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03 Apr 2012

Win a FREE copy of Tame the Wild Cobra or Cowboy Mike!

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20 Responses to “Win a FREE copy of Tame the Wild Cobra or Cowboy Mike!”

  1. nancycastelli says:

    I just hit like on facebook! I hope to win! LOL! If not I will definitely purchase this one too! I didn't even realize you had it published..I'm bad!

  2. Sabine says:

    Good luck!!!

  3. mjquan says:

    That awkward moment when you almost likes this post because you thought you were still on Facebook.... LMAOOOOOOOO!!! :lol:

  4. QuanterriaD says:

    :swoon: :heart: :wub: :blush: Just sending some love and checking out how my comment would look like using my twitter account.... you dont have to comment back if you dont want to... im here for you...

  5. mjquan says:

    oh hell naw lmao! look at my icon from my twitter account, ew, what is that a green bat with messed up teeth and bat wings?! smh lol! *switches back to google account* lol dont mind me... :blush:

  6. Sabine says:

    You can change your icon silly! Just click on your name and upload the picture of your choice! :tongue:

  7. Sabine says:

    Congratulations to our Winner Ivanna Thompson ♥ - she won a copy of Tame the Wild Cobra yay!!!! I did it the old fashioned way, with names in a paper bag. The good news is I STILL HAVE ANOTHER COPY OF COWBOY MIKE UP FOR GRABS! Look for a new contest soon!

    Thanks Quanteria!. I KNOW you KNOW what I've been dealing with lately. Thanks for all the support. :heart:

  8. mjquan says:

    yeah, it doesnt work out like that because when i click my icon, the picture or link just doesnt work, but its okay, that pink looking thing is okay as an icon lol! and yes i do now know what has been happening, i did a little research and i now know, i hate to be left out not knowing. and i think i know enough but i hope that the situation is resolved, (or ignored) i just found all this out yesterday and iam here for support... :blush:

  9. Sabine says:

    Well, honey you can't resolve crazy and I have no control over other people, so I can only ignore the negative but try my best to put out the positive, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I knew you were "researching" cause I could "see" you :tongue: :yes: :lol:

  10. mjquan says:

    Touche' Lol i knew you would, youre just like me in the curious sense of matter. i like to silently lurk around and try to figure out things or have a deeper sense of understanding (but im not as good as you lol)... people say i should be a spy or a detective or like CSI or something.. :lol: i want to be an artist, im working on many art projects, but i think im handling more work than i should be... i havent got started on drawing you yet. im still debating on what picture i want to draw thats very spiritual. i see all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears you are putting in to all of this, and i just want to be able to give something back to show you all my love and honest appreciation that i have for not only your work, but as a person, you are really a warmhearted person and have a very good heart. and you of all people , do not deserve to be put through all that youre going through. and you wasnt doing anything but trying to make good things happen, yes i read both sides of the controversy and i can see who is the deranged one, *hint* its not you... so do your thang girl and the haters will slowly fade away knowing that they cant be as successful as you... Oh by the way, do you have a specific picture that you want me to draw because i really do want to draw you so bad, you have so many great features and i like to draw people that are very spiritual and humble... :blush: wow, outburst of love.... :heart: :heart: :swoon:

  11. Sabine says:

    OMG :w00t: If you were to draw a picture of me, OMG, I would be so touched! I'd be so ... man, I wouldn't know what to do with myself! :swoon:

    I really have a special place in my heart for artists and I know that anything that they do comes from a special place of love and respect and .... I'm just speechless.

    You can choose whatever picture you want -- I actually hate taking pictures! Like Michael, the perfectionist in me doesn't let me enjoy them until years have gone by, and then I'm like, oh, this was a nice picture!

    And why do you say you're "trying" to be an artist? Girl, you are already and artist and a very talented one! You are just perfecting your craft!

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful things you said. Sometimes it feels very alone to be attacked and I appreciate all the love and support I can get from whereever it comes! Am I curious? I think I'm just nosy! :lol: But it's coming from a good place. Seriously, I never really paid attention to who was logging in and out until haters took such a special interest in me. :pinch:

    Mjquan: yes i read both sides of the controversy and i can see who is the deranged one, *hint* its not you… so do your thang girl and the haters will slowly fade away knowing that they cant be as successful as you…

    Let me take this moment to officially apologize to you for having to read the smut that you probably did if you read "the other side". What a nasty, arrogant piece of work that thing is, and the sad part is that "it" is so young. What is more than amazing is the fact that they would really think I'd get down in the gutter with them and argue about how great, wonderful, spiritual, beautiful, honest, good and wholesome Michael was.

