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20 Feb 2011

Tame the Wild Cobra Chapter 14 is gone.

finished, Michael Jackson 25 Comments
Over the weekend I have had little to no sleep

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25 Responses to “Tame the Wild Cobra Chapter 14 is gone.”

  1. CherryLeigh says:

    :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

    Noo, oh my God, I had started reading but was nowhere near finished and I wanted to continue today 'cause I had enough time today to truly enjoy it and take my time. It's true that for the last two days I couldn't get on CCC so I thought something was up but this is just horrible!! :cwy:

    I don't understand what happened, was this problem caused by someone? DId somebody do this on purpose?

    So now this chapter is just gone? Sabine, do you just upload the finished chapters here and then delete all the other versions you have on your computer? Oh man, this is so sad. :sad:

    I can imagine you need a lot of time to recover from that, if at all. I'm so sorry for you and all the other decent people here who just enjoyed reading your stories. I have no words for the haters. :face:

  2. Shamone777 says:

    this is really sad!!!!! :-( I can´t understand those people either...
    I wish you all the best, whatever you´re going to do in the future! Thank you so much again for everything you gave us through your stories!
    Try not to be affected by those bad people...
    Much LOVE!

  3. MJQuan says:


  4. Kari says:

    I'm really sorry to hear this! Fortunately I did get to finish the last chapter, but I don't understand why there are some who like to cause problems for other people for no apparent reason. It's really sad that they like to take away other's enjoyment, for you the writer, and us, the fans. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do. :sad:

  5. BlueBiscuit says:

    *Hugs* I'm so sorry that you have to deal with immature children Sabine. Some people really need to get lives :ermm: Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to read the last chapter, so obviously it wasn't meant to be. I'm in agreement with Kari; it is sad that some people find joy in in causing probems for others. What goes around comes around though; whoever did it will have that come back to them tenfold. I will support you whatever your decision. :sad:

  6. mel says:

    So Sorry for you Sabine:( I have enjoyed ALL of your stories. They provided me with a form of escapism to deflect the pain of the passing of this great man. In your stories he could HAVE that unconditional love that so eluded him in reality. He could have that family, that person who would stand by his side. The, "Baby be Mine" story gave a plausible insight to a complicated story. The , "Tame the wild Cobra" series were my favorite. In them all of the things that attracted me to him were personified tenfold. His compassion, bravery, chivalry, sensitivity,. He even possessed an otherworldly quality. I hope you can find it within yourself to share whatever you have have left in your heart to share. It has been appreciated. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

  7. NickiWatts says:

    First of all..so sorry for your loss, and the loss of the fun and happiness that you have brought so many. I DO know you have poured your heart into this...it always shows in your stories. I did get to read the story , and it was full of magic, so beautiful a place for Michael and his bride. If it must end, then it must end. But know it has brought many smiles, laughter, and OTHER thoughts Ima not gonna share. Most of all it brought for me what you intended for it to bring, escapism. Many early morning and late nights of being somewhere else in very detailed settings and locations and best of all believing Michael had this life...that was all you making me believe. The best gift a writer can give...you've given. You have done your fans a great service...you gave us a great story and made it very respectful to Michael. In the early days of writing you helped me with my grief and loss of this great man...then it just became wanting to know more, of the other paths his life could have taken, you soooo took me there. What a wonderful gift God gave you... and you gave back untill it hurt, sounds like someone else we know. I will support you in what ever you decide to do. I L.O.V.E. you Sabine. Hang in there...and " Keep Your Head Up". Im out here in this ugly cruel world sending my biggest hug and happy thoughts your way...can ya feel it ? Peace and love always from a Number one fan. :heart: :heart: :wub: :wub:

  8. pithundermj says:

    :sad: Oh Sabine, that is truly heartbreaking. I don't know a thing about how websites work. Are you saying that someone has maliciously attacked CCC? If this is the case, whoever is making the attacks really needs to get a life. It's so immature to have nothing better to do than to make someone else's life miserable. They certainly can't be Michael fans and treat other people this way.

    :sad: As I said before, it really is a huge shame that with your amazing talent, you end up having to spend so much time fixing instead of creating.

    :cwy: Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to read Ch 14. I was saving it for a time where I could savour your wonderful story in peace and quiet.

    I hope you can put this behind you and go forward from here. If taking a break will help, do it and take care of yourself. No matter what you decide to do, I want to thank you for sharing your stories with me. You have created an oasis of love for Michael here on CCC. Just know that no matter how many people want to cause you heartache for their own selfish pleasure, there will always be so many, many more that appreciate you and your gifts.

