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21 Mar 2010

Michael Jackson Tribute, Cold Play’s Fix You

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21 Responses to “Michael Jackson Tribute, Cold Play’s Fix You”

  1. MartiniGirl says:

    wow.. WOW
    how lucky are we to have lived during his time here??
    It wasn't long enought an d I really feel blessed to love him.
    No tears this time... just love...

  2. EnolaLee says:

    What can I say?
    He was a masterpiece in every way.
    I'm happy I had the chance to see him for real in Copenhagen in 1997 - on his birthday actually.
    Unfortunately I didn't have the guts to fight to get close to the stage, so from my perspective he was about the size of a match stick... ;-)

  3. Maria says:

    I agree with MartiniGirl 100000%!

    Michael Jackson... irreplaceable, unforettable, indescribable...

  4. Sabine says:

    OMG, I am soooooo jealous! Just to be in the same stadium with him would have been magical. I know you probably felt the positive loving energy all through your body, right!!!! You have to tell us about it, Enola!!!!!

  5. EnolaLee says:

    Hey Sabine,

    I will, but I have to go to work in half an hour, so there's not enough time right now.
    See, I'm guessing you want a proper description? And not just three lines?


  6. MartiniGirl says:

    yeah I want that too.. his birthday... YEAH - we need deets
    match stick Mike... I know him... I saw him on the VicTour


  7. Sabine says:

    OH, yes, the longer the better!!!! You too, Martinigirl. You girls are so lucky. I never saw him in person - the closest I cam was the Bad video, and that was nothing. Shots of L.O.V.E. all around!

  8. EnolaLee says:

    Well ladies, are you ready to hear what it was like singing Happy Birthday for Michael?

    I guess so!

    Okay, I was a 26-year-old university student back in August 1997. I had just met my future husband a few months earlier, so obviously life was good. (He is a Virgo like Michael, by the way - I'm a Taurus.) Later I have come to the conclusion that the show marked the end of my carefree teenage life and the beginning of adulthood with everything that comes along with it, you know kids, job, and responsibilities.

    Anyway, let's get back to August 29, 1997.
    When I think about it, it is funny how little I remember of what actually went on. However, I clearly remember how the show made me feel.
    Michael had already played in Copenhagen about two weeks earlier, but still he managed to fill the stadium to the max. The fact that it was his birthday probably has something to do with it. We were all hoping for a special treat, I guess. So there we were, 50.000 of us, crammed into the national stadium, eagerly awaiting MJ's arrival.

    I was standing quite far from the stage, and barely able to see him, but I'll never forget those first moments when he started singing.... It was magic. Normally I am not that emotional, but hearing his voice made me cry. I was not screaming or acting crazy, my eyes just filled with tears and I thought "Wow, this is a good as it will ever get." I desperately wanted to move closer in order to see him properly, but I didn't really have the guts to fight for it. (After an incident at a Bon Jovi show back in 1990, I have been a bit cautious when it comes to huge crowds.) So I pretty much remained where I was. If I had made my way to the very front, I probably would have noticed how his gold pants revealed a thing or two. In fact I was not even aware of what I had missed out on until years later when I saw a picture of his golden ba... ;-)

    In the middle of the show, a marching band suddenly walked on stage and a huge birthday cake was rolled in. Although we had all hoped for something to happen, none of us knew anything about this surprise - let alone Michael, who looked as if he needed a dark place to hide. He was so embarrassed and clearly did not know what to do. He was soooooooooo adorable and cute. I just wanted to hug him (and never let him go). Back then I did not know that he was not used to celebrating his birthday, but knowing what I know now, I think it must have been a fantastic experience for him, something to remember.

    Singing Happy Birthday for him was like a dream. However, I must admit that I wanted everybody else around me to disappear. I wanted to be the only one there, the only one singing for him. I wanted so desperately to be close enough to be able to look into his eyes, to turn into something intimate. Most likely, the people around me felt the same. It was fantastic, and really tough at the same time.

    You can see footage of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmuHY-cQXJ8
    I know it says 1993 in the video, but that is a mistake. There are longer videos on You Tube, but this one has the highest quality - and Michael's comments.

    Oh, and the show was AMAZING!!

  9. Sabine says:

    OMG! Enola, can you see me from where you are: Green I don't know why God didn't give me a chance to see that man once in concert!!!! I don't care if he looked like a pin drop!!! I just wanted to be there. Thank you! Your description was beautiful. I think its amazaing that you'll get to cherish that memory forever and also share it w/ your children!!!!

  10. EnolaLee says:

    Don't envy me, Sabine.

    As much as I cherish my memories, I must admit that it's turned out to be a bitter sweet experience.
    I hate myself for it, but a few years after the show I wasn't even able to watch him anymore. I couldn't stand the way he looked, it made me so sad.

