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28 Aug 2010

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!!

Happy Birthday Michael, Michael Jackson 18 Comments

Leave your birthday message to Michael here.   I'll start!!!

Dear Michael, Happy Birthday, honey. Thank you sooooo much for sharing your life with us.

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18 Responses to “Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!!!”

  1. Enola Lee says:

    August 29, your birthday, is less than two hours away where I am - but it is also getting late and old sleepyhead here cannot keep her eyes open much longer. So, before I go to bed I want to wish you a happy birthday in advance and tell you that I love you. Well, I guess you already know that after I told you 597.045 times last night... I will hold my tongue tonight, unless the moon decides to let her silvery rays dance on my face again to interrupt my sleep for the third night in a row.

    So I'll see you tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams wherever you are.

    Oh, you'd better have your earplugs close at hand - I intend to sing "Happy Birthday" just like I did back in 1997.

    L.O.V.E. from your moonstruck friend in Denmark.

  2. Colette says:

    Happy Birthday Michael!!! I can't believe it's been over a year since you left us, not a day goes by where I don't think of you, I know you are at peace now.I continue to be inspired by you every day, you never cease to amaze me with your talents and kind hearted ways. You will always be in my heart and on my ipod, Love you forever. :wub: :heart:

    Let it simmer Michael :lol:

  3. jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Michael. :biggrin:
    We will continue to celebrate your life every day. You are truly an inspiration and a gift to every one of us. Thank you for all the gifts you shared with us
    I hope you are having a wonderful time
    Dance Forever Angel
    Love you forever
    :angel: :wub:

  4. sannah says:

    happy Birthday MJ! Hope wherever you are now ....you are happy and at peace! Praying all the best for your children!

  5. Alisha says:

    :happy: I was gonna wait until tomorrow but i can't! I'm too excited for our man's birthday!

    Dearest Michael,
    Happy birthday my angel. Hun, you are my inspiration, I'm so glad you graced us with your presence for a magical 50 years, but even though you aren't with us physically you will always be here in spirit. You have changed the lives of many for the better-including mine- and for that i thank you.

    "I will never let you part, for you are always in my heart."

    ... I love you more, Michael. :wub:

  6. jenny says:

    "Let us Heal the World Together - that is my GREATEST wish." ~ MJ

    I hope all your wishes come true Michael Jackson


  7. MartiniGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Michael.

    It is not your official birthday where I am tonight, but it is your birthday in the city I reside.

    I have travelled almost 5000 kilometres, at this exact time of the year, so I could be here for you this day. And I know it is worth every single penny used to fill my gas tank to get to you. I could not be happier to be here.

    Yesterday I made my way to Neverland. It was so beautiful and quiet. I can honestly say I have never been more elated or peaceful thinking of you since the day you left us. I can see why you loved it so much.

    Tomorrow I will go and pay my respects and wish you a happy birthday and give you my love.

    There will be tears, because I miss you – but in my heart I know you are at peace..

    I loved you then, I love you now, I will always love you.


  8. Ingridje says:

    Happy Birthday Michael ! I will never forget the day you came into my life, merely a teen, you with your angelic voice singing about a rat. I loved you ever since.
    Share your sweet voice and your magic moves with all of them above, but think of us when you do.
    You are forever in our thoughts !!
    Love you ♥♥♥

  9. EnolaLee says:

    Happy Birthday, Michael.

    I am sorry you cannot be here with your family and the rest of us today, but knowing you are finally at peace gives me some comfort even on a day like this.

    Michael, you have been able to love, even in the hardest of times. Others would have given up, would have lost their faith in human kind. But not you. Maybe giving was the very thing that made you happy?
    Your love and care for children in need resulted in smiling faces and cascades of laughter (and a gallon of water from your Super Soaker). You opened up your home and your heart and gave these children a break from the hardships they were going through. I will always love and admire you for doing so. You did not have to do it, no one told you to do it, no, you simply wanted to bring a little sunshine into their lives. You were one of the greatest, Michael. A true humanitarian. You set an example for the rest of us. Sadly, I think only very few will be able to reach as high as you did, if any. However, as long as we try – and do it together - we might make a difference one day. We might make that change. After all, love will conquer all. Isn’t that what they say?