    WTF would I need to do that for? Michael is what he was -- no amount of smut talking is going to ever change that. In my personal opinion, the people who believe the worst about Michael are sour inside - there's something very wrong with them that they are projecting, either that or they are just plain gullible and stupid. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the man was framed and bullied all his life.

    Anyway, nuff about that. I love what you said about them slowly fading away. I have learned a valuable lesson about not wasting my time. The bible says, don't cast your pearls before swine. I reallllllllly get that now. My stories, my time, my effort, they are very precious to me, and there's no need for me to share it or waste it on "swine". :lol:

    :thankyou: for being you, honey. :kiss:

  12. mjquan says:

    wow , i was trying to write you last night but my internet shut down.. lmao! so now im at mcdonalds trying to write it again..

    Omg wow you really cracked me up when you said "If you were to draw a picture of me" lol! I am drawing you.. lol im looking for a great picture that i want to draw right now... Surprise!!! :writing:

    apology accepted lol! yes that girl is ridiculous. i mean who does that, like she is literally on the other side of America why is she sooo concered about you??

    Anyways so im sitting in Mcdonalds talking to a male friend about the wonderfulness of your site, WOW!!!! hearing my self talk about you, i realize that i speak very highly of you. This site is the best thing since sliced bread!!! were sitting here just chillen. he love to read also and he seems to like it also... :blush:

    but yeah anyways i hope you get your inspiration back because you of all people know how it is to loose a little bit of inspiration every now and then, like sometimes you dont feel like writing, and sometimes, i dont feel like drawing. its just a phase and it will pass over quite quickly.. (im glad i feel like drawing again)

    wow, im really bad at writing, i been on here for hours and this is the most my brain would let me write. Im a HUGE procrastinator... lol ill be back when my brain is working at night because in the daytime, my brain is faded lol! :heart: :heart: :wub: :wub:

  13. Sabine says:

    You're drawing a picture of me :swoon: I can't stop smiling! I think you write fine. I'm reading what you wrote and i'm like wow, she really get's me! I totally need to be 100% inspired to write, I just don 't want to do this without feeling like my mind is totally there, you know. Otherwise, I feel it wouldn't do Michael or the story justice. I always have ideas and I'm always writing, but not always about Michael *sigh* I really want to finish the story!

    So pray for me girl! :blush:

  14. mjquan says:

    Hello im back and in my habitat. (i think thats where i can concentrate better here) but yeah i ordered cowboy mike and tame the wild cobra in hardback. i hope i get it though, i didnt order the ground delivery. so all i can do is hope i get it.... i realized yesterday that i couldnt access the private chapters again. even tho i want to wait until they get here so i can read them.. but i still need it to be open for bad boy mike.. :smile: P.S. Im praying for you more than you could ever imagine. Even when im not on here...

    Im really am grateful that i unearthed your website. (because it was so hard to find lol) but you and your website is so much more personal to me. I mean what other author would actually talk back to their fans as much as you do. Thats my point of view of seeing it. I feel so honoured to talk to a lovely person with such a brilliant and genius mind.. this goes down in my history of one of my highest endeavors of life. To talk to my favorite author. Can you feel it?? :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    P.S.S. you mean alot more to me (and to the rest of us) than you could ever think, And i would be as equally devastated if i was to lose contact with you (or something worse) you are forever in my prayers and i mean Every word im saying, this is coming from the bottom of my heart... :wub: :wub: :wub:

  15. Sabine says:

    Where is my tears smiley!

    You're so kind, and I really, really, REAAAAALLLY need to read stuff like this ( I think you can sense that, huh?) -- means more to me than words can say!!!!! :swoon:

    I hope you like the books. I think they are pretty special, but hell, I created them; I think everyone feels that way about their baby!!! So to hear you talk like this, it's like you looking over the crib at my little baby and cooing and telling me how cute and pretty she is and how she's such a good baby. As a Mommy, I know you know what I mean. It just makes your heart swell up so big and you feel so ..... valuable! And then you want to hug your baby to you and tell her how much you love her.

