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29 Aug 2010

A Few Bad Apples

Fan Fiction, How to log in, Michael Jackson 324 Comments

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324 Responses to “A Few Bad Apples”

  1. sasoler says:

    Thank you Sabine! :heart: :kissing: I really do prefer my old username so I'm gonna try logging out and see if I can go back to being Shaz. Let's hope I don't forget the password to my new name too. :lol: I'm a disaster!

  2. SuperSabine says:

    With so much social network identities, it's a wonder that we wake up and know who we are anymore!!!!!

  3. sasoler says:

    well no luck getting back to Shaz, I guess I will be sasoler from now on! At least you know it's me. ;) Have to do some work now but am looking forward to starting back on Cowbow Mike 1 tonight...let's see if I can stand the anticipation, because I can't wait to see what you've got in store for BBM! :) xo

  4. Lisa says:

    Hey Sabine it sure has been a while since I have been here and I am trying to read your new update for bad boy Mike and I am getting an error message stating that an eirror has been found either the page doesn'texist or i dont have permission to access the story.

  5. SuperSabine says:

    Shaz -- I'll probably keep calling you that!!!! Girl, reading from Cowboy Mike on -- well I hope you have a man in the wings :lol: :wink:

    Otherwise you might end up a little . . . . frustrated!!!! :smile: Just kidding. Can't wait to hear your thoughts, you know I went back and edited the first chapters, fixed errors (God no matter how many times I edit it I always find another one, and I add pics too!!!!! If I find a good one that should have went into a chapter, so it should be more perfect!!!!!


    Lisa, you know what, seems like if you don't log in or comment, the system takes away your access!!!! I just gave it back to you though. Enjoy too!!!! :wub:

  6. sasoler says:

    Yes lucky for me (or for him) I do have a man in the wings! :lol: Yay, new and improved chapters here I come. :wub:

  7. DeborahGreene says:

    I'M IN , THANK GOD, I DIDNT GET IT . I DO NOW , omg it was hard to figure out thru the tears for Liz, i didnt find out till this morning., i was too busy watching movies and didnt look at the news. anyhoo, thanks for letting me back in, you were well missed

  8. SuperSabine says:

    Great Deb! I knew you'd make it. It's so sad hearing that the people I grew up with have moved on. It makes me feel my mortality :sad: But I'm happy she's at peace now and no longer in pain. Glad to have you back!!! :smile:

  9. LiberianGirl says:

    it's been a while since i've been on, but i just got the emails about the new chapters up and came on to read them. i used to have access but now i can't get to them. i'm thinking it's probably because i haven't been on in a while. if i could gain access again that'd be GREAT!! i've missed this story A LOT!!

  10. SuperSabine says:

    Oh my Goodness, the addict who got away! What's cracking Liberiangirl? I missed your witty comments!!!! Girl, you HAVE access. Just make sure you log in on the home page, click on a story that's NOT locked, like Yvette and THEN go to a private chapter!


    Enjoy :smile:

  11. Mj'sbutterfly says:

    Yaaaay!! i can comment back again :biggrin: :biggrin: Hey Sabine, it's me mjsbutterfly, I think now i know how to log in on google, cause sometimes when i enter it takes me to log in on accessword or something like that where i have to put a username and a password, Thank you for replying to my email :kiss:

  12. SuperSabine says:

    So what happened to your account. That's weird. It was like you deleted it or something. Accessword? I don't know what that is! :getlost:

  13. mjgrl4ever says:

    Hi Guys! Im new here and Im kinda confused about how to view things around here or stories. I signed up and became a member but Im still very unsure about everything:/ can anyone help or have any advise on what to do?? Thanks:)

  14. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Mjgrl4ever. Welcome!

    It's pretty simple really. Now that you're a member, you can see all the posts/chapters, except for the private ones. The private stories are Tame the Wild Cobra, Bad Boy Mike and Cow Boy Mike -- probably the ones people want to read most.

