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16 Feb 2012

Sweet Absolution

Chapters, Cobra Crack, Prince Michael Jackson Princess Saniia, Sweet Absolution, Synopsis 38 Comments

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38 Responses to “Sweet Absolution”

  1. leahlester says:

    I can't se the story . But I'm logged in ?
    Help please. I love your work by the way !

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Sabine so excited that you put a new chapter up that I can't wait to read but it's strange I can log in from my iPod but not my laptop and when I am logged in I can't see the story can you please help me out thanks a bunch sabine

  3. Sabine says:

    I know it's been a long time, but girls, girls, girls, this is just what the cover of the next book will look like; there's no chapter!


  4. saneesiaward says:

    That is an awesome cover!!

  5. Michelle says:

    your such a teas sabine lol i cant wait for the real thing to be put up much love sabine

  6. Autumn says:

    Oh my God

    Sabine that is an awesome cover. I'm so sorry dear. I got so much in my personal life, and plus trying to catch up on all the reading.

    So many times when I go to comment. I just don't know where to start. It''s like PHEW! (whipping the sweat off my forehead).

    But that cover encompasses everything that Michael should have had. It's so beautiful. Oh how I wish he had had that in real life. Even though Saniia is a fictional character but it feels so real, that when I look at that cover I can see their love, and the symbol of that love being their baby. I never got that looking at the real life pictures when Michael had his pictures taken with Debbie after Prince was born.

    :w00t: I wonder what they are going to name the baby? Can't wait

    I'm a real fanatic when it comes to fantasy. I can just see it when the baby is born and Saniia is holding the baby with Michael sitting at her side watching her nurse it for the first time. OH HOW SWEET IT WILL BE!

    Sabine when is your next chapter coming girl? I really need something very uplifting right now. I have so much shit in my personal life I could use a dose of your incredibly beautiful imagination.

  7. mjquandavis says:

    wow, just looking at that cover just encompasses the whole look in my head, its like a misty, living on top of the mountains kind of feel. My dreams can explain it better, because when your'e sleep, your mind make up all kinds of things that you cant do while your'e awake... :smile:

  8. Sabine says:

    Honestly Michelle, I was trying to inspire myself! I had the thought in my mind of what I'd like the book cover to look like and felt if I made it, it might inspire me to write!

    No such luck there, so Autumn, I can't tell you guys that a chapter will be up! I'm so sorry, but seriously I can't fake it!

    MjQuan, Misty is exactly what i was thinking myself!


  9. Autumn says:

    Dear Sabine...

    I'm sorry I don't follow too much of what sometimes happens here. Actually I was checking this past week to see just maybe if you had put up a new chapter for Valentine's Day. I was just wishing hard enough that maybe since Valentine's Day is all about love, that you'd like to surprise us all with one on that day. when I saw "Sweet Absolution" I jumped.

    :cwy: B :cwy: But I'm sorry to hear you won't be putting up a chapter. I forget what chapter of TTWC it was where Elizabeth had a vision of Michael holding his daughter and she's now 6 or 7 years old. I was really hoping we could see that coming true.

    sorry to hear the bad news :cwy:

  10. Sabine says:

    :writing: Well, I won't be putting up a chapter right now as I haven't written one but who knows what tomorrow will bring. A couple of comments ago I explained that a particular nasty MJ hater was stalking me, and that hasn't left me in the mood to write sweet love stories about Michael but nothing is permanent.

    I do intend to finish the stories, I just am waiting for divine inspiration, because that's how I was writing the stories and I don't want to write them any other way!

    So I made the cover trying to get back to that wonderful, magical place. Hope you understand and thanks for being such an avid reader!


  11. Autumn says:

    Dear Sabine

    I'm so sorry dear. I want to share so much of my myself and what I feel about Michael with all of you. I don't just want to read and leave it at that.

    Lately I've been doing alot of deep thinking and about what I want to do with my life. I want to do something meaningful to help people, and do a noble cause so I can leave this world with a satisfied soul. I'm so young, but I have always looked at life in a different way.

