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20 Dec 2010

The New & Improved CCC – a note frm Sabine

Michael Jackson, Note frm Sabine 438 Comments

"Welcome to the new and improved CCC. While on the surface it seems that not much has changed, there has been some very important modifications.

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438 Responses to “The New & Improved CCC – a note frm Sabine”

  1. crystalw says:

    Hey Sabine, I hope you remember me. My name was Pink Frosting on here before. I'm sorry I stayed away so long, Grad school had me so busy, i had no time for myself. I don't see my Pink Frosting account under the members bar. I had access to the private stories before.
    I see so much had changed for the better. I still love your stories and hope you will grant me access again. :blush:
    I will check back later for your response. Take care.

  2. SenoraSabine says:

    You again :tongue:

    I answered you at the bar. Girl, your account I think still has access, if I'm not mistaken, but I went ahead and gave this one access, too.

    Enjoy! And thanks for the flowers :wink:

  3. crystalw says:

    Lol, I know I know. I'm sorry I keep disappearing. But shoot, I need to get back into my reading, and what better way to do it than with your wonderful stories. Ok, I think I was logged on under my blog, but forgot my password. Thank you so much!

    *off to the bar* :w00t:

  4. crystalw says:

    Lol, I know I know. I'm sorry I keep disappearing. But shoot, I need to get back into my reading, and what better way to do it than with your wonderful stories. Ok, I think I was logged on under my blog, but forgot my password. Thank you so much!

    off to the bar :w00t:

  5. Silvie161263 says:

    Hi Sabine, I love your blog! If you don't mind I would like to go on reading Cowboy Mike, especially after reading the next sneak preview...
    Some months ago I read the first 12 parts I think and I simply loved it. I once had the nickname "siguen" - "Silvie" is my real name. I live in Germany and love reading about Michael. I was glad when I discovered your website with the great articles and stories. Your way of writing is beautiful and sensitive, mainly because you really love and understand Michael and know quite a lot about him.
    So if you would let me read Cowboy Mike and the other stories, you'd make my day and all further days to come ! :smile: If not now, I'll understand.
    Hugs, Silvie

  6. SweeneyTodd says:

    Siguen! You should have said so! :bye:

    Thank you for your appreciation. I remember some of your sweet comments from before. Are you really in Germany, it says Denmark over here on my side, now I have to pull out my map and confess my geological ignorance :lol:

    Ahhh, Denmark and Germany share a border. You know these things can be quite inaccurate!

    Siguen/Silvie: Your way of writing is beautiful and sensitive, mainly because you really love and understand Michael and know quite a lot about him.

    Awwwwwww! :thankyou:

    Really, I appreciate you saying that. I would like to think I try very hard to understand Michael. Of course you can read the stories honey.

    My making them private is really to create the type of environment I need to keep on writing, and I think everyone who loves and appreciates these stories can understnad that!!!!!

    Happy :reading:

  7. Silvie161263 says:

    Hi, Sabine.
    First of all thank you for giving me access!! :heart:
    I registered again with my twitter account because I thought google didn't work anymore, but then I noticed that the stories were meanwhile private... BTW, I understand that very well!
    Yesterday I read the second part of the Lisa-story (Why Debbie)... It moved me very much and will write comment later on!
    Have a great day... :thankyou:

  8. KJluvsMJ says:

    Help me please I don't know how to log out of the site.... :cwy: I couldn't figure out the correct place to ask this question so I landed here as it discusses password etc...ok for now just going to close off tab..i'll chk back fro response later on this week...Thank you. I hope you have a great week!

  9. SweeneyTodd says:

    Log out? :smile: Why would you want to do that!!!!

    Do you mean log in!!!?!?!?!

  10. smile4mjj says:

    Hello Sabine,

    It's me again. I remembered I dropped a comment not long ago but I couldnt find it :( Not sure where it went because I clicked the older comments thrice but couldnt see mine. I came to give a reply to your comment if you had given yours but no luck of finding my post at all. I dont think my comment was more than 2 months ago. Do you think I could search my old comments ? Hehe I'm an IT student with almost zero knowledge on features,tools of a website XD Thanks so much hun !

    Btw, I just finished my finals and getting ready to find a job :)
    I miss CCC and Michael so much. I must get my old life back. Having to sit in front computer and enjoy your beautiful work :blush: Miss those days :sad:

  11. SweeneyTodd says:

    It's pretty easy for me to tell if someone has commented before because it says so, from where I'm sitting, right under your name!


    So I can assure you that nope, you've never commented before, at least not with this account! :biggrin:

    Congratulations on finishing your finals but ugh, job hunting, I don't envy you!

