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11 Mar 2012

The Man Behind the Myth

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The real story behind Michael Jackson, the one the tabloids will never tell:

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10 Responses to “The Man Behind the Myth”

  1. Autumn says:

    Dear Sabine

    Let me be the first one to comment on this. The last few minutes of this video were just moving. I don't know what to say.

    It makes me so angry, because its not just Michael, but even in my own life I can see people like Diane Dimond. I was just thinking yesterday to myself where the hell is that Jordan chandler at right now. How can he even go around with this on his conscience. In the face of all this overwhelmingly footage we have just seen of Michael--- how many other bloody rich people do you see going around doing humanitarian work they way he did? And that too meeting world leaders. I wonder how many celebs have been so active in humanitarian work and so prominent. Not very many from what I have seen.

    I mean just to make my point I'll put it a little sarcastically to all those people trying to paint Michael as some kind of evil monster I have to say....

    "yeah you fools, he's real pedophile, never leave your kids with him...lets lock him in jail, and crucify him" Why?? Because he's a real danger to the world, he gives money to charity, helps children in need, he goes around the world telling people to love each other. We just can't have anyone like him on the loose!

    That Diane Dimond, really makes my blood boil. Because she reminds me of so many people in my own life. Who just think they know what they're talking about and they know squat.

    Sabine...when I hear all this... I just pray to God, I'm just like oh Lord.

    I've been very angry lately because I had to quit my job or rather I was forced out of it because I was getting treated very badly by two bitch co-workers. I never talked back to them since they were more senior. I listened to everything they had to say. And one of them was like a snake going in between and talking badly about everyone in the office. I was getting falesly accused of being rude, insolent, and disrespectful, but they were just projecting their bad qualities on to me, and when I tried to stand up for myself, one of my co-workers said, let others decide if I'm good or bad. I told her to go to hell, and that no one defines who I am, and no one. I know who I am and no one can change that. they were just angry because they found my courteous and respectful demeanor intimidating and must have reminded them of how bad they are. during the Christmas holidays, the lady who I was working with, who had been on the job a year before I joined the both of us hated our senior co-worker who had been there for 19 years. during the holidays, work was slow, and the office was empty, and we talked about personal stuff, and I thought maybe we had broken the ice and I gave her the benefit of the doubt, that maybe I had misunderstood her. She was from abroad and missing her country, and we were both being bullied by our senior office mate so I thought that it was her way of dealing wit the situation, and instead of going up against the bully she decided to join hands with her but I thought that's okay some people deal with things differently than I do, but still she's not a bad person. I thought were becoming friends, and I told her she can have my number and if she ever needs to talk to anyone and feels lonely she can call me. At the end of the day when it was time to leave work, she even hugged me and I thought we had sorted out our differences. To make a long story short, after New Years when we returned to work, she was no longer friendly anymore, and instead she started doing things to sabotage my work, and to make a long story short, my other office mate started closing the door to her office and where I was sitting and she said she didn't want to look at my face anymore, One day the situation became so bad that my office mate who I thought had become my friend, started abusind my verbally and she got together with the other lady and made things so impossible that it turned out to be my last day of work. before Ieft I was almost in tears because I was so angry, I knew I was innocent. to my senior office mate who had been there for 19 years, when I swore on God and the holy book to prove I was telling the truth that that other girl had two faces, she immediately went upstairs to complain to the operations manager and that was my last day. The truth is she didn't want to hear it and accused me of trying to be God, I said just because I'm swearing on God and the truth doesn't mean I"m trying to be God, that's just ridiculous. they wanted me to just bend down and be like a slave and I should just take their bullshit, and that place had a history of high turnover of girls who had worked there before me.

    Sorry Sabine the reason I was giving this long example from my own life, is because even if you hit people with the ultimate truth which is God in my eyes, they will not listen. I don't know how Michael took it for so long. It makes you want to scream when there is injustice happening. Michael was a very strong person, but lately I've been feeling very broken with my confidence shattered because my two co-workers made me feel so incompetent and I know I'm not. I don't like to be around negative people who drag you down with them.

    I guess all those crappy reporters who were only writing bad things about Michael were only trying to prove their competence at his expense, and drag him down. I just don't get sometimes? Why?