    People make me so angry so much, I mean I'm one of those people I know I have flaws an I'm not perfect but everyone always comes and lectures on what I should do and all that when if fact I pale in comparison to all these people who are so messed up themselves.

    Its like Michael, he was so wonderful and always followed his heart, yes he was not perfect but that's because he was only human. It makes me so angry when the entire world wants you to be perfect but the don't bloody effing stop and think that maybe they should look at themselves first.

    I was watching Michael's interview with Jet when he was launching his bad tour. I love what he said that people should look at themselves and try to better themselves and improve themselves. Its so true. I have always tried to do that myself, but it makes my blood boil when everyone comes along and makes me feel like a bad person, when if fact they are just projecting themselves onto me.

    I was last night watching the movie The Green Mile and I felt it was like Michael's story. Someone whom God only sent into this world to help others and was given a gift of just by touching everything and making it better. What happened they killed him in the end, thinking he was guilty when it fact he was only trying to help.

    I was watching and it reminded me of what happened to Michael in his life. The world misunderstood him and persecuted him.

    Sorry for the outburst. Hope you start to write soon. I'm sorry I had no idea you were being stalked. My only advice to you Sabine is that, this is exactly what all those haters want. To break you and stop you from shining Michael's light on everyone. I mean if you hate Michael so much, why not just leave you alone. I mean don't they have a life and nothing else better to do than waste their time on hating someone who is no longer in this world. Absolutely pathetic. They must be real depressed empty body with no soul. But it comes as no surprise to me, I've always seen it, with such types. Michael's goodness forces them to stare into their own evilness, and remind them how bad they really are.

    :swoon: take care

  12. Sabine says:

    Thank you for sharing, Autumn. Green Mile is one of my favorite movies. It embodies a lot of what I believe, that we are hear to help, heal, love and uplift each other. There are some "special" souls amongst us who are unfortunately evil and don't want to do that. The people (person) I am speaking of has done some horrendous things but I truly think God has allowed me to feel on a small scale the persecution that Michael has felt so I can write him better.

    surely he must have been so depressed to be the recipient of so much hate. I'm sensitive, and all artists are, so it's just going to take a little bit for me to get back in to the loving frame of mind I was when I was writing so much. I try not to look at what they want or desire for me. It's about me taking good care of myself, and seriously, dealing with negative people and situations make me physically ill. I don't want to have anything to do with people like that. They feed off of the negative energy they create so it is really best to ignore them. Ignore the person, but not the behavior, I think, because hate can flourish if it is not denounced.
    So I've taken like a cleansing break, you know?

    I am sure I'll be back to my old self in no time!

    I think it's beautiful that you want to make a difference in the world. It's truly why we're here, that's what I believe, and I think even the smallest kindness can make a big difference so everything that we do matters. Lots of love and I guess, just keep checking :tongue:


  13. Louise Loader says:

    I am in LOVE with that cover! it looks amazing Sabine! Ahhhh so exited!!!! :w00t: :smile: :heart:

  14. Sabine says:

    Thank you so much.... I think it's working! :w00t:

  15. nancycastelli says:

    oooooh Sabine.... I love the cover....PLEASE do not let the haters.....keep you from something you are truly talented at! You are a wonderful and gifted writer! You shouldn't let the negativity of others take away from a passion...you must have this in order to write such wonderful stories.....

    Enough whenever you post I will be there ready to read :yes:

  16. crystalw says:

    darnit! I need to catch up on this. I know they would have children, but I wish I didn't look at the cover. :lol:

    hey Sabine btw!! :kiss:

  17. pithundermj says:

    :bye: Hi Sabine!!!

    :w00t: OMG that cover is amazing! And the sweetest part is that little bundle of joy that is wrapped in daddy's loving embrace! I can't wait to read about the baby. And I love the castle in the mountain. It has the feel of winter chill. I am sooo looking forward to reading this.

