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29 Oct 2010

Tame the Wild Cobra STRANDED, Preview for Chapter XIII

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The cold blast of arctic air was so strong it was painful. Tiny, icy needles pierced through the layers of Micheal's clothes and stung his face as he held his hand up over his eyes and peered across a vast expanse of white so large he couldn't begin to fathom where it began or where it ended. The force of the wind had hit him quickly, like a boulder, and in response he turned his body abruptly, putting his back to the cold and searched the area before him desperately. Then, almost like magic -- how, he could not understand it -- he saw a small dot. He blinked twice, the wind howling in his ears, the snow swirling around him like thick, white dust and looked again, and it remained fixed before him. A small, dark, tiny dot. Again he didn't know why, but some gut instinct told him it was shelter. He wasn't able to see more than two feet behind or ahead of him but he could see that dark hole in the white canvas before him like a beacon of light.

He didn't bother looking back, because there was no turning back. Reaching out blindly behind him for Tatiana's hand, it took only a couple of seconds for him to feel her small fingers grasping tightly around his and then her body pressing up against him.

For a long panicky second Tatiana saw nothing before her at all. She had twirled around like a possessed woman, the thin air robbing her of her ability to scream. Shuddering from the bone chilling cold, she thought for a moment that she had died underneath that soldier's lifeless, bloody body and that she was trapped in a manifestation of her own terror. But hell was supposed to be a fiery inferno and this was far from that. Where was she? The question drummed through her head frantically, but then just when she was about to go into a crazed panic, she set felt Michael's hand. She couldn't see him clearly but she knew it was him. He had been right behind her. One second he was there and then the next, he was gone. But now he was back, he and that horrible beast that was always with him. Of the two, there was no question who she preferred. So Tatiana clench his hand tightly and pulled up close to him, trying to protect her scantily clad body from the terrible cold. It was merciless, slicing through her thin clothing like sharp razors. Tatiana moved even closer to Michael. She was afraid if she wasn't in full contact with him some how the wind would separate them and then she would be left stranded in this terrible place by herself.
"C'mon!!!!!" Michael called out over the wind's roaring.
Their footsteps left no marks on the ground.  The frigid air whipped around Tatiana, covering their tracks with fresh snow. Michael knew where ever they were headed, they'd never be able to get back to this spot. But it didn't matter because they had no choice. Staying there was out of the question. The snow was coming down like a thick, white curtain and Tatiana struggled, but followed behind Michael blindly, her eyes squeezed shut, her head bent low, trusting that he was leading them to safety. For every one step she took, the wind pushed her back two, seconds felt like minutes and the numbness through out her body made it feel like they had been walking forever. Tatiana was close to collapsing when she realized that her feet, clod in the soft, thin leather of her boots were no longer slipping and sliding as they tried to find ground but had touched down on a hard surface, still cold but blessedly solid. She heard it, the sweet quietness of the enclosed shelter and knew there was a God. Sighing deeply she said a quick prayer to Him for her life, for Michael's life, and even for that of the beast, which shook its thick coat with irritation as he moved further into the deep recesses of the cave, away from the raging storm.
Michael watched Tatiana shudder as she released him. He watched her, with her teeth clenched together, rubbing her hands against each other swiftly, She was trying to generate some body heat but he didn't need to move a muscle to generate any body heat. He was so angry he could feel the heat of it pulsing in every single nerve ending of his body. His eyes were dark and dangerous. He couldn't help but resent her presence. She had docilely followed three Med-dai soldiers into the middle of the forest for what? What possible reason could there be that made any sense? What could she possibly have been thinking? If it wasn't for her -- there was nothing she could tell him that would make any sense!!!! Nothing!!! She said she thought they wanted her to dance for them! No one could be that gullible!  She walked into the forest with them the same way she walked away from him when he specifically told her to stay put. Don't move, he told her. And now he knew she was going to look to him to save her. Maybe she thought all she needed to do was smile prettily and everything would work out in her favor. Did she ever think past the moment to the consequences of their actions? He highly doubted that because she'd really gone and done it now. They were in this God forsaken place and he was going to be stuck with her for how long he didn't know.
"What are we going to do?" Tatiana asked in a worried voice. Her arms were crossed over her chest, her hands briskly moving up and down over her arms and shoulders. Michael could barely look at her, could hardly hear her over the wailing of the wind. The snow swirled at the mouth of the cave and every once in a while blew some snow in their direction. He had to get them out of there! His anger was abating and he could feel the cold beginning to over take him. But it wasn't the cold or the sound of the wind that was the worst of it. It wasn't the reluctant responsibility he felt for Tatiana, because no matter how angry he was, no matter how simple and misguided she might be, he knew he had to protect her.

