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30 Mar 2010

Halo Mist ®, the Essence of Michael Jackson by L’Oreal Paris

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Sweet Innocence.   Sensual Lust.    Bold Brazenness. Simple shyness.  Modest Humility.  Devastatingly desirable.  Endlessly compassionate. Incredibly strong with a susceptible sensitivity. An amazingly loving heart surrounded by smoldering sex appeal.   An Intoxicating smile of spiritual purity and an intuitive, intelligent mind masked by magical naivete . . .

You've tasted it in our L.O.V.E. shots. Now we've captured the juxtaposing mystery of the man and the performer in His scent:


Halo Mist®, the essence of Michael Jackson.   Embrace the seemingly contradicting  elements of Michael Jackson and wear it proudly.

That's right, it's all me!

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75 Responses to “Halo Mist ®, the Essence of Michael Jackson by L’Oreal Paris”

  1. Sabine says:

    Oh, I'll fix that link now Gracie!!!!!! Pulling out my tool belt! Okay girls hold the ladder I'm going up! *taking a swig of Golden Boy* What do they say about drinking on the job? If I fall, just make sure my hands and my head are okay, everything else is expendable! :lol:

    You know, I have that video or at least I’ve seen it, it’s an old man spraying Michael. I love how he concentrates on the crotch too, LOL! What in the world were they thinking! But there's something oh so manly about how Michael is spraying that cologne *swoon*!!!! I love that GIF!

  2. MJQuan says:

    no annie, look it up....... rasterbating..... i know what youre talking about with that other word but im not talking about that

  3. MartiniGirl says:

    I found the smoldering desire room...
    How nice.
    Thanks Sabs!

  4. AnniesNotOK says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL day! (this is what RR does to me)

    Shalalalaaalaaaaaa!! *singing while keeps dancing* Dance like nobody's watching... Sing like nobody's listening...

    Now a bit of Halo on my dancing body!

  5. AnniesNotOK says:

    The time is near... The time is near...

    *using the bottle of Halo as an inhaler*

  6. Sabine says:



    Your mind is in the gutter!

    :whistle: :angel:

    Oh, and you know if you keep inhaling that stuff, you'll start floating about two feet off the ground.

    It's true! :lol:

  7. EnolaLee says:

    Michael apparently smelled so good people would stand in line to have a hug...and have a sniff...
    I found this in an old Entertainment Weekly article:


    The director (Ortega) also recalled personal memories of Jackson, including that Jackson had two or three personal colognes that he frequently used, and that during rehearsals for This is It, dancers would line up to get hugs from Jackson just because of how good he smelled. One afternoon, when Ortega had been working hard all morning, and was covered in sweat, he went to Jackson’s trailer to talk to him. As Jackson approached Ortega to hug him, Ortega said, “You don’t want to hug me. I’m sweaty. I stink.” Jackson replied, “That’s ok,” whipped out a bottle of his cologne, and spritzed Ortega with it. Ortega smiled at the memory. “That whole rest of the day, everybody just was hugging me and saying ‘You smell like Michael!’” he said.


    I particularly love the fcat that he does his little "fsht fsht-trick" on Ortega too.


  8. Elmira2887 says:

    @ ElonaLee.. hahahah
    That is such a cute story :D
    I also heard michael smelled good.
    One time I listened to an interview on the radio with one of MJ's backup dancers for THIS IS IT, this interview was around the time when THIS IS IT was going to premier in the US. Anyways, so the dancer, who happened to be a male, said michael always smelled so good and one time when he was on the set of rehearsals he smelled a certain scent that smelled just like Michael. So the dancer turned around and saw michael standing near by him. HAHAHA!! It was cute and totally Michael b/c when the dancer told him "ohh michael.. I smelled you before you came in" michael got embarrasssed and the next day michael wore a different cologne. haha
    totaly mikey bear huh? :wub:

  9. EnolaLee says:

    I saw the interview you are referring to a few days ago.
    Michael must have smelled unbelievably good.

    Can you imagine having a good sniff at his neck? :w00t:


  10. Elmira2887 says:

    ohhh by the way..
    some one of Facebook said Michael's favorite cologne was Calvin Klein Obsession...
    do you guys know if thats true?