    I feel as if I let him down.
    I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it.

  11. MartiniGirl says:

    WOW girl... you brougth tears to my eyes with both comments. but in a good way too.

    I really want to take the time to respond correctly with my memories... they are so old - but I have never forgotten... and I never will.

    Okay - I must goooooo and get my staff order.

    See you lovelies at the bar later.

  12. Sabine says:

    Why do you hate yourself for that Enola? Are you kidding me! Me, too and I'm sure lots of other fans, for the same reason that you wince if you see an open wound, or you turn your face away from a car crash. It's hard to see someone in pain, and Michael towards the latter of years of his life was in IMMENSE pain!!! I don't think you let him down, Enola. Michael needed the help of the people around him -- they let him down. Don't be bogged down by guilt that's not your own. (((((((HUGE HUG)))))))))))))

  13. EnolaLee says:

    Thanks Sabine!

    Of course I could not have changed a single thing in Michael's life, even if I wanted to.
    I know. None of us could.

    Maybe I should try to explain it a little better.
    See, it wasn't just the way he looked that made me run away.
    No, I stopped defending him like I did earlier, if people around me said evil and stupid things about him. I kept my mouth shot and pretended I didn't hear it. I closed my eyes and pretended I didn't see it. When the sh.. hit the fan in 2003 I tip toed out the backdoor most of all because I was worried about... me...and about what other people might think about me. I felt it was hard to defend him without looking bad myself.

    I'm not proud of it. We should all stand up for what we believe in, no matter if it's Michael's innocense or something else.

    Now don't care what people think. I would gladly stand in the town square and defend him if I had to.
    People would probably think I'm the local lunatic, but hey, so what? It's all for L.O.V.E.

  14. Sabine says:

    I understand Enola. Well, I think guilt is a waste emotion. You've looked at your behavior, you understand it, and that's all there is to it. Michael, where he is now, I believe he understands and has nothing but love for you for thinking of him. It's natural for us to want to look out for ourselves. The sad thing about MIchael, is because the media bullied him, it drew bullies out of the wood work, and not ony did they bully Michael, they tried to bully anyone who stood up for him -- so it's perfectly understandable that you would not want to deal with that. Who would? No one should be treated like that!

    Here, have a glass of L.O.V.E.! Who care's if the world thinks your crazy if you're full of love?

  15. EnolaLee says:


    Cheers, Sabine - and thanks again for your support.

  16. Sonia says:

    Wow! That was such a touching story EnolaLee told.

    The closest I ever got to MJ, was I knew a kid when I was a kid, who had met him and had lost one of his legs to cancer, and knowing Michael and kids, well that was that. When I read Sabine's stories, or watch Michael's interviews, I feel like I do know him.

  17. Sabine says:

    That's such a sweet story Sonia. Michael has such a giving heart :)

    Elona, 'tis nothing :)

  18. MartiniGirl says:

    Okay Sabs… thank you for indulging me. I hate to take up space on your blog – but this is the way it came out, so here we go.

    Honestly, I don’t tell this story very often – I dunno why – maybe because I like to keep it inside. Like it is mine. I don’t even have this story on my own blog - it is almost feels like I will lose something if I tell or share it too much. I know it sound odd doesn’t it?? So, I am gonna take my time to really tell it well. My night has two significant memories for me. My one and only time seeing Michael and my Uncle Oliver.

    I was 16 when I saw Michael and his brothers. It was October 7th, 1984, it was a Sunday and I remember it was the day before thanksgiving in Canada and it was the last of 3 sold out shows they had here.

    I was so excited when my mom had gotten a ticket for me to go with my “Uncle Oliver”. My uncle Oliver was actually my mom’s co-worker – who just so happened to be a huge Michael/Jacksons fan.

    Oliver was a former DJ and was around my mom’s age, He had seen the Jackson’s numerous times when he was living in the United States. I remember when he gave me a homemade cassette tape of the Jackson’s Live from the Triumph Tour – and he told me he taped /mixed it special for my birthday when he saw them in Detroit. (Trust me… I believed that story for a very very long time.) He knew everything about them and he was my Jacksons connection.

    Anyway the first thing that I remember about the concert was how cold it was. It was in an outdoor stadium close to Lake Ontario. Our weather can go either way in October – and it was a really chilly down by the lake.

    For weeks prior I could not contain my excitement – I was non-stop monotonous monologue of Michael this and Michael that… I am sure it was annoying to everyone… except Oliver of course – but when we got there – I was nothing but so cold and I was complaining and trying to hard to figure out how I was gonna see anything and getting all upset.