    Sooooooooooooooooooo who were you before you were smile4mjj!!!!!??!?!?! Could it be -- Amy!!! :lol:

    Hi Amy, :bye: Nice to hear from you again! You're already approved with your twitter account! By the way, you left a comment on the Forget the Password post :wink:

  12. amandahargraves says:

    Hey Sabine!
    I've not been on in a long time because I have been CRAZY busy at school, but I love your stories. It always made me happy to read them whether they made me cry or laugh or smile. Michael was a wonderful person and he deserved the best. Your stories blend fiction and reality so well that sometimes I almost forgot that they are fan fiction. I absolutely love these love stories, and I would love to be able to read them again. :smile:

  13. SweeneyTodd says:

    Again? Are you an old member? Have you ever left a comment? Tell me who you were, maybe you already have access!!! :smile:

  14. rhonda says:

    Hi Sabine,
    I haven't been on this site in a very long time...never got the chance to finish Cowboy Mike. If you could please let me have access again. I would really appreciate it! I LOVE your stories and I have missed them a lot! My dear sister Nicki sent me here awhile ago and AGAIN, I am missing these stories. Thank you so much for your time. Rhonda :smile:

  15. SweeneyTodd says:

    Nicki's your sister! Damn, that's my sister too!!!! Any sister of Nicki's is a sister of mine :smile:

  16. Ingridje says:

    Hey Sabine, I wanted to re-read some of BBM but my access is denied. Although I previously was able to read and comment on the Mirror, Mirror on the wall post, so I don't know what could be wrong.

  17. louloutre4 says:

    OK lol, I got it! I have to ask for access to the private stories... Can I have access please? I want to read Bad Mike so bad... why on earth imagining him rough and overly self-confident drives me crazy?? I'll never know.

  18. Sabine says:

    But unfortunately, I'm on a hiatus right now!!!!

    :sorry: If you want to read the other two books, you can visit the gift shop up on the top. You should really read Cowboy Mike before Bad Boy Mike because Bad Boy Mike is a sequel, and it's not even finished!

  19. mistyvandiver says:

    Hi Sabine! I'm new here, but so far I love it!! You are a very talented writer! I'm so glad I discovered CCC! Thanks, Love, M

  20. Sabine says:

    Hi Misty,

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Enjoy.

  21. separisjohnson says:

    i'm not exactly new * been browsing quite a while now* and I appreciate ur work

  22. barbarastraughn says:

    Hi friend
    This site sounds wonderful - the time you have devoted to creating a safe haven for all who love Michael Joe Jackson and a place where they can escape into the fantasy of a beautiful story about his life, the sort of life he should have been entitled to enjoy instead of all the pain, heartache and loneliness he endured.
    Thank you so much for this - thank you for sharing your talents and these beautiful images with us all
    I very much look forward to hearing from you Sabine
    Bless you
    L.O.V.E xx

  23. Sabine says:

    Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for your kind and beautiful words! I'm glad that you are able to appreciate all the time and energy that has gone into this site! Please let me know what you think of the stories! :smile:

    Hey Nancy,

    Thank you too!!! You're very sweet. According to haters I am a "failed writer" :lol: What's success to them? I write because I love it! Please believe haters are not keeping me from writing! I am always writing, I just don't particularly want to have anything to do with this world while that kind of behavior is going on, and it seems that Michael's worlds comes with so much ugliness -- its' like a package deal!!! Such downer! :pinch:

    Honestly, if I had more people stand up and say, in the place where it was happening, hey bullying this person is wrong, I would have been more happy to write this story for all fans. But instead, I observed so many people who will jump up and go to bat for Michael and his children in a heart beat say NOTHING when my own children and myself were called all types of names, and that doesn't make sense to me! How can you go on and on about how Michael was mistreated by the media and the world at large and not stand up when it happens in front of your face and say no, that's wrong. Truthfully, only a handful of Michael Jackson fans have said anything about the way I've been treated. :sad:

    This in particular left a sour taste in my mouth about "fandom"; I never liked the obsessive way that people "loved" Michael, which I really felt had nothing to do with him as a person and that sort of confirmed my opinion. If a person loves Michael as a human being, then they can't see another human being attacked in his name and stay silent, because they can see the humanity in all but if he was just a sex symbol and looked at as an "object" then defending him is really just protecting this thing you like, like your favorite ball. Others can smash another's person's favorite toy to pieces and you could careless, at least that's how I see it.

    :kiss: So that's why I really value when people like you, Nancy, and Barbara and the many other kind hearted and good people speak up, because well you know, haters are really LOUD! :lol:

  24. nancycastelli says:

    I was taught a long time ago never to judge a person by the color of their skin and the money they have in their pockets... I try and uphold those values and teach them to my children...It is truly unfortunate that in this day and age people still hate and judge...it truly bothers me....