  18. Sabine says:

    Hi everyone, I'm glad you like it :smile:

  19. mercedesnewsome says:

    When will Bad Boy Mike comeback perhaps? :w00t:

  20. Sabine says:

    When will Bad Boy Mike comeback perhaps?

    Hi Honey! Believe me, I'd love too write it, maybe when I get over my complete shock that some MJ haters are hating on me so hard because I wrote Cowboy Mike. :wacko:

    Are you guys listening to me?

    "Now after so many months I have to just say I've reached a point where I feel that I am giving so much more than I am receiving in this process. To make matters worst, I sort of naively embarked on this journey not really realizing how much angst and hatred has been projected onto Michael all his life, and even after death and being exposed to that is starting to have a negative affect on me."

    I swear, I'm not lying! :pouty:

  21. Charmaine says:

    Sabine! Hey Girlie! I've missed you. I'm back showing your site some love and to read all of your wonderful stories. BTW, I love the new cover! I was scrolling down on the home page and happen to see beautiful pictures of Whitney and Michael...its still a shock to me! Wow but where in the world did you find the pic of Michael kissing Whitney on the cheek wow she looks like she's in heaven LOL so cute. I also read about what David Guest said about them...interesting! Michael passionately kissing Whitney!?! Sayyy What!?! AHAHA Gosh I miss them! I hope all is well honey!

  22. Sabine says:

    Hey Charmaine! How are you doing? It's so nice to "hear" from you! Isn't it amazing how pictures of Michael "surface" at just the right times? I swear I never saw that picture of Whitney and him before! But David Guest, girl, I can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth -- his stories are outrageous! :lol: Anyway, girl, you know Whitney wanted a thug! :tongue:

  23. mjquan says:

    lol im testing to see if i can make a picture come up on another account of mine

  24. pithundermj says:

    Sabine: Hi Honey! Believe me, I'd love too write it, maybe when I get over my complete shock that some MJ haters are hating on me so hard because I wrote Cowboy Mike. Are you guys listening to me?"Now after so many months I have to just say I've reached a point where I feel that I am giving so much more than I am receiving in this process. To make matters worst, I sort of naively embarked on this journey not really realizing how much angst and hatred has been projected onto Michael all his life, and even after death and being exposed to that is starting to have a negative affect on me." I swear, I'm not lying!

    :unsure: I cannot believe that some people have nothing better to do! Sabine, they DO NOT matter at all! Don't let them get you down. After reading your post I googled around a bit and I think I found what you are talking about. I can see how very distrubing it must be, and I can't believe what this 'D' person (if I'm right) is actually saying, and not just about you.

    You must know how much we, your readers, absolutely adore you and your stories. I, for one, would not be coming here otherwise. Your gift is magical, and brings lots of pleasure to us, and I believe you too. I understand how this negativity can deplete your creativity, and your willingness to share yourself - because that is what you do when you give us your stories - but there are far more people that appreciate what you do. We outnumber the haters. So don't let this person's poison bring you down. You have the love of your family and your readers to back you up.

    :thankyou: for all you have given us. I hope, for your sake, that all this will quickly disperse, and you can returen to your peaceful and loving world.

  25. Sabine says:

    Hi Pit!

    Thanks for the wonderfully kind and supportive words. For some reason your comment wasn't approved automatically but I just read it and it was just what i needed to read.

    It's very hard, ignoring the negativity and not allowing it to affect you, when well, it's negative, and after all I am an artist! I am affected by what I see, hear, read, and then that get's translated into what I create.

    I think just knowing how silly and immature this is helps. I certainly am not, and have been trying hard not to advertise, by default, this negativity. I truly believe, other than being denounced, it should be absolutely ignored!!!!!

    But being an artist, I do have to get back to that magical place so I CAN write the story. I mean, Bad Boy Mike is pure inspiration, if it doesn't hit me, I can't write it at all. And Sweet Aboslution like it's predecessor comes from a magical place of fun and peace, driven by escapism -- I have never faked it, and I don't want to start now.