    It's like the person has made you feel that you've made the world a little better by creating this beautiful thing and then you want to love and treasure this thing you have made for being so beautiful :blush:

    Anyway, I can't thank you enough and I do feel the love and I do believe you mean it! :caress: :kissing: :heart:

    As for access, let me check now. You should have it, but maybe when you created that Twitter account it knocked something out of whack.

    p.s. As for my website being hard to find, once upon a time, I might have wanted to be real popular and on the first page when you search for mj fan fiction (I actually think I am, but towardst he middle) but anyway, I realized pretty quickly that you are easilly found by both the good and the bad, and sometimes that aint so good, 'nah mean!

    Michael found that out pretty quickly himself! :sad:

  16. mjquan says:

    Mental Moment: sometimes i just come in here to listen to the music, sometimes i might sign in, sometimes i wont lol! but anyways... you know i know how it is to be a mother, i dont know if i told you or not but i had took alot of pictures of my child when she was born and on up and got them developed and kept it in a nice book. and when i had no cell phone, i used to borrow other people phones to take pics (11) of my baby and i uploaded it to myspace. and when i moved in with that girl (who was supposed to be my friend of 6 years) she kicked me out and i only had enough room to take my clothes, and i told her i was gonna come back to get the rest of my stuff, (the big stuff) including those sweet pictures... turned out she threw away my sweet baby girls pictures, not only that but my very own pictures when i was a child along with my journal and other childhood memories, not only that but she also threw away all of my deceased mother pictures as well and not only that, she threw away all my MJ memories as well (i wasnt too mad for that because i could buy it again, but still...)... i will never see it again :cwy: SHORT SAD STORY

    I am very perceptional than i may seem but sometimes, i just have a hard time getting it on paper. but im trying to improve that by keep writing someone (who will actually write back) its really helping me improve... lol im really a socially awkward person and get shy very easily to a point where its painful to even look someone in the eye, it turns my stomach upside down, i can get that nervous but im working on that also.

    You know i am waiting for those books. i already love him NOT like him..I just cant wait to get him(TTWC & CBM) in my hands to caress him,and give him a welcoming hug to let him know that he is in good care and that this is a safe place..and i will take very good care of him and keep him away from harm. (you know how he can get himself into sticky situations) lol i cant wait, its gonna be like owning a pet cat!! (or Zoobie) I will feed him, keep him clean, brush his fur daily, make sure he has a nice and comfy place to rest at every night, i will take him outside and let him get some fresh air) LOL!!! trust me Sabine, those books are gonna be in good hands... lol ive never been so excited!!!! :w00t:

    But yeah i totally understand what you mean about being discovered by the bad side of the spectrum, Its really no fun. but like you said, this place is a safe haven and you rather have it peaceful and quiet with honest people than to have it filling to the rim with dishonest and fickle people, me personally i like it more quiet because i feel like i can really relax again and get back into my groove like how i will always remember it when i came here... Its like recapturing that Cobra Crack essence again lol! :blush:

    Well my graveyard shift is over for tonight, (i feel like i was the overnight security because its almost 6 in the morning here) i be up all night when it come to the internet and CCC....

    Sidenote to myself: i should of checked to see if i had access to the chapters yet, im a damn dumbass, now i gotta finish this comment just to see.... *FACEPALM* :angry: :lol: :kiss:

  17. mjquan says:

    ok i have access back to the private stories again... Thank you!!! :cheerful:

  18. mirelalelic says:

    Hi Sabine!I just wanted to leave some love for you here on this page! :) I am a BIIIIIG fan of your work!I swear, you are far the best writer of these beautiful and very much touching stories about Michael!I am so in love whit them!Anyway, that's all I wanted to say sweetie!And oh, Goooood, I hope I win Cowboy Mike book! :) Much love and respect sweetie!

  19. Sabine says:


    Ooooo, thank you so much for all the love! :swoon:

    MJQuan, your ex-friend is a loser! How dare she throw away your pics and stuff. What a meanie! Ne way, you certainly do get where I'm coming from. I can't wait for you to get the books!!! :w00t:

    By the way, look back over the comments when you have some free time. It might have "seemed" like it was so busy and exciting, but really it was just one or two people dominating the conversations with mindless chit chatter (well, at least most times :tongue: )

    I like REAL conversations. :yes: :yes: :yes:

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