  11. EnolaLee says:

    Hm, I don't know about that Calvin Klein perfume.
    Usually people mention Bal a Versailles and Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

    I wear Black Orchid myself. The funny thing is that I have experienced on more than one occation that people stop me in the streets to ask what perfume I am wearing. Hubby likes it too, he says he smells my scent as soon as he walks into the house.

    I wonder what it smelled like on Michael. *sigh*

  12. Destiny says:

    keeheehee hmmmm smelling like Michael something i wldnt mind smelling like @EnolaLee do u know where i can buy that perfume at??
    and @Sabine your so good at theses

  13. Elmira2887 says:

    ElonaLee.. you are the 2nd person who told me today that MJ liked Bal a Versailles.

    I'm with Destiny on this one... Where can i buy it? or atleast smell it?
    haha... :wub: :whistle: :smile:

  14. Sabine says:

    Hi Destiny, Hi Elmira--

    I ordered Bal a Versaiilles on line for my daughter's birthday -- I think that's what Michael is spraying all over his crotch, cause it doesn't linger, so you need to keep spraying it.

    It makes you smell like a little baby though, not at first, after a while -- at first you might think the scent is too strong but it's not at all. It's very light and sweet -- like Michael!

  15. EnolaLee says:

    @Destiny and Elmira

    I buy Black Orchid on line because except from the taxfree shops in the airports no shop in Denmark seems to have it. It is a bit pricy, but it is worth every penny! Sometimes I spray a little squirt on my skin before I go to bed in order be be surrounded my Michael's scent while I am having (hopefully) sweet dreams... LOL!

    Black Orchid is a very sophisticated smell - real femme fatale... and Michael Jackson... Hehe!

    I have seen the "spray video" in much higher quality and I guarantee that the perfume he is spraying on his crotch is Black Orchid. I recognize the bottle. The perfume in the hands of the stranger may well be Bal a Versailles.

  16. Elmira2887 says:

    mmm.. good advice..

    if only we could give him one little hug.........
    I really wish that we all had the chance to meet michael in person. I bet i would never forget his scent. I;m sure he smelled lovely. :wub:

  17. Elmira2887 says:

    that clip with michael spraying colonge all over him is soo sexy. Look at the way he is sitting down.. his legs spread all open........ haahahahha


  18. EnolaLee says:

    Elmira2887: btw,that clip with michael spraying colonge all over him is soo sexy. Look at the way he is sitting down.. his legs spread all open…….. haahahahhaEASY ACCESS!! LOLOL

    Oh, Elmira please don't get me started... I'm supposed to be at work right now and I'm just sitting here gigling like a fool. :biggrin:

  19. Sabine says:

    Just when I'm certain -- CERTAIN that Elmira is a sweet beautiful


    you go and say something naughty and give me doubts!!!!

  20. DeborahGreene says:

    you ppl are tryna kill me. omg

  21. PaulaRobinson says:

    This is so hilarious that I just have to revisit it every now and again!
    What were they thinking?! Trying to disguise the all-powerful aroma of Michael's pure erotic sexiness so that people didn't become overwhelmed during a public appearance, perhaps?

    :blink: :wink: :tongue:

    I dunno, this just makes me happy, ha ha!


  22. SuperSabine says:

    The video with the sound was even better. When Michael asks the guy who's spraying him, his cousin I think or nephew, anyway, he says, "Why down there ? You trying to send me to the hospital."

    But that's not the funny part. The funny part is that Michael continues spraying, just as much if not more right down there!!! :lol:

  23. crystalw says:

    Love the succession of pics/gifs. :lol: What a coincidence, I just watched that video the other day of him spraying the cologne and him saying it will burn him down there.

    In case it doesn't show: http://youtu.be/SLRIHaLTUbk

  24. susanchaney says:

    Yall are hysterical! He had the scent of vanilla too I have been told but just wish I had the chance to know for sure. Sabine please mAY i HAVE ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE CHAPTERS!

  25. Sabine says:

    Susan, to be honest, because I get little to no feedback from so many readers, and I've said over and over again that feedback is what gives me inspiration, plus the fact that I was harassed by anti-Michael Jackson fans, and I can count on one hand how many Michael Jackson fan's even said a word in my defense, I am not giving access to the private chapters right now. I mean, if you want to really read Cowboy Mike or TTWC, you can just buy the book, but it sounds like you read it already, but just never said anything.

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