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Michael's Bad 25 Playlist

The full songs: Don't Be Messin' Around, I'm So Blue, Al Capone, Abortion Papers, Free and Price of Fame

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Live From Wembly

Click HERE Live From Wembly, Michael in his prime! Human Nature, Another Part of Me and Fan Made:  Al Capone

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So you think Michael Jackson was Bullied?

I've tried to keep this place separate and apart from the ugliness in the world, after all that is what escapism is all about!  But there comes a time when a price has to be paid for peace; for the small comforts we want to enjoy, and that price is sometimes having to stand up [...]

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Long live the genius, the legacy of Michael Joseph Jackson.

A summary of the words spoken by eminent professors,thinkers, social critics and historians Dr. Michael Eric Dyson & Dr. Cornel West on the Tavis Smiley show, on PBS, 6-30-09. "Any great artist is wrestling with their sadness and loneliness, their fears, anxieties and insecurities, and they're transfiguring those into complicated forms of expressions that effect [...]

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The Man Behind the Myth

The real story behind Michael Jackson, the one the tabloids will never tell:

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Protected: Sweet Absolution

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Michael Jackson Academic Project: He's Not Just The King of Pop

The Michael Jackson Academia Project has produced four excellent videos exemplifying the depth and awareness of Michael Jackson as a politically aware Black man who desired to uplift his audience, edify and unite and inspire them to live at peace with each other.  Each video is more profound than the next. They are a MUST [...]

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Michael at 21, Sweet Wisdom

Michael was a visionary, you can tell when you hear him speak at the tender age of 21, before life tried to beat him down.  His voice is melodic and soothing, like talking to your boyfriend on the phone at night Something to make you smile. Michael sounds so sweet, of course. At 1st his [...]

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WARNING: NOT JUST MJ fanfic - NO! It's Cobracrack®. It's better than plain Michael Jackson fan fiction and highly addictive!! One hit and you will be unable to function without yet another and another. Taking a hit of Cobracrack® while looking at a Michael Jackson picture can also prove fatal. At the very least you might experience an extremely intense Mikegasm that will leave you unable to be satisfied by any other man in your lifetime. READER BEWARE!!!! 18 over, please, though age doesn't matter. It's not the adult content that's going to get you, it's the force of MICHAEL! CobraCrackCentral® is not liable for any failed tests, lost jobs or broken relationships. Married women are particular at risk. Common side effects: Reading stories over and over; referring to characters as if they are real people; intense dislike for corny Michael Jackson fan fiction; Insatiable demand for sex; inability to sleep or function due to an infection of the EXTREMELY contagious virus: OvahXspojer (staring at MJ pics for hours at a time and imagining yourself in the scenes from the stories).

If you experience any of these symptoms close your lap top/pull the plug from your computer IMMEDIATELY!

Reader Discretion is highly advised CobraCrackCentral, uh, NOT just MJ Fan Fiction