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Michael Jackson Fan Fiction – Uh, No – So Just What Is Cobracrack™? | Cobracrackcentral

Michael Jackson Fan Fiction – uh, no – So Just What is CobraCrack™?

Hold on, we're going for a ride!!!!

Well, quite simply, it is not mj fan fiction.

CobraCrack™ is a fictional memoir depicting portions of the life of Michael Jackson.

CobraCrack™ is highly addictive because it takes true and accurate accounts of Michael's life and weaves in fictional scenarios in such a way that the reader is hard pressed to separate fact from fiction. The unique and memorable qualities of Michael's personality, which all who knew him can attest to, are reflected in the way Michael is described, in how the story unfolds and in the issues Michael wrestles with in the story-lines.  I do not create a Michael who is angry, a womanizer or sleeping around for drama or to "hook" my readers.  I really don't have to do that.  The Michael  in my stories expresses all the emotions that any normal person would, but in a way that is TRUE to Michael's character.  To put it plainly, I don't "make" Michael into what I want him to be.

CobraCrack™ provides its readers with a great means of escapism because it in effect brings Michael to life. Some of the characters in the stories are mirrored reflections of people whom Michael dealt with in his life time and some are fictional creations of people that Michael SHOULD have had in his life.

Escapism is a concept that Michael understood perfectly.  Michael dedicated his life to perfecting his craft so that millions of people could lose themselves in his performances and his music. In many ways, Michael sacrificed large portions of his life to bring happiness to others. He sacrificed his privacy and his ability to live a normal life.

CobraCrack™ seeks to give Michael some of the normality that he did not have when he was physically with us and in doing so provides its readers with the same kind of escapism he created. The fictional memoirs are passionate and sometimes very lusty but they always pay respectful homage to the greatness of this man of mystery it attempts to capture.

Here at CobraCrack, we respect Michael as a human being who lived amongst us, who was NOT perfect but also was not a God.  We honor him for his virtues and we are honest about his flaws.  We love him for his kindness and giving heart.  We RESPECT him.  We do not want to use him for our own pleasure.  We do not worship him.  We are celebrating his life and his contributions to the world.

So while the disclaimer at the bottom of the page provides a tongue in cheek description of CobraCrack™ the truth is CobraCrack™ is simply more than mj fan fiction. It is in fact a literary compilation of adoration from an avid aficionado of the greatest entertainer, philanthropist and humanitarian of our time, Michael Jackson.   ~ Sabine Faustin

WARNING: NOT JUST MJ fanfic - NO! It's Cobracrack®. It's better than plain Michael Jackson fan fiction and highly addictive!! One hit and you will be unable to function without yet another and another. Taking a hit of Cobracrack® while looking at a Michael Jackson picture can also prove fatal. At the very least you might experience an extremely intense Mikegasm that will leave you unable to be satisfied by any other man in your lifetime. READER BEWARE!!!! 18 over, please, though age doesn't matter. It's not the adult content that's going to get you, it's the force of MICHAEL! CobraCrackCentral® is not liable for any failed tests, lost jobs or broken relationships. Married women are particular at risk. Common side effects: Reading stories over and over; referring to characters as if they are real people; intense dislike for corny Michael Jackson fan fiction; Insatiable demand for sex; inability to sleep or function due to an infection of the EXTREMELY contagious virus: OvahXspojer (staring at MJ pics for hours at a time and imagining yourself in the scenes from the stories).

If you experience any of these symptoms close your lap top/pull the plug from your computer IMMEDIATELY!

Reader Discretion is highly advised CobraCrackCentral, uh, NOT just MJ Fan Fiction