    :cwy: I really miss Michael alot

  2. Sabine says:


    Awwwwww autumn! I'm so sorry to hear what is happening to you!!!! You are experiencing first hand how bullies and abusive people can take control of a group of people -- they do that in work places all the time, and others are often too afraid to stand up to them or brainwashed by them.

    I recommend this book, Snakes in Suits, it will help you feel less alone and help you understand probably the type of personalities you've been dealing with. I know first hand that dealing with those types will make you FEEL crazy, because they tells lies like it is the truth and get mad when others don't believe them, when the victim stands up and says, you are lying, they attack even more to make you look bad.

    Of course you know because I've mentioned it a few times that I'm dealing with a few people like that on line. I will not advertise who they are because they are dying for attention, but here is a perfect example: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/8/help-stop-bullying/

    Look at No. 746 -- Now, this is supposedly a petition against bullying/harassment, and it states very clearly that they will delete any comments that are hateful, but that's a lie, because that is the third comment that this deranged person has written about me. Of course, anyone reading it can tell that she is the real bully, but since they did not delete the first comment, of course she continues. She is obsessed and mentally ill. I haven't been online all weekend, and was starting to feel like I could careless anymore what this person writes, because she is so crazy and out of control, and this is just further proof.

    Still, it makes me so angry that other people do not take this type of thing seriously UNTIL they are targeted, most often they will do nothing, say nothing or worst, side with the abuser to protect themselves. And that's why I think, in your example, your supervisor would have rather get rid of you, then deal with the problem of her staff. It doesn't surprise me that you say they have a history of this behavior. How can Care2 petitionsite ignore that on THEIR site? It's ridiculous.

    I think a lot of MJ fans are drawn to his woundedness, they recognized the way he was being attacked without cause and wanted to stand up for him, the way it seemed no one else was doing so. As many lives as this man touched, all the good he did, shouldn't' there have been a crowd of people around him, protecting him, defending him, ALLLLLLL those families he helped, the money he gave away, the children he invited to Neverland and NEVER touched, and treated like little prince and princesses, where were these people when this man was being mercilessly attacked in the media?

    It's because people don't want to be the focused of negative energy -- no one does. I'm angry at those people too, on Michael's behalf, because they took his kindness and gave nothing in return. After he died, they surfaced to tell these nice stories -- where were they when it mattered, when he was alive?

    Again, I'm so sorry about what you've just went through, especially in this economy, but try to think of it as positive, although I know how hard it is. When one door closes, another will open. It is really unhealthy to go to work in an environment where you are being attacked, especially under the radar. Like I said, it's crazy making behavior. It's better for your own health and peice of mind to get away from both the attackers and the bystanders who are standing around letting it happen.

    As for people like Diane Diamond and others, I mean look at how they talk -- these people are their own worst enemy, and it does make me angry to see them enjoying a "measure of sucess" but in many ways, we live in a wicked world, where bad behavior is seemingly rewarded. Though I think people like Diane Diamond, Jordan Chandler, they are internally very unhappy and spiritually dead, and that is the worst punishment I can imagine for anyone.

    The world needs people like Michael -- without him, we are less human, less kind, less loving, as a people. He will always be missed.

  3. Autumn says:

    Hey Sabine

    Thanks for the beautiful and truthful comment. That's exactly how it was the way you described it, and how I was feeling. I was hearing things about myself from those two for the first time, I"ve never heard before. Everything there was so lopsided, and when I complained to upper management like 4 times, not one word was said to those two. I guess that should have clued me in that I was wasting my breath for no reason. I use to go to work everyday like I was going into a battle field and was not enjoying my job, I'd be sitting and doing my work and those two would be chatting, talking about movies and what they did on the weekend and blah blah, and not wanting to come off as an outcast or bitchy I use to try and take part in their conversations and have a laugh and whenever I"d say anything they would just ignore it like they didn't hear it. I would have like to have stayed and fought, and not run away from the situation, because this type of thing happens in alot of workplaces, so you can't go around quitting every job and I don't like to run away from my problems. But there is a limit to everything.

    Yes I looked at your comment, but no matter how much those of us who believe in the truth these people will continue their ways. You're right about one Diane Dimond, people like that have no soul and they are just walking dead bodies. They have learned to block out their conscience and turn lies into the truth and the truth into lies.