    It reminds me of a story when my boys were about 5 years old and started to realize people of different races..I remember so vividly one of my sons asking why the lady on line was so dark...while most moms would be mortified. As many of the other shoppers were as they looked at me wondering what I would do!! I took it as a learning experience for my sons.. I told them that God created people all different colors...He looked at me more puzzled..and said why...You'd think I would back down and say stop...never..I went on to tell them that most African American people were born in a place where the sun shone very hot and God made their skin dark to help shield them from the sun..Something clicked in him that day and he said I understand mommy God made all people beautiful because he loved us! I couldn't have been more proud...When I left that store that day the black woman was waiting outside and came up to me....She was smiling and thanked me for what I said....My boys are now well rounded fine young men that treat all people with respect and never judge them because of the color of their skin or the amount of money in their pockets....

    If parents don't teach their children....society will never change.....As Michael says WE Have to make that change! It is something I believe with all my heart...

    Whenever you are ready to post what you write I will be here to read it...but as I have said don't ever make those people who hate and not want change in the world ruin your spirit and gift...

    I guess those who hate need to be silenced by those of us who are kind hearted and good!!!


  25. Michelle says:

    hey sabine i hope your doing good and take as much time as you need ill be here when you are ready to start sharing again much love.

  26. Sabine says:

    That's a beautiful story, Nancy. I love children because they are so open! :smile: I think the worst thing that happens to us as we get older is how closed minded human beings can be.

    Hi Michelle, thank you for understanding! I wish it was different but I really just can't fake it, my perfectionist self wouldn't dare, and it wouldn't be fare to everyone else!!!! :yes:

  27. nahlaboudax says:

    Hello! I'm all topsy tervy ! How do I gain access to al the juicy chapeters help me! :wacko: I registerd im here posting..boy am I confused.

  28. Sabine says:


    Right up top, in the right hand corner it says "Addicted to Love, Choose your poison" -- point the mouse to that, and it shows you the short stories that are open to all members.

  29. nahlaboudax says:

    Hello Sabine! May I please be granted access to the private chapters. I am feining to read Bad Boy Mike and Cowboy Mike :blush:

  30. Sabine says:

    You don't have to feen to read Cowboy Mike -- all you have to do is buy the book :tongue:

  31. susanchaney says:

    I am new and love it here and keep trying to log in which I have but haven't been able to post hope this goes through and I can start reading. This is so much better than the original site thanks so much

  32. susanchaney says:

    Could you explain to me how I get access to the private chapters I have read everything you posted here but I am still stupid I guess!

  33. Sabine says:


    Did you read this post and/or some of the comments?

  34. Dangerousgirl28 says:

    hey Sabine this is Lisa here. I keep forgetitng passwords for login so now I am using twitter to log in. Are you going to post a new chapter of Michael and Sabah?

  35. Sabine says:

    Hi Lisa, I'm sorry it took me a bit to reply. Will I write a new chapter! That's the question of the day, huh? Truthfully I've lost my inspiriation. Mostly because I feel unsupported by MJ fans. I want to explain, the Michael Jackson haters who are attacking me, what they are doing to me could happen to anyone. I can go online, write a comment -- forget about you, I can write it in your name. I can go on Topix, write that I am you, using your name and say something disgusting, like I am looking for a child to kidnap or rape, and Google will index this comment in your name and it will appear on the first page of a search! How f-ed up is that? I can use a proxy server and make it seem like I am posting from where you live, and if I know you, I can use details to make it seem like I am really you. I think all michael Jackson fans should have a problem with someone being abused like this -- actually every human being should have a problem with this!!!!

    Anyway, I did really feel unsupported and as if the only thing MJ fans care about is MJ!!! But I channelled my frustration and created a petition, and I would really like as much people as possible to sign it; that would make me happy.

    And guess what, a happy Sabine is a writing Sabine!

    Here is the link https://www.change.org/petitions/boycott-the-advertisers-on-topix-com-let-them-know-you-will-no-longer-do-business-with-them#

  36. mariac says:

    Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place :)
    I am kinda new on your site and I would like so much to have access to read the stories you say they are private.
    I remember back in the day I found your blog. I remember reading some of the stories and loved them so much. I remember one story that kept bugging me till now, I would love to re-read it...It was so beautiful. I remember the girl was called Saniya (spelling?). I loved it so much...I don't remember the tithe though...

    I'm glad I found yout blog again.
    Have you ever considered writing a book and publish it? I loved that story so much....

    Love u and I hope I will be received on your blog, despite being kinda new. :)

  37. Sabine says:

    Hi Miriac,

    You're talking about Tame the Wild Cobra, the name is Saniia. I did publish it!!!!! :yes:

    If you want to buy the book, the link is http://www.lulu.com/shop/sabine-faustin/tame-the-wild-cobra-soft-cover/paperback/product-18821243.html

    I wish you'd have commented when you read, especially since you loved it -- comments give me inspiration to continue writing; I enjoy them.

    It's really wonderful though that the story stayed in your head! :smile:

    I've been having a hard time getting my inspiration back because of some negative experiences with mj fans and haters but hopefully I'll get my inspiration back soon.

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