It wasn't Tatiana. It was Saniia. She was crying. And looking for him. And he could feel it. The sound of her despair echoed in his ears like a thousand ferrell cats in heat, screaming like babies crying in the middle of the night. He had always hated that sound. Michael pressed his hands against his ears and dropped down into a squat but it was useless. The sound only grew louder.

Stay tuned . . . . .  Go on to Chapter Thirteen

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80 Responses to “Tame the Wild Cobra STRANDED, Preview for Chapter XIII”

  1. Sabine says:

    Oooo, you're going to Disneyland!!!! I'm jealous! :wub:

  2. CherryLeigh says:

    Yes, mainly to see Captain EO in 3D! :wub:

    Don't know if we'll do/see anything else. :lol:

  3. Sabine says:

    Michael in 3D - :w00t:

    OMG! I have chills just thinking about it! I love watching Michael act cause he was so good at it, just as good as he was singing and dancing!!!!! :wub:

  4. CherryLeigh says:

    Me, too! He was really good (in The Wiz e.g. he's the best!!!) and he's so sweet as the Captain! :wub:

    You may now apply your 3D glasses :w00t: 3D, 3D, 3D now!

    He's very sweet as a Prince, too, though! :wink: :whistle:
    I hope my declaration of love helped some but I can't do this alone, what about the other addicts, please show some love, might advance things a little. :heart: :happy: :silly:

  5. Sabine says:

    Michael was the ultimate triple threat -- he had it all. Looks, talent galore and the best personality!!!! That's why he makes such a great leading man!

    I hope my declaration of love helped some but I can’t do this alone, what about the other addicts, please show some love, might advance things a little.

    Oh, I love your declaration of love!!!! Totally warms my heart.

    You're a sweetheart. :heart: :smile: :wub:

    I think it's so quiet because people are trying to figure out what they can and cannot say now. It's like after the teacher chastises one of the students about something and then all of a sudden there's no participation for a while. Everyone's nervous. They don't want to be chastised next.

    But that never lasts long Other students who were shy participate, new students speak up too, and after a while everything is back to normal :smile:

  6. CherryLeigh says:

    That's true and actually I can totally imagine him in a romcom as the leading man but it has to be an original, fun story, not too cheesy or silly...I wish he was alive to play himself in TTWC - the movie. :happy: :silly:

    Maybe everybody is just busy. As for me, I think it's good to sometimes not participate and take one step back. It's also good when others then participate who were shy before but it's not so much fun to realize that their participation consists mainly of talking about you with the others instead of addressing you directly. You're hurt...then you try to just let it be what it is for a few days. Finally, you draw your conclusions from what happenend and then yes, go back to normal as far as that's possible. And now a while has passed so where are the others??? :smile:

  7. Sabine says:

    Wow I fell asleep -- you're probably on your way to seeing our favorite leading man in action.
    TTWC on the big screen that would be toooo cool. I was looking at a magazine that sells Harry Potter memorabilia before I went to sleep. I can't imagine anything as satisfying than to see your imagination come to life, and all of that stuff came from JK Rowling's imagination! And it's fabulous!!!! They have a wand collection and I want all of them!!!! I already have four but there's like 30 or 40 to choose from, all unique. It's fabulous.

    If you want to see it, go to http://www.noblecollection.com -- they also have memorabilia from Avatar, Lord of the Rings and other great movies.

    It's an intimate thing to share your imagination with someone, but I'm glad she did with all of us.

    It’s also good when others then participate who were shy before

    I think it would be great if all the shy people who don't comment weighed in and shared their thoughts. The best thing about conversations is, like a story, you don't know where it's going to go and that can be fun, as long as we remember to be mindful of other people's feelings. Even then, if we step on some toes, saying sorry works wonders :smile:

    And now a while has passed so where are the others???