  9. KaylaBrown says:

    :sad: oh no this is so sad even though i only read a few chapters of this wonderful story i still thought they were great. you are an incredible writer. i wanna thank you for sharing these wonderful stories to us fans

  10. Michelle says:

    sabine i am so vey very sorry did they purposley get into ccc and deleted ttwc that is so sad i feel so bad ppl are so jealous and all you are doing is sharing your creativity your love for writing and for mike i didnt get to read ttwc and i was really looking forward to it but i am 1000% sure it was wonderful like all of your other stories i wouldnt want you to stop writing because im so in love with your writing i really look forward to theme i read theme over and over again there magic they make me forget about everyday life things and im going though so much right now and i always come here to smile and get away its true mikes been though alot in his life and boy does it hurt but remember he never ever let anyone put him down whenever they tryd he just got right back up and was stronger and better every time so i hope you do the same dont give up just keep on climbing theire just jealous i know its sad and it hurts especially since you always put all your love in your stories but when you have so much ppl that are envious of ccc than you know your doing something right please keep on writing dont give up and i love your stories as much as i love mj be strong luv ya

  11. ValerieEvans says:


    I can not access anything here anymore, including your post here. I can only see responses. I saw your message on Fb to request permission to everything here. Please give me access. I am so sorry that stupid ppl are giving you so much problems.

  12. ValerieEvans says:

    Now I can see the entire message of what you said. I am so disappointed because i never got the read any of it. These ppl will reap what they sow. I know that may not bring you any confort now, but it is a fact. Karma does not miss anyone who messes with it.

    I do hope you will continue but I understand if you don't. I hate to see all your talent go to waste.

    Be encouraged, despite how it looks.

  13. isabeau says:

    Dear Sabine... I am truly speachless.
    My hearts aches from reading your post here because little by little I got to know your mind and soul and I know you are such a bright and good person.
    You are right about jelousy and some people wanting to 'distroy' what they cannot have.
    I had suffered very much in the past for that too. It hurts very bad and if it is very bad it can even make you sick because you feel alone and end up closing yourself up. I know the feeling very well unfortunatly.
    That was one of the reason why I understand Michael so well, because I know how it feels to be betrayed and slandered (for me it was on my job, by the best friend of my dad after he died).
    I didn't have the chance to read that new chapter (no mail arrived as it used to happen) and I was waiting for it. I wonder about a tecnichal gap... I wonder why you don't have your backups on your pc or back up disk? Strange... but may be I didn't get exactly what happened.
    What can I say... take a rest for a while, address your attention to other things in your life and let your mind rest.
    Everything you will decide it will be fine for the people who truly love you, dear, because we understand.
    Of course it will be hard to miss a peacefull, happy, beautiful, fun and relaxing place like this... but your peace of mind and happyness is the most important thing.
    Needless to say... try to find some confort in Michael's example and pray God to let you understand what all this means for you, what Life is asking you.
    I wish I could talk to you in person but since I can't, I send all my Love and thoughts of Light.
    Don't forget to Smile and keep your head up to the sky ;)
    Big hug across the ocean...

  14. Sonia says:

    Oh God

    Sabine this is truly heartbreaking. I swear, I'm checking your website from time to time. I still can't see the private chapters I haven't read BBM 3 or this new chapter of TTWC.

    I swear. If you stop writing, then all those mean people will win. I'm telling you, You are a great writer.

    I mean given all that Michael was up against, how do you think we all would have taken it if he said, he will never sing or dance again, because of the mean things that were being done to him.

    It doesn't soud right. I would hate for you to stop writing again because of this, even though I can't see the chapters.

    You have so muc more support around here. Please don't stop writing. You have to give this great story an ending.

    I think what you need is just a bit of time to relax, and get some rest and reflect on the pros and cons of whether you should continue to write for CCC or not.

    Just like the time, when Sabah sat down at her desk, while Michael was sleeping and she wrote down the pros and cons of whether she should go with Michael on the Bad Tour or not.

    You always have a solution. You have been healing Michael with your stories, I' m sure you could do the same for your self.

    Take care.


    I'm really sorry about all of this. I just don't know what to say.

    But lots of

    :heart: to you

  15. JasmineWhite says:

    Sabina, I'm telling you as a kindred soul, the worst thing that you can do is to give into what they want. Just as Michael struggled he never gave in because he knew that despite the haters he was creating something beautiful and giving the world something beautiful. I don't know how you can best deal with these people other than deleting them totally from access, which I'm sure you've already tried multiple times, but I do know that the best way to deal with people is to ignore them (again, as Michael did). What you've done here is amazing and inspiring. I know that people like you've inspired me to activate my own literary talents which I've been stalling for ages, so just imagine how many other dormant writers you've contributed to. The best way to contribute to the world is through your imagination.

    I understand if you want to discontinue the sight (no matter how saddened me and others will be) but if it's because of those evil people alone, you're just letting them win. Don't let them destroy something that you've love, gave birth to, and continue to nurture because of other people's actions. This is your baby you've put forth into the world, and it's loved and appreciated too.

    <33 Jazii

    I hope that you make it through, and know that you're in my prayers. God bless you.

  16. Ms. Sabine says:

    Hi everyone :wub:

    I want to give a big, big hug to everyone who has shared their voices here on this thread. Well, I know you can all tell how very sensitive I am.

    This was a bad weekend for me. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, not only here, but also in real life, and I just got to feeling so down because I don't feel that I have the support in my life that I should.

    But an amazingly, beautiful thing has happened, which happens when we go through painful situations, I've seen so clearly how I really DO have support, from loving, kind people who understand me, and who share my vision, and that feels so good.

    So I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for showing me love and renewing my faith in this place and what I am doing. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!!!

