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27 Aug 2010


Michael Jackson, NOT GUILTY 20 Comments

Part of celebrating a person's life, in my opinion is telling the truth. I find that a lot of people don't like to hear the truth. They don't want to deal with it or acknowledge it.

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20 Responses to “Not Guilty, ON ALL COUNTS”

  1. Katerina says:

    first comment? yaay!! I know!!! it's soo disturbing... the truth is right there before their god damn eyes (sorry Sabine but I'm extremely sensitive to that subject) and they just refuse to open them. Simply because it's very convenient to believe that someone can't be THAT good. they desperately want him to have a flaw. pathetic losers I'll never understand the reason of their existence. :sick:

  2. Sabine says:

    You know, Kat, I see that kind of I refuse to see the truth amongst MJ fans too, how they refuse to see that Joseph abused Michael, how they don't want to see how Michael was robbed of his childhood.

    If Michael had a solid foundation, he would have been better able to deal with his fame and the vultures and might have avoided a lot of them, but he was programmed from a very young age with a script that told him: It's okay to be used, you don't have the right to say no.

    I see even MJ fans who desperately want Michael to be flawed. When speaking of how he was victimized, they want to blame him for it. I'm all about taking responsibility for our actions, but Michael didn't MAKE those horrible evil people slander and set him up!!!!!! :angry:

  3. Jenny says:

    Sabine - have you read Kit Culkin's book "Lost Boy" He even goes so far as to praise Joe Jackson and how he "disciplined" his children. And then he blames Michael for influencing his own son against him. I think that Culkin believes Michael lived in some kind of fantasy world and that in order to relate to the children he was trying to help, he exaggerated the abuse.

    It was interesting to read that book - because I think it sums up what someone like my own dad would say about Michael Jackson.

    Like you say, some people cannot handle the truth and would prefer to ignore it. If you ask me they are the ones who are really living in a fantasy, not Michael.

    Sometimes I think we can all overcome our childhood and the influence our parents have upon us. But that's perhaps only if we have parents who are prepared to let go and encourage us to speak our mind. Michael didn't have a parent like that.

    Then I think about what you've said - Michael was never given a chance - he was controlled and manipulated his whole life by greedy people.

  4. Sabine says:

    Oh, God no!!!! Who is this Kit Culkin character????

    You know I wrote about that nonsense -- here's a link you can read it and tell me what you think:

    The Back Hand Slap
    I agree with you 100% about they being the ones living in a fantasy world. Michael CHOSE escapism but he was very aware of reality. These people are clueless.

    So Michael exaggerated the abuse? Whatever we feel is real!!! Real to us!

    Well, personally I will say my mother told me point blank if she ever did anything wrong she didn't know it, just like Joe. So I think it can be over come, it's just that much harder!!!

    The thing that's the hardest to over come is the training though. It's like parents like that put a microchip in your brain that sends off signals to other users that says USE ME, USE ME, they sense it -- like blood in the water. I say that from personal experience, which is why this subject burns me up some times!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    I read your article Sabine. You are right we see it every day - society is riddled with this kind of acceptance!!! Abusers are given a free hand and victims are ignored and told it's their fault somehow! The Catholic Church has a lot to answer for for turning this into a culture which apparently went all the way to the top - priests were "moved about" when their actions were too blatant to hide. So in a society where organisations, the Church, schools, the Justice system allow abuse to perpetuate, of course, that is going to send out a powerful message to families about what is and what isn't acceptable.

    I expect Joe was lauded for his actions by those that knew them personally and by industry insiders.


    Oh! I found Kit Culkin's book on the Jetzi link below.

  6. Katerina says:

    I'm a little confused here. I thought you were talking about all those who accused him and all those who would rather believe lies instead of searching for the truth simply because it's much easier to accept sth that doesn't require your energy and time. and those are who I was referring to (including haters). speaking for myself I haven't seen this "I refuse to see the truth" among fans too. that would be so sad.
    in the end you say Michael didn't MAKE those horrible evil ppl slander and set him up. I know that. it didn't even cross my mind that someone could blame him for those vultures. I hope I didn't give this impression.

  7. Jenny says:

    I'm sorry, Katerina! I think I went off topic!

    I'll be back later to comment


  8. Sabine says:

    No Katerina, I'm not talking to YOU! I don't do black and white thinking -- the truth is many times I myself, and all of us engage in behaviors that we find distasteful. I've seen fans say Michael was at fault for asking for propofol, other things like that -- that's what I'm talkin about, you know, if the shoe fits.

    I don't like to lump people into groups -- haterz, etc. although even I sometimes trip up and do that, but mostly when I do that I'm talking about behavior -- some fans refuse to see that Michael's childhood was abusive; some fans refuse to acknowledge that his family members did anything wrong.

    In that case, they are refusing to see the truth, because it's pretty clear. The don't want to take the time to do it, to understand and accept what happened.

    Colette was blaming Michael for having no boundaries in the other thread, don't you remember?

    Jenny, Al Sharpton gave Joseph a father of the year award. Joseph did the best he could with those kids, I would never say that he did not.