    Some people are still here, they just aren't saying anything :wink:

  8. CherryLeigh says:

    I'm not on my way yet, we're going tonight from Germany to Paris by bus and then spend the day tomorrow at D-land! :w00t: Coming back Sunday night...that's why I'm still hoping TTWC - Stranded will be put up before I go. :whistle: :whistle: :tongue:

    Funny that you mention Harry Potter, I started listening to the audio book version of Deathly Hallows on youtube a week ago or so and I'm totally engrossed in the story again. I'm so looking forward to the movie! :smile:

    TTWC memorabilia, like I said, t-shirts, buttons, scarves...I can totally see it. :biggrin: But please none of those horrible action figures, they never get them right! :dizzy: :lol:

    Yes, be mindful of other people's feelings, listen, love, find a way to say sorry and mean it. That's not easy but it's the only way to make it work between people, right. :smile:

  9. Sabine says:

    oh, Cherry, you haven't left yet? I went to go to the movies tonight and my car battery was D E A D had to take the train! Ugh, my kids were complaining, but they're the ones who left the car door open in the garage in the first place, and that's what made the battery die!

    Wow, they have the audio books on YouTube, I didn't know that. I had my daughter laughing so hard because I told her I was going to put Cowboy Mike on a pod cast, with me doing alll of the voices! :lol:

    Wouldn't that be hillarious!!?!?!?!

    I can definitely see TTWC memorabilia!!!!! Love the idea. I can also see anatomically correct action figures for TTWC :whistle:

    No, you're right, they NEVER look like the characters, ever!!!!!

    You know, to me, conflict and communication, that is what life is all about -- I don't have a problem with either as long as no one is tip toeing around the elephant in the room or being a bully. :heart:

  10. CherryLeigh says:

    No, I'm still here. :smile:

    Oh great, which movie did you see?
    Aw, a dead battery, yes, that's annoying. But you know, I like taking the train! Driving...not so much. I hardly ever get to do it because I don't have my own car and I get everywhere by bus or train or foot so I feel like I have forgotten a lot. :unsure: When I come back to Germany in June/July I'll have to practice some with my sister's car maybe...

    A TTWC audio book/podcast would be soooo cool! :w00t: :lol: You doing Michael's voice and his Southern accent, LOL, that is hilarious! :lol: :cheerful:

    Anatomically correct TTWC action figures...I think you just found a market niche right there! :blush: :biggrin:

  11. CherryLeigh says:

    Aaaaaw, nothing happened here while I was gone? :cwy: :cwy: I so need a new chappy, this weekend was so exhausting! :pinch: :sleeping: Fun but exhausting!!! All the way back on the bus, when I didn't sleep, I imagined how Michael and Saniia could have gotten seperated and then, more importantly of course, the scene of their reunion, too. Sweet., passionate... :cheerful: . :heart: :w00t:

    I'm just sooo looing forward to it. :heart:

    Btw Captain EO was cool in 3D, Michael is too cute and it was awesome to see him so big and so close, almost, almost as if he was there. I miss him. :wub: :sad:

    I bought a Captain EO T-shirt, too. :smile: It's a little too big for me though, I have to wear something underneath...they never have the right size for me. :pouty:

  12. Sabine says:

    What a cute, cute tshirt. It looks great on you!!! How small do you want it to be! :tongue:

    I wanna see Captain Eo so bad. I was thinking of going to disney world for christmas. :wub:

    well, I for one think the anticipation will make you love the chapter even more. Ilove that you're wondering what's happening. It's really turning out great and you're going to be pleasantly entertained and, and , and . . . .

    it's almost ready :angel:

  13. CherryLeigh says:

    Captain EO was fun but as much as I love Disney, the man and the movies, Disney Land is somehow not really my thing... :wassat:

    As a kid I would have loved it and I get why Michael loved it and I think going there with him would have been great, amazing fun! :happy: But for me the time we spent there yesterday was almost enough already for now. Maybe it was just because I was tired, the weather was AWFUL and we had to hurry a bit. :getlost:
    Also, so many people, the music that was everywhere got on my nerves, too after a while! :lol: I know, I know, this is Disney land, fun and magic and I'm talking like, I don't know, he Grinch right now! :lol: Another thing is that I'm too scared of going on the rides! :blush: :biggrin: So right now, not the place to be for me even though it IS a great place! And when I have my own kids, however, I will go there agin though and then sleep in one of those great Disney Hotels and eat in Annette's Diner and all that stuff. YOu really need enough money and time to go there and enjoy yourself. I think with kids it's a great experience. I was there mainly to see EO anyway. :smile:

    But for Christmas I bet they'll come up with great decorations and stuff! :happy:

    'Almost ready' - holy words around here! :lol: :w00t:

  14. CherryLeigh says:

    Oh, P.S. It's a really nice shirt, isn't it. It looks cool and people who don't know Michael or the film won't know what it means. :tongue: :biggrin: But honestly, I wish it wouldn't look so baggy on me when I wear it without anything underneath. But it's okay and I just had to buy it. :wub:

  15. Sabine says:

    Wow, when i got to Disney world, you know I get up at the crack of dawn and I'm the first one in and the last one to leave! I swear I love it so much!!!!!! I'm really a bigger kid than my kids and the more i think about it the more I'm like, wow, I should really go for x-mas -- it's probably so pretty.

    I love all the music, the lights, how nice everyone is, and the rides -- but I don't do coasters, although I might do ONE if the inclines are not that steep. I really love it :heart:

    But you know, if the whether was lousy that would be a drag. I guess it was raining huh?

    Yes, I'm putting the finish touches on my little baby, brushing her hair and putting bows on the ends! She's a beautiful baby, too! Looks just like Mikah! :wink:

    p.s. that t.shirt doesn't seem bagged to me, but I guess it's cause you have something on underneath it. remember padded bras work wonders!

  16. CherryLeigh says:

    Having slept over it I think it was just the circumstances that kept from really enjoying it. Yeah, it was raining all the freaking time, grey sky, windy as hell. But I definitely wanna go there again for 2 or 3 days and get the full Disney magic experience! The coasters I won't be doing either, though. :blush: :biggrin:

    :smile: Aaw, I'm imagining you walking through Disneyland like a little girl. :happy: I think it will be crowded as hell during Christmas but probably really really pretty.

    Bows on the ends? Aaw, this has to be one of the best, most beautiful chapters yet! :w00t: :w00t:

    I forgot to tell you yesterday but what I also did on the way home was actually going through all the chapters again and imagining what a trailer to a movie version of TTWC could look like! Silly, right? But I really really think that this story could work so great as a film! It has all the right ingredients. I mean, I know it would be impossible to keep all the character's names for example and I think there would be even more obstacles and and and...but in my head I could totally see the trailer and what scenes would be put in it, which part of the dialogues, how Elizabeth, Brooke, Diana, Martin etc. are introduced and how there's, like in many trailers, a rapid sucession of various scenes from the story at the end with the final one being a total cliffhanger before we see the title form on a black background. :w00t: :silly: :whistle:

  17. Sabine says:

    Cherry: I forgot to tell you yesterday but what I also did on the way home was actually going through all the chapters again and imagining what a trailer to a movie version of TTWC could look like! Silly, right?

    No, not at all!!!! Tell me!!! :w00t:

    I'd love to hear your idea of what a trailer would look like. I love period movies; they're my ultimate favorite!!!!

    Cherry: but in my head I could totally see the trailer and what scenes would be put in it, which part of the dialogues, how Elizabeth, Brooke, Diana, Martin etc. are introduced and how there’s, like in many trailers, a rapid sucession of various scenes from the story at the end with the final one being a total cliffhanger before we see the title form on a black background

    No seriously you've got to describe it for me! I'm dying to hear this :wub: :w00t:

  18. CherryLeigh says:

    I love period movies, too!!! :w00t: Pride & Prejudice is one of my all time favorite films! :heart:

