26. Gemeuxx says:

    Did you hear!?! The same outfit he wore on the Jacksons Variety Hour "Cowboy Mike" is featured in a museum in L.A! Wow I can't wait to go see!.....see Michael was a true Cowboy! :)

  27. Sabine says:

    Cowboy Mike Imortalized!!!


    It's a sign Gemmmmmm!!!!! It's sign!!!!!!

  28. Gemeuxx says:

    I know right!?! What a co-winky-dink! LOL It's definitely a sign! I saw that on the new and thought of you!

  29. Sabine says:

    I should print out a copy of the book, with the cover and everything, mozy on down their and casually "leave" it next to the exhibit.

    OMG, to the lucky person who finds it!!! :lol:

  30. Neicy says:

    I don't know if its just me but I loved the Jackson Variety Show. It was pretty cool watchin the episodes!

  31. Neicy says:

    Michael hit dat rerun lol!!! Dats the best I ever seen.

  32. SimplySabine says:

    Ha, ha :lol:

    You're telling your age now! 70s Michael has a special place in my heart. Can you tell? :wub:

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