    So I am just letting nature take it's course and time will hopefully cleanse me of it all. I do believe the experience will help me write Michael's feelings better, after all he was the ultimate victim of bullying/harasssment!!!

  26. pithundermj says:

    Oh Sabine, I'm so happy to hear that my words gave you some comfort. Believe me, I know how hard it is to ignore such hate and negativity, especially when it is magnified by being put on the the world wide web. But I think it helps a little bit when you have the support of people that matter to you. Other people's perspectives can help you to see it from a distant viewpoint, one that is not so close to home, and thereby, can turn the bite into just an attention-seeking bark. Remember Boo, you do not need to play with little girls.

    I really like your last paragraph, and see the truth in it. Imagine how much more in tune you will be with Michael's predicament, now that you have (unfortunately) experienced a little of what he had to endure. This will only make his emotions that much clearer to you, which will result in strengthening your writing, because of the common experience. The more you can get into his head, then the truer to his character you can be.

    Take your time, 'cause I know when you finally put it down, you're gonna knock it outta the park!

  27. Sabine says:

    Pithundermj: "But I think it helps a little bit when you have the support of people that matter to you. Other people’s perspectives can help you to see it from a distant viewpoint, one that is not so close to home, and thereby, can turn the bite into just an attention-seeking bark. Remember Boo, you do not need to play with little girls."

    Wise words from a wise woman!!! Especially that last part. Too funny!!!! :lol:

    Thanks again. :kiss:

  28. isabellabresci says:

    OMG!!! A new chapter??!! I've been away from here for so long...

  29. Sabine says:

    Awwww, I hate to disappoint, but not yet. This is just the cover of how the book will look, when I publish it, after I write it! Yikes! :wassat:

  30. isabellabresci says:

    I passing by and checking if there was something new and I saw your answer... it would be nice if I could receive your answers to my short comment on my e.mail so I would realize that you answered me.
    I was reading now some of the comments here... a lot of nice people love you, that is sure. They are all nice people who write very nice things and that's important for your spirit now.

  31. Sabine says:

    Hi Isabella :heart: :bye:

    I used to have the ability for people to subscribe to comments when this place was much more busy but I had to stop that because of a few bad apples. I'll try and see if I can put that back.

    I can feel all the love and support and it feels wonderful. My spirit is truly uplifted. :kissing:

  32. isabellabresci says:


  33. Charmaine says:

    Hey Pretty Lady!

    I miss youuuu! How have you been honey? I LOVE to come to your site and look over the pictures and videos, especially when I have some free time to read. I hope you are doing well. Let me know what's new with you? I've been crazy busy, but I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you :-)

  34. Sabine says:

    Hi Charmaine!!! :bye:

    You changed your avatar! Are you still out there making the world a better place? I'm doing okay, lots of real life issues to keep me busy. I love your description of this place, like it's a museum or something -- which is close to the truth, since i haven't written in months :lol: Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, I always love to hear from you!

    :wub: :kiss:

  35. Michelle says:

    hey sabine just stopping by to say hi i missed coming on cobracrack havnt been on for alittile while already i was busy moving from washington state back to my hometown nyc gosh how i missed it well i just wanted to say hi and hope your doing ok and feeling better about everything cause i know you were goin through some stuff and i hope you start writing again real soon ill be here when you decide to start sharing again peace and love sabine

  36. Sabine says:

    HI Michelle :bye:

    OMG, are we in the same city? Now that's cool! I haven't gotten my motivation back, so sorry to say, and no the "haters" haven't left me alone :sad:

    But thanks for saying hi and asking about me! Muwwwwah :kiss:

  37. Jaz says:

    Hi Sabine. Your site is really nice. There is so much, I don't know where to start. Still figuring things out but I am so happy I found the page agiain. I keep forgetting to bookmark it. :unsure:

  38. Sabine says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I'm glad you like it :smile: :yes:

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