    Okay, so, I don’t know, it’s hard to explain what it was actually…I just sat there with my eyes closed because I was so tired and then, I don’t know how, I just saw various scenes from the story in my head, one after the other. For example, the trailer could begin in/above the woods, we see the all the treetops and then camera is moving down and zooming in on the scene where Michael and Saniia meet for the “first time” (not the scene where she’s saving him). Both of them are tense and anxious and we hear Michael say “Don’t turn around. Did you follow me around here?” We see the scared look on Saniia’s face and how she’s trying to get to her horse and get away from there. We see how Michael is then moving towards her and everybody will think he wants to harm her. The screen turns dark for a second, next we see them standing very close, Saniia’s looking at his lips. Then the kiss. I imagine all of this happening in heartbeat intervals, you know, with the screen alternately turning black and showing Saniia approaching and then kissing Michael. This first part ends with Michael returning the kiss. Then, while a voice in the off is citing from the prologue or saying something like “two strangers in a forest, two lovers destined to be together, two souls bonded for eternity…”, we see cuts of various scenes with them together, the kids in the village saying Saniia is his wife, their way to Michael’s house in the forest, Saniia’s shower under the waterfall, their arrival and stay at Elizabeth’s castle... the castle and the gardnes, Michael’s fancy clothing, their dinners with Elizabeth, the magic room that reflects your emotions, Zoobie. You know, magic, nature, bright colors, happy faces.
    The next part would then be much darker to explain that their love is threatened by schemes, conspiracies, lies. We see Berigordius and Nelson arrive and hear part of their conversations with Michael, then maybe Michael with Brook, her explaining what happened at the orphanage and then Michel and Saniia’s escape into the forst, Saniia facing the hord of Med-dai soldiers at Elizabeth’s castle, their journey through the forest with Martin... But just glimpses of all that, one rapidly following the other and there’s music of course, what kind of music I’m not sure yet. And during all that the voice from the beginning continues, saying for example “but all forces seem to be against them” or “a terrible scheme to separate them.” Then we see Martin, the Gypsies, Marga, Tatiana, Lisa, La Juan and then also Joseph, Nelson, Berigordius and Elizabeth and Brooke again, also almost blurring into each other, we see glimpses of the storm and Michael being with Tatiana and not with Saniia, her crying and a voice is saying “In a world where nothing is what is seems, who do you trust?”or something like that. All the while “menacing” music is playing and crescendoing and at the last note we see…I don’t know, something that you haven’t written yet but it’s a cliffhanger! :lol: Something that looks like there’s no way out. Or maybe Zoobie, as the big panther, jumping towards the audience before the screen turns black and the title appears.

    :blush: :silly:

    I mean, you could do it a 1000 other ways and my version is not very original I guess but like I said, it was just something that my mind came up with spontaneously because I love this story, I keep thinking about it all the time, I can’t wait for the new chapter and I can’t stop wondering what’s going to happen! :happy:

    Do you know the movie The Holiday? Cameron Diaz is in it and her character is the owner of a movie-trailer editing firm or something like that. That’s a very cool job I think and I would definitely want to be the one to make the trailer for TTWC! :biggrin: :silly:

  19. Sabine says:

    I think someone has missed her calling!!!


    You should definitely go into the movie making business! I loved it! I was struck by how much I've written and how many characters I've interwoven into the story!!!! Wow!!!!

    The way you tell it, I'm like, Damn, I've GOT to see that movie -- which is what a good trailer does!!!!

    Thanks -- that was wonderful to read. I think I'll read it again!!!!! :wub:

  20. CherryLeigh says:

    :blush: :blush: Noooo, that was really nothing, it doesn't do justice to your story at all, but thank you. :smile: :heart:

    The movie making business...that has always been my dream. :w00t: There no business like show business...

    It's true, so much has happened already, so many great characters! Soon, there will be yet another one...little, sweet and adorable! Right? :biggrin:

  21. Sabine says:

    She's is perfect!! You should see her -- or I should say, you will see her, very soon :wink:

    She's so fat and juicy, too. Don't you just love a fat baby?

    I do!!!! They're the cutest!!!!!