    As far as where were these people when Michael was alive. They were sitting behind and desk conking up lies to write about Michael so they can make a name for themselves at his expense. That's where they were. They were saying bad thing about him when he was alive. Then when he died, suddenly upon his death seeing how the entire world was grieving and crying for him, these people suddenly changed a tune for a few days like Martin Bashir. Suddenly they also pretended how they thought he was a good human being, when all along it was people like him spreading lies about Michael. I guess even they were smart enough to lay low and just go along with the flow as far the outpouring of emotions Michael received after his death, because even they're not that dumb to go against the loyalty of his fans. Now that he is gone, I guess those poor souls don't have anyone else to bad mouth. I'm glad that I was alive to see Michael, future generations will only be left with these videos and pictures of him. but to experience the Michael mania of the 80's and so forth for myself when I was growing up is a whole another experience.

    Another thing that gets me, about people bad him while he was alive and then pretending to like Michael after his death or at least refraining from saying anything overly bad about him, was his ex-wife LMP. I mean suddenly after he died she realized his importance and she was talking to Oprah, and claimed in the past that she only use to speak about Michael because she was trying to promote something, and then she used that interview to announce she was coming out with another album and instead of having people ask her about it, she just wanted to announce it there and then she was going to be releasing an album. I mean hello! To me that's exactly what it sounded like she was using that interview as a promotion vehicle and now Michael is dead, she better change her tune fast and pretend how much she suddenly feels love for him again, and she wants to retract who she used to sound in the past about him, in her own words "barky". Well she's a bitch so she's going to bark. I mean after Michael she was married twice and she still sounded as if she hadn't gotten over him. Talk about it being a coincidence her current husband is also Michael. I guess she just couldnt get over MJ. Now she wants to ride the "oh I love Michael so much" wave in order to promote herself. Honestly who was Lisa before she married Mic hael, no one really except the daughter of a famous father.

    They all used Michael for their own motives, and its the sad reality. I think everyone was using him, his staff, the people whom he trusted, his ex-wives, and for his family I think he was just a cash cow. I mean that Jermaine and La Toya sure like to talk anything relating to Michael to get attention.

    That's all for now

  4. Sabine says:

    Autumn: As far as where were these people when Michael was alive. They were sitting behind and desk conking up lies to write about Michael so they can make a name for themselves at his expense. That’s where they were. They were saying bad thing about him when he was alive. Then when he died, suddenly upon his death seeing how the entire world was grieving and crying for him, these people suddenly changed a tune for a few days like Martin Bashir.

    That's true about Martin, but I'm talking not about the people who bad mouthed Michael when he was alive who changed their tune -- there's lot of those after-death fans running around. Maybe some of them are sincere. I don't know. I think it's very strange to only become a fan of someone after they've died, especially if you disliked them when they were alive, but maybe for some people that is what it takes.

    But what really bothers me personal is the people who Michael helped when he was alive. There are many who Michael helped who speak up for Michael, but Michael helped so many people, there should be lots of them.

    Instead what you have is what you said, people who used Michael, got what they wanted and then didn't even so much as say one good thing about him to the public when he needed support. All of the sick people he visited in hospitals ... there's too many to list. And we won't even talk about people like the Chandlers and Arvisos who used him and then screwed him after wards. Evil people :angry:

  5. mjquan says:

    wow, i was just getting ready to go to bed, and something told me to stop by here, i sat here and watched the whole thing its almost 5 a.m. where im at but i must say, those last few minutes was the most touching and ive never heard that speech at the end, the whole video was graet, but my eyes literally started watering, because of mikes sweet, kind heart and me missing him, ooooh i had to fight back the tears, i really try hard not to watch anything that has to do with michael's death. yes i agree if the "journalist" allowed the public to see this side of michael, maybe things would of been different, but like they said the damage is already done, and now it will take forever trying to undo the destruction of michael... i miss him everyday... :cwy:

  6. chantalseguin says:

    i would love to have the pic of MJ on that page with the grey coat but cant find it ... can you help me !!! i just love it

  7. Sabine says:

    Doesn't Michael look dashing!!!!?!?!?!?

    I'll tell you what, you sign my petition :writing:

    and I'll send you the picture :yes:


  8. Sabine says:



    But I hope it was because you really believe in the cause! :smile:

    I sent you the pic on FB.

  9. nancycastelli says:

    I don't know how I missed this...OMG I am so glad someone finally is trying to put the media in there place! I have said this for years...The medial had hate for Michael...but he was a wonderful and beautiful human being!

    Thanks for sharing


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