    I explain it all here,
    http://cobracrackcentral.com/2010/12/20/the-new-improved-ccc-a-note-frm-sabine/ and I always ask that people take the time to read the post that I wrote to explain it. I figure if a person has the patience and understanding to read that post, then that's plus 1 for them, in terms of them being the type of person that I'd want to share my story with : ) It's the same post that's linked above, and the instructions above pretty much tell everyone else how to log in :smile:

  15. melanielove says:

    hey Sabine...i used to have access but know i dont...can i get some help with that please

  16. dorothygale says:


    I love your stories. I haven't been here in a while and I would like to get access to your private stories. You are truly gifted keep up the good work.

  17. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Dorothy and Melanie. You guys are all set :smile:

  18. kellyschneider says:

    Hey, Sabine. So I just created a new account because of all the trouble
    with logging in. I had two previous accounts, Jeanclaude and sunshine229
    but those don't seem to be working anymore. Soooo, I was wondering if you'd grant
    access to this new account... pweeeez :blush: :cwy:

  19. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Jean Claude! :smile:

    Hi Michaella!

    all i remember was mj on a bus and stopping by a field and a lady on a horse

    Okay, a lady on a horse, maybe that's me but MJ on a bus?


    I don't remember that!!!

    Thanks for telling me so much about yourself and welcome!

    As for navigating the site, well there's nothing wrong with your p.c.!!!

    Did you read this post???? :smile:

    I made the stories private and in order to read anything but the short chapters you have to obtain access, which I've just given you, so congratulations!!!!

    The tabs on top will take you to all the chapters, and each chapter links to the one before and after it in Cowboy Mike, Bad Boy Mike and Tame the Wild Cobra.

    My favorite story is Tame the Wild Cobra, that would be the lady on the horse! :smile:

    You have to read Cow Boy Mike BEFORE Bad Boy Mike, if you want the story to have meaning to you. But it looks like you started with Bad Boy Mike!

    Oy Vey!!!!! :pinch:

  20. kellyschneider says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    It is immensely appreciated.
    :biggrin: :heart:

  21. ericabryant says:

    Ms. Sabine,
    I pray you and your family are well.
    I'm so confused. This new structure has me all messed up. I tried to log in with my twitter like I usually do (EK Bry-Bry) but it wouldn't allow me to. So I tried to log in with my facebook (erica bryant) and it allowed it but now I can't read any of the chapters. Ms. Sabine please help.

    Thank you,
    Erica Bryant kba E.K. Bry-Bry

  22. SuperSabine says:

    Hey E.K.

    I see you pretty lady!!!!

    Nothing has changed, except the way you need to log in. I tried to log in with each one, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, FB and didn't have a problem. You needed to re-register with Twitter using the new format, and not go through GFC, because I am not using GoogleFriendConnect any more. But you got in by Facebook and that's better, because it automatically gives you your FB icon.

    Now you're able to see all the unblocked stories and can read Yvette's story, for example, until you have it memorized, BUT you still have to ASK for access to the private stories, so that's why you can't read any of the private chapters.

    On the first day, I automatically approved everyone who registered as kind of a bonus bonanza, but that deal is over!!!!! :tongue:

    So anyone who is reading this comment, just as it says in the announcement that appears when you first open the browser, if you want to read private stories, you have to ask. With almost 3,000 members, how else will i know who has access.

    I'm still very serious about sharing this story only with people I choose to share it with. So there you go, I've given you access, enjoy!!!! :smile:

  23. melanielove says:

    Thank you sooooo much!!!! = D

  24. SuperSabine says:

    You are so welcome!!!!!

  25. ameloushamonee says:

    Hey Sabine! Do I still have access? :) I would love to....thank you and much love to you! Can´t wait for the next chapter ♥

  26. SuperSabine says:

    Every one who had access has to re-register to get it again. If I don't recognize a name and just happen to approve a new account, you guys have to ask.

    So yeah, you have it now! :wub:

  27. ericabryant says:

    Thank you Ms. Sabine! You're awesome!!!

  28. candisparnell says:

    If i could show you how sad my face looks, then i would. *lol*. can i please have access.