    You certainly have the imagination for the movie business. If it's your dream, go for it!!!! I'm the behind the scenes kinda girl. i don't wanna walk no red carpet and I don't want any cameras flashing in my face!!! :lol:

  22. CherryLeigh says:

    :w00t: :heart:

    Aaaw, that's a sweet baby in the picture! :kissing:
    Fat babies? Of cooouuuurse! I was a fat baby, too, and my hair was big, too. :lol: But I think all babies are cute and they smell heavenly! :wub:

    Well, YOU certainly have the imagination for it, as for me, I have just seen many movies and trailers and know how they work. :wink: :cheerful: So you are behind the scenes, writing the stories, some actors will play the characters and I will be the one asking them about that at the movie premiere! :lol:
    That way I get dress up, be at the big movie events and meet the stars but all eyes are NOT on me. :whistle: :happy: :happy:

  23. Sabine says:

    That sounds great Cherry!! You can also tell all of them at the premiere that I don't do interviews! :tongue:

    You were a fat baby! I would have never known!!!! Babies smell better than anything in the world! Gosh! There's nothing better. Yes, all babies are adorable, and most of them are fat, too! :cheerful:

    I think my imagination has no end, it's part of what is taking this chapter so long :silly:

  24. CherryLeigh says:

    Oh, that way you will only make yourself mysterious and they will try twice as hard to get a comment, a statement or even just one word from you. :lol: :ninja:

    Yes, most babies are, I have a friend who is really thin, boney really but as a baby she sure was fat. :smile: I was chubby, too! In case you don't believe me:

    I wish I had your imagination. I mean honestly, this is taking sooooooo long. It's been almost two month! :shocked: :pouty: :biggrin:

  25. Sabine says:

    OMG, look at little Mikah!!!!! Oooo, I just want to squeeze those cute cheeks. You're adorable, Cherry -- well, you still are :wub:

    Now, I'm sure people might think I'm mysterious but that wouldn't be why I don't want to talk to the press!!!! I can really see me cursing a reporter out!!! :lol: :w00t:

    But really, I can see it now! TTWC on the big screen, It would be great fun! I just saw the worst movie I've ever seen in my life, Skyline -- if they can waste money on that crap, they an produce TTWC!!!!

    As for my imagination, yes, it's a lot of fun being in my head but sometimes i wish I could turn my brain OFF!!!

    Now the story, nope, it's only been a month, but it probably feels like two months :tongue: :cheerful:

  26. CherryLeigh says:

    :blush: :biggrin: Well, thank you. See, I was chubby! I can't believe my hair was already that big when I was so little. :lol: My mom said everybody in the hospital couldn't believe how much I had as a newborn!

    Hmm, Skyline? I don't think it's out where I am yet and I've never heard of it. Who's in it?

    I know, sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off, too! Not because I have too much imagination but because I think and worry way too much...it's the same feeling though I guess.

    Noooo, it's been exactly two, really, you put the last chapter up a few days after I arrived here in Brussels. :whistle: :biggrin: September 17 2010. The last chapter of this story I mean. True, BBM2 was put up 5 weeks ago. So I really like that we get updates in turns so there's always something to look forward to because everytime I reach the end of a new chapter I get real. :sad: :angel:

  27. CherryLeigh says:

    :lol: Sad! Sorry, I don't know how that happenend!

  28. Sabine says:

    Yep you had a head full of hair! You mother must have been like :w00t: you still have lots of hair :wub:
    Skyline as a B movie with no one you'd know, except for one guy who starred in a U.S. sitcom called Scrubs but he gets killed in like the first ten mins.

    Okay so you were talking about THIS chapter! gotcha! I really like this one i've just put up even though poor Tatiana get's a hard time in my stories. It's a good thing she wrote her own story starring herself!!!! :lol:

    sooooo did you figure out . ...... well I'll ask the question over on the other thread :whistle:

  29. ladake says:

    I haven't been here in forever.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Cherry... is that you as a baby? Hooooooooow CAY-UTE!

    I haven't read this chapter yet Sabine and probably won't get a chance to until next week.

  30. Sabine says:

    Hi Ladake!

    Hope all is happy and well on your front. Take your time girl, the chapter aint going no where!!!! That goes for you too, Mgirl :smile:

    Mel, hey honey -- how are you? I hope okay, too and not working too hard. I can't believe Christmas is almost upon us. Somehow it's come up so fast I have zero energy for it this year but I'm sure the Christmas spirit will revitilize me soon -- at least I hope! I usually looooooove Christmas!

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