    But his best was NOT good enough.

    Yes the systems in place allow abuse to go on, I believe its because many abusers are in power in the "systems" and hiding. I can't believe they linked that book on Jetzi, is it at all positive?

  9. DeborahGreene says:

    kit culkin is 'mac's' father, and a piece of shiz at that. anyhoo i started to read his book ( free of course) on line and i quit as soon as i saw where it was going. his is really sickening. as far as physical abuse i know a thing or two about that , having to wear long sleeved clothes to school, so i understand how he felt. and it is like you are dying.the thing is back in those days parents did these things and it was the norm and that's why they try not to make a big thing of it but the problem is it really was horrible, i still have a natural born fear of my parents and grandparents to this day. you would have to be there to see that there wasnt much you could do about it. luckily things have changed.

  10. Katerina says:

    Sabine I mean your very first comment right beneath mine. You begin "you see Kat...."

  11. Sabine says:

    Damn Deb, I know what you mean -- I used to freeze when my father asked me to come to him, in terror -- God, you just never forget that feeling. What the hell -- Kit Culkin, of course he'd say that about Joseph, they're cut form the same cloth.

    I guess Jetzi put it up in the interest of full disclosure. I'm not scared of my parents now, but I dont' have any affinity for them as I should, and my father is a stranger. How can you be close to someone who terrorized you?

  12. Sabine says:

    Oooooh, okay. I didn't write, You see Kat, though. I wrote, "you know Kat," because it was you and I conversing, like if you were trying to explain something to someone that you're talking to not because I was talking to you or about you.

    Hope that clears things up!!! :wub:

  13. Katerina says:

    kind of irrelevant but I just have to say it! I have "frozen" here looking at this pic with the light blue jacket and the red tie... why did he have to be so damn gorgeous? WHY?!!!!
    is it easy for you to send it to me?

  14. DeborahGreene says:

    it's like michael said you learn to forgive, you have to in order to move on.and to be honest i have to wonder if they would ever feel an ounce of guilt about something they thought they should be doing because as i said it was the 'norm'

  15. Jenny says:

    The Kit Culkin book is interesting, because on the one hand he states clearly that the book is only his opinion. He does not preempt the outcome of the 2005 trial - because that is about the time he wrote the book (I'm sure he was only jumping on the band-wagon)

    I think one of the primary reasons he wrote the book was because people were criticising him for letting his children go to Neverland and spend time with Michael.

    He categorically states that his children were always in his or his wives care, or in the case of Mac were always with other parents he knew.

    I think he wrote the book, because his parenting credentials had been questioned.

    However, the book, inevitably focuses on Michael and Kit Culkin's perception of him. There are some lovely anecdotes about his and his children's interactions with MJ, but at the same time Culkin is not unlike many other people who simply found Michael's behaviour, at times, bizarre.

    I think, all in all, apart from his unquestioning support of Joseph Jackson, the book is actually supportive of a man, Culkin simply thinks is misunderstood and vulnerable.

    Of course, the book is riddled with comments about Michael's strange behaviour.

    Ultimately, I think Kit Culkin is trying to defend himself, as a parent. He finds himself increasingly estranged from his own son and he is looking for answers.

  16. Jenny says:

    sorry that should be "Wife's care" - he didn't have multiple wives!!! :blush:

  17. Jenny says:

    Jenny: The Kit Culkin book is interesting, because on the one hand he states clearly that the book is only his opinion.

    I should have added:

    On the other hand, he is judgmental of MJ and, later, his own son's behaviour towards him.


    Culkin also criticises Bashir and the way he presented Michael in his documentary. He is also very critical of the media at large and said Michael could never have been given a fair trial (remember, at the time of writing, he did not know the outcome.


    So I come away from reading that book with a very mixed opinion of Kit Culkin. I believe it was a book he felt compelled to write, but I'm not sure how much it was probably tarnished by his poor relationship with Mac at the time.

  18. Sabine says:

    Hey guys, Deb, I think that whole "it was the norm" is an excuse. That's like the Nazi's saying, well, everyone was doing it. It's a way for them to never have to look at their behavior and ask themselves was it right or wrong, they can avoid the question by just saying it was the norm.

    Jenny, well thanks for giving me the 411 on that book!! I think I will definitely skip that one! I like my truth clean and simple with no extra sides of biased opinions or extra crispy protestations!!!!

    I hate when I start reading a book and get his with stuff like that so I'm thankful for you giving me the heads up I'm sure if there are cute little stories and descriptions of Michael, someone will put it up in a Michael site.

    You know, Jenny, I watched the most horrifying documentary, it was about Shapelle Corby -- do you know who I'm talking about? She was an austrailian native who was found with a bag of marijuana and put on trial facing the death penalty for drug trafficing.

    OMG, I just don't understand the injustice in this world. That this woman would be in jail now for 20 years, for THAT -- and we have child molesters who go free after a couple of years. :sad:

  19. Sabine says:

    Katrina, send me a message via the Contact me link at the bottom of the page and I'll send you the picture! :heart:

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