  29. SuperSabine says:

    Aww don't be sad. Here you go :smile:

  30. candisparnell says:

    Thank you so much Sabine....*Happy Dance*

  31. philisiaokeke says:

    I am so sorry. I didn't get the message because I didn't have any access to even contact you at first. But anyway I would like to continue reading the stories if it is ok. I really miss the music, pics and stories. But if I am not given access please know that I really appreciated your time and talent. Thank you so much.

  32. foreverinmyheart says:

    having problems finding the new BBM

  33. patricia adams says:

    Hi Sabine how are you? I'm "luvmj4allmylife" I posted earlier I don't think it posted though..I just logged in a couple of weeks ago to try out the new system and I couldn't log in via Twitter it kept sending me to Worldpress so I tried via Google and it used my real name and I got in so I think your site didn't recognize me. I got the E-mail that stating the new chapter is up and oh I'm so excited. What can I do to fix this?

  34. annah karinapolina says:

    Hey there Sabine,

    I'm a big fan of your stories.
    Hope you can give me access again.

    Sure do miss reading on Bad Boy Mike :(


  35. SuperSabine says:

    Hello Patricia!!! Nothing to do! I've just approved you. Happy Reading!

    That goes for you too Annah.

    Valerie, girl, you are looking for the wrong story! :tongue:

  36. simonayaneva says:

    can you give me access??
    thx in advance<3

  37. SuperSabine says:

    Done! :smile:

  38. simonayaneva says:

    thank you(:

  39. natasharose says:

    Girls, again I have problems :( I can't view anything on private and I had access but I think I'm doing something wrong. I missed the site, I've been away from my home and now I'm back. What do I do wrong? :dizzy: I go on a public story to allow the computer to recognize me but then again I can't view anything private. Help! :unsure:

  40. SuperSabine says:

    :pinch: I keep telling everyone they have to re-register and then ask for access again!!!!!

    If you don't ask for access to the private chapters, you can re-register fifty times and you'll never be able to read anything private! :tongue:

    But go ahead and try again, Natasha. I've approved you :smile:

  41. Lisa says:

    :cheerful: Please Sabine, could you give me access to the private stories...hope so !!!

  42. elsaandemicael says:

    Soo hi Sabine I'm super confused lol I was here a while back asking for access, but I never knew if you gave it or not because my old laptop's internet sucked so i just gave up on it until i got a new one, and when I finally did I had school so I never really came back here. Now that I'm home from school and it's summer however lol I have nothing to do except work.. and read stories xp So hopefully you can give me access? I don't even remember my old username lol and I never really commented on your stories cuz last time I read them they were public and I was pretty much a lurker, so you probs don't remember me =] any help would be appreciated, 9 hours a day in a day care makes me wanna chew off my own arm lol I'd love it if I could read your steamy ass stories on my droid while the little 'angels' are napping xD

  43. SuperSabine says:

    Elsa and Lisa, enjoy girls :smile:

  44. elsaandemicael says:

    well this just made my night, thanks girl !! =]

  45. Lisa says:

    :biggrin: You made me happy !!!!! Thanx a lot .....starting to reeeead !!!!!

  46. wendycenis says:

    I used to be able to view the private pages but I cant anymore. Could I please have access again...?

  47. SuperSabine says:

    Hi Wendy, we had a couple of Wendies, was that your name before? :smile:

  48. nancycastelli says:

    Hi Sabine,
    I joined awhile ago and was reading all your wonderful stories! Then I don't know what I did on my blogger page and lost access! I am technologically challenged(LOL). Any hoo! I would love access again to your private stories because when I was able to read them I was definitely addicted! Thanks

  49. SuperSabine says:

    Hey Nancy,

    According to my info, you logged in here 104 days ago, and left a comment on the Dancer, but I must have missed it. Anyway, I never gave you access, so I'm not sure what you mean by stating you were able to see the private stories. Were you here as another name?

  50. josephineobazee says:

    Hello Sabine! I first discovered your site and stories over a year ago and really enjoyed them. I haven't been on here for quite awhile, but I thought about your stories that I never got to finish reading today. I see that all the stories are set to private now. Could you give me access please? I'm dying to continue where i left off! :biggrin: Thanks in advance! :cheerful:

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