    You gave so much, and got so little in return. Yes, you had legions of fans and all the success in the world. Unfortunately, your fame also became a golden cage. What was it worth, when you were all alone? The love you got from fans could never make up for the love and intimacy between two human beings. I am sorry you did not get a fair share of that part of human life. You deserved it. Still, it is comforting to know that you had the love of your children; at least you got to experience that. I know what it feels like when a tiny, warm hand grabs hold of your hand and a pair of eyes look at you with uninhibited love.
    “Daddy.” I know that word made you happy.

    Thank you for the beautiful songs, the heartbreaking lyrics, and the sexy rhythms. Thank you for the fantastic dance moves and the Gold Pants. Thank you for your sweet smile. Thank you for the honesty in your eyes. Thank you for the love you so willingly gave to everybody, who stretched out their hands. Thank you for being there, when no one else would listen. Thank you for comforting me. Thank you for giving me something to believe in again. Thank you for making me strong enough to change my life. Thank you for letting me love you. Thank you for dancing with me in my heart ever since I first saw you. I will continue our dance as long as my legs can carry me. I will never say goodbye to you, Michael. I prefer “see you later.”
    You might have to wait for a while, but I promise I will give you a bear hug when I get there.

    L.O.V.E. as always

    P.S. A friend of mine left a little part of me gates of Neverland. Did you see it?

  10. ladake says:

    I wanted to wait to say Happy Birthday today, so Happy Birthday!

    I still feel like your life was cut oh so short, but I think that deep down you were also ready to let go of this world and this life. You gave so much. It's actually mind boggling when you think about it and I've never been able to actually understand it, how one person could command such awe in all the masses, everywhere, from the moment they set foot on the stage....and from such a young age at that. You moved, you inspired, you influenced generations upon generations and you probably never even sought out to do all of that, you just wanted to be admired and loved. And we did love you from afar, but I don't think that was enough, because we felt your pain too.

    For as much as the world adored you, it also took from you and abused you and persecuted you. I've never been able to actually understand the true reasons behind that either, and at this time it's probably pointless.

    I just know that I loved from childhood and I was glued to any screen that would show your countenance, my only regret being never seeing you in person, in the flesh.

    But I know your music and talent and legacy will live on forever, that those who love you will keep you forever in their hearts.

    I pray that you find the peace and love and justice your soul deserves in its next life. I pray that your heart remains as pure as it was, that you continue to be your gentle, sweet self. I pray that you will be surrounded by people who have your best interest at heart, who you can truly trust.

    I am still saddened by your death, but I know I will see you again.

    So Happy Birthday, sweet prince.

  11. Gemeuxx says:

    Happy Birthday Michael! Music hasn't been the same without you, I know your work here on earth is complete, and now you are finally happy and at peace. You're greatly missed, I thank God for blessing all of us with 50 years of your presense. We all have a piece of you to share through your beautiful music.

  12. DeborahGreene says:

    you know what the funny part is i was on this site till four in the morning last night listening to mj music and reading , i didnt know all of you were here i wish i had, but mj and i had a good celebration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL JACKSON. i will always love you more R.I.P. baby and sabs, i cant get the password right but i will keep trying. anyhoo, HAPPY MICHAEL JACKSON DAY.

  13. Sabine says:

    You serious girl -- email me if you still have a problem, it's just the way it looks!

  14. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Michael! I love you and miss you soooo much. Thank you for sharing your love with the world.

  15. Gracie says:

    :angel: Happy Birthday Michael! i almost missed your special day but you were on my mind. It's night time now and
    I can see your star shining down on me. :heart:

  16. Frodes says:

    Happy birthday, Michael.

    I love you SO MUCH.

    :heart: :heart: :heart:

  17. DIANA says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Michael.You have inspire me to become a singer.You have made your fans proud to call you the king of pop.Michael J. Jackson you will forever be know as the king of pop. :angel: :angel: :angel: :wub:

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