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24 Feb 2011

Michael Jackson Moscow Concert in 1993~ A Sweet & Touching story

Stranger in Moscow 15 Comments

I'm reposting this from a link Isabeau sent me.  It's a beautiful story, as all stories seem to be when connected to Michael.   Now a new video has surfaced about the concert in 1993.   I don't know why, I guess I'm strange like that, but the line that stands out to me in the whole story is when Michael says, "I will perform. Just get people in there, please – I can't sing to an empty stadium." Like I said, it reminds me of that parable that Jesus told:  For many are called, but few are chosen . . .

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15 Responses to “Michael Jackson Moscow Concert in 1993~ A Sweet & Touching story”

  1. isabeau says:

    Oh Sabine... I'm so glad you posted this... I must say that my dearest american youtube girlfriend sent the link to me few days ago and I translated it for my Italian friends on Facebook.
    I know she is a member of CCC but I think she is a silent one and I don't know her nickname here.
    So we must thank her for this :)
    Now that I remember... you asked me ones how I got to know CCC and I told you I didn't remember... now I do! It was her who told me!!
    I won't say her name but if she reads this she will be happy, right dear J.? ;)

  2. MJQuan says:

    wow... *mind f**ked*...

  3. QueenSabine says:

    Ooookay, MjQuan, that's an interesting reaction!

    Isabeau, thank YOU and your friend, for both referring you hear and for the link (Boy, I hope she still has access! If not she should just pop up and say hi, so she can get it.) :heart:

  4. MJQuan says:

    lol! dont worry in my eyes it means something so rare (and good)it blows your mind... or f**ks it.. THEREFORE I AM MINDF**KED!!! :biggrin: AND I LIKE IT.. :wink:

  5. QueenSabine says:

    Ahhhhh, okay, gotcha, MjQuan :wink:

  6. isabeau says:

    Ok, Sabine, I will ask her ;)

  7. Katerina says:

    Oh my!!!! </3 :cwy:

  8. janetpeterson says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful and touching article about Michael that I forwarded to you, dear isabeau. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it the first time and it has everytime since. I don't really visit this site too much anymore but something just prompted me to go here this morning. Perhaps it was our sweet angel, Michael, whispering into my ear again. :) :) :) "What people do for themselves dies with them. What they do for others is immortal." I just read that quote a few days ago and I thought of Michael immediately. I will try not to be silent here anymore.

  9. janetpeterson says:

    BTW, when it comes to user names, my creativity is completely lacking at times. Who would think that my user name would actually be my real name. (lol)

  10. SisterSabine says:

    Hi Janet!!!! Thank YOU for sending the story to Isabeau so that I could repost it. I would love if you were more vocal on this site! I love Isabeau and all of her comments warm my heart. CCC needs to hear from voices like yours!!!!! And Janet is a lovely name. I know someone else with that name close to Michael!

  11. mirela.lelic says:

    hey Sabine :) My name is Mirela and I have came across to this amazing and such a beautiful site!I have always been a Michael fan, since I was a kid actually!I love everything about him, but his personality comes first, I love the way he helped people and how much he loved them, how much he loved life actually!He never stops inspiring me through my whole life!I wanted nothing more for him than to be happy the way he deserved it but unfortunately life was really harsh on him and that makes so so sad... but what I am trying to say is, I love reading these kinds of stories where Michael is happy here!I know that to some people this might sound silly but I love these stories cause I can really imagine Michael being so much happy whit the lady of his life and that makes me very much happy too!lol anyway, as I was reading on this site, I have realized I need approved access from you in order to read these fantastic and brilliant stories of yours!God, I could be come such an addict to this site!lol So please sweetie, will you allow me to see the stories?I am so sorry if i am posting this comment on tottaly wrong place but as I was saying I am new here so please don't blame me :* lol and I am so sorry if my english is bad, I am from Bosnia!:) anyway, i am sorry if I left a looong comment (lol) but please sweetie, will you let me read your stories? lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses from Bosnia!Love ya!

  12. SisterSabine says:

    HI Mirela!

    I love hearing from people overseas, it makes my heart happy :smile: Don't apologize for writing a long comment I love comments!!!! One the things we all have in common here is we lllllllllooooove Michael :lol: :wub:

    Yes, I do approve people to read the stories, part of that is because I like to hear from the readers who are reading and know what they are thinking when they read the chapters. Also I only want to share the stories with people who are interested in reading a real story!!!

    I want to give Michael a voice in these stories that he never had, so that the struggles he faced can be better understood and seen in a light that they've never been seen before, hopefully a more compassionate and understanding light. And yes, to give Micheal love ,true love!!!! :wub:

    So enjoy the stories and don't forget to tell me what you think! :kissing:

  13. jasminewhite says:

    Sad, but it just goes to show...
    I love you, MJ. RIP - scratch that - LIVE in peace.

  14. isabellabresci says:

    Unfortunatly they took away the wonderful long russian show on Michael in Moskow 1 hour long and there is an extract where some grow up kids who where in that orphanage talk about him. I don't remember if I sent them to you and can't find the link right now but my friend Debora downloaded the short one and is going to put Italian subtitles :) I think there are copyright problems though...

  15. Sabine says:

    aaawww that's too bad, I'm glad I watched it before they took it down.

    I don't think you sent me the link to the interview but I can check.

    Here is a great site and book:

    Great site and book about Michael:



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