    And then it sounded like the wind was picking up (it had rained earlier in the evening so I was worried) but then ominous music started, there was smoke coming from the stage and somebody walking really loud on stairs…. OMG my heart started beating really fast… And something really strange happened. Oliver hoisted up me onto my chair and I totally forgot about being cold, I forgot who I was with, think I totally forgot where I was. Like Enola’s memories – mine are very similar.

    There were all kinds of people on the stage…. But I only saw one. He was there, he was right there… and when he started to move and then he started sing, I started to cry. I wasn’t balling or hysterical… it was just continuous tears streaming and rolling – it was like seeing something you couldn’t believe existed and you finally had proof it did.

    For me, it was a totally overwhelming experience – It was like – like everything stopped moving except him, including my heart – and I remember it was hard to breathe and honestly sometimes I don’t remember hearing anything – it was total sensory overload.

    I am reading this back to myself and I know I sound dramatic – but this is what I remember. I mean – when I think and write about it now – I am still getting those 16 year old girl butterflies in my tummy and my eyes are filled with tears… it is a true love crush I still feel – nothing replaces that feeling.

    He was and remains my first love.

    Sometimes I wish I had been just a little bit older to appreciate what I was seeing, but honestly I don’t think it would have made difference – it was pretty powerful.

    One part of the concert I do remember vividly – probably because Oliver was shaking me with excitement to pay attention - is when they did Shake Your Body… I LOVE THAT SONG. It is that very song that made me fall head over heels for Michael Jackson without the Jackson 5 / Jacksons.

    I remember – super shiny glitter Mike – dancing, shaking his thang, moonwalking, and sidewalking all over the place… Aooooooowww – it makes me blush when I think how excited that made me… or makes me! It was awesome. And of course I cried – but I remember clapping and singing – it was so amazing!

    That night is one of my fondest memories of my uncle Oliver, who died in 1992 from complications from HIV. All the years after, until he passed away, every time we saw each other it was the first thing we talked about. I remember when Michael passed and my mom and I were talking a few weeks later… I said I wonder if Oliver is spinning his records for him. I hope that he is… and it better be Shake Your Body!

    Enola honey – I hear you babe. I sometimes too feel guilty. I really stopped following Michael closely a couple years after the HIStory Album… I would say 97/98 or so – I was growing up and living my adult life… and he kinda moved to the background. I mean I still loved him – but I couldn’t look at him either… and it hurt immensely – coz that little girl in me still loved him so much.

    I too feel like I should have loved him the same way – coz he never changed the way he felt about us…NEVER.

    I am also making up for the time lost. All my girl friends think I have lost it – but after he died I promised myself to always love him forever fully completely like I did when I was 16.

    OYE – I need a drink.

    Sorry Sabine for taking up so much space – feel free to edit it if need be.

  19. Sabine says:

    You girls are so CRAZY! Edit, taking too much space!!!! What are you talking about!!!!?!?!?!

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with me! I felt like I was right there with you, hoisted on Uncle Oliver's shoulders. I'm having a hard time typing this because my eyes are stinging from all these tears. My daughter just asked me why am I crying?????

    I love you girls! You are all so honest and loving and open and it's a beautiful thing to experience, I swear. I don't know much people like this in my real life. i know people who hide who they are and how they feel. This is very refreshing and it gives me HOPE for the world.

    I think you were the perfect age to experience MIchael -- you were still in touch with the magical wonder or love and hadn't been jaded by life! It sounded to me like you appreciated him very much. And like I told Elona, who are you carrying those bag of guilt rocks for?

    Get rid of them! You have looked at your pass and understood your choices, that's what life is all about, deeper and clearer understanding of ourselves and each other.
    Forgive yourself and move on. Michael loves you, whereever he is, because you love him. Not the outer trappings that he had such a hard time accepting, but him, his soul. This is what I believe. Thank you Martinigirl!!!!!

  20. Sonia says:

    OH MY GOD Martinigirl You saw Michael on MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  21. EnolaLee says:

    MartiniGirl, I can't believe how similar our stories are. Although there's 13 years between the shows - and I was 10 years older than you when I saw him - it's the same emotions we experienced and the same memories that remain.
    But I guess that just goes to show how - and why - Michael had so many devoted fans. He made us feel loved, regardless of our age, time and nationality.

    I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who feels guilty about "letting him down". I have sometimes wondered, why I feel guilty. Considering the fact that he was a total stranger, I doesn't really make sense. But I think Michael had a way of making everybody feel special, he always talked about his fans as family, so somehow it felt as if we were close no matter how far apart we were.
    And I still feel he is close.
    I don't know if I am making sense. It's hard to explain.

    Maybe I need a drink?

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