    Just to answer technical questions, I THOUGHT I had back ups of everything on the site, but I realize that I didn't, what I had backups of was how the site looks, the design and configuration, but not the actual files, because that is kept somewhere in cyberspace, in the database of the company which hosts this site. There are files called "wp-content" which means Wordpress content, and I thought that those were all the posts, etc. and they are not, they are the design of the site.

    To make matters worst, I exported all the files into an XML file, so I thought I had double back ups, but when I went to upload the files, everything was there EXCEPT the last file, the last story. I didn't know that that file could be corrupt, so another lesson. It's better for me to also just copy and past, and keep a Word back up. Another lesson learned!

    I like to look at the pain in my life as lessons learned. You guys are so right about Michael never giving up, and if I am going to write about him, I think I can do no less than keep my head up and not let life get me down. Soooooo, I'm going to try to hang in there. But definitely, I'm going to try to ignore the people who I feel are negative and are trying to bait me and get a reaction out of me.

    One of the issues I've always had in my life is with passive aggressive behavior, when a person does something mean spirited or hurtful and then tries to speak to me like nothing is wrong, or behaves as if they haven't done a thing. There are people who have been/are members on CCC who are doing just that. For me it's like thorn in my side, because I like everything on the up and up and on the table, and I don't like pretense AT ALL. Yes, I've banned some people, and yes, they have continued to find ways back on here and they comment and send me FB mesages like nothing is wrong.

    Butttttt I'm going to continue to stay focused on my passion, the good I'm doing and the wonderful feeling of being able to create and share. And I've renewed my decision to try to ignore that behavior as much as possible.

    I love you guys!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: Thanks so much again! :heart: :heart:

  17. ladake says:

    You know, I came here earlier today when I saw the email, but I just didn't know what to say. I would truly hate to believe someone maliciously attached that porn whatever it was to CCC just out of spite. I can also sympathize with losing work (written or otherwise) after having spent so much physical and emotional time on the piece. I guess I'm also AMAZED that people (who are probably "adults") would spend so much time antagonizing you over something that came from your own imagination. I just don't get the pettiness, and we won't understand all of it because we're not the ones going through it. You do have my support, Sabine, and I'm not sure what it is I can do to help, but if there is anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Of course, I would hope that you continue with your gift of writing for CCC, but would understand you needing a break.

    :heart: You know that in the end, you have to do what makes you happy and gives you the most peace!

  18. Neecy says:

    OMG i am so sorry. That must be awful for ya after all the love and work you put in to this site. But don't give up... :(

    I didn't get to read it which is a pity but we still have all your other great work :D and that's more than i could ask for :)

  19. MJ4Life says:

    I'm so sorry Sabine. ITA, don't give up. Step back, catch your breath & get back on it!!!!

  20. Gemeuxx says:

    Ohhhh no Sabine, I just came back from overseas to this!!! sooo that's why I was M I A. I am so sorry to hear this honey! Please please please keep your head up oh goodness I feel so bad!

  21. Michelle says:

    hey sabine im so happy that your not going to give up and let ignorant ppl get in the way of you sharing your talent that really made my day i look forward in reading many of your stories i love you and you have my full support.

  22. Ms. Sabine says:

    You guys are really sweethearts, and I sooooo appreciate you!@

    You know there's some family drama going on for me if this stuff wasn't enough. Anyway, I finally told my brother/sisters something I've never told them, which is I feel like I get zero support from them -- it's not a feeling, it's the truth. Anyway, I'm not embarrassed to tell you he started off with irritation asking me, what do you want, what do you need NOW? do you have a list.

    I told him if he was going to invalidate my feelings then there's no point in my talking anymore. So he went on to tell me how hard his life has been of late, how he had an awful child hood and an even worst adulthood and how he's dealt with it all by himself and never asked anyone for help. I said, um, what about your wife?


    His wife told me, away from him, well, you know, we are all struggling.

    Listening to someone who is hurting and giving them positive validation and feedback is an art. Not everyone knows how to do it :heart:

    ANYWAY, a beautiful angel has made a true miracle possible: http://cobracrackcentral.com/2011/02/14/ttwc14/
    :wub: Thank you all (I can't say it enough.)

  23. MJFAN89 says:

    this dumb spam is causing some major problems for me!!!! i love reading these stories but when i come back to comment its not letting me on the lastest chapter and i see that the chapter for TTWC was brought up again but its not letting me read or comment on it!!!! maybe im doing something WRONG! but im commenting to let you know i love every last single chapter to all your stories

  24. MJFAN89 says:

    i forgot to say this.......im so sorry you have to go through all this!

  25. Ms. Sabine says:

    Hi MJFAN89, I did a scan of the comments. Girl, did you ever ask me for access because I don't see a request. It's not the spam that's making you get that error. I cleaned the site and there's no spam. You're just not approved :smile: My head is swimming with all the MJs this and that, so forgive me if I'm forgetting who you are! It's just that there's only two comments on the site for that user name, and that's the two you just left. Oh and my bad, I thought I closed the comments for this, so I'm going to close it now. Comment back on the CCC changes thread.

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