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Bad Boy Mike Synopsis

When you're the biggest star on the planet the only way to beat the odds is to be a Bad Boy. Sabah and Michael are engaged to be married and Michael is more than ready to start the family he's always wanted.  At 30 years old, he is at the top of his game.  He [...]

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Bad Boy V: Preview To Good to be True

"I'm going to cut my hair." Michael made his disapproval known, Sabah could see it clearly on his face, in  his reflection in the mirror. "No, I told you don't do that.  I like it the way it is." "I am.  I need a new look when I go to Rome."

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Bad Boy Mike IV Preview: Road Trip

Occasionally the car jostled when it hit a bump in the road but for the most part the interior of the car was whisper quiet. The sound of music filling the air waves, combined with the rolling motion of the car effectively put everyone to sleep. Sabah's head was nestled in the crook under Michael's [...]

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Bad Boy Mike: The Movie Preview

This is a sweet video. I don't know why, but it kind of reminded me of what stills or little snippets from a Cowboy Mike/Bad Boy Mike or Tame the Wild Cobra movie would look like.   

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Will There Be Another Chapter?

Honestly, I've considered not writing anymore.

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Preview of Bad Boy Mike Act 2

Traveling all over the world with the sexiest man alive when you happen to be his fiance is any girls dream come true but  watching women of all ages scream and swoon over him isn't exactly Sabah Graham's idea of a good time.  The year is 1987.  From the screaming female fans to the tabloid [...]

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Message from Michael

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“I just hope that one day they will be fair and portray me the way I really am, just a loving and peaceful guy.” ~ Michael

"----->His intelligence is instinctual and emotional, like a child’s. If any artist loses that childlikeness, you lose a lot of creative juice. So Michael creates around himself a world that protects his creativity”. ~ Jane Fonda

WARNING: NOT JUST MJ fanfic - NO! It's Cobracrack®. It's better than plain Michael Jackson fan fiction and highly addictive!! One hit and you will be unable to function without yet another and another. Taking a hit of Cobracrack® while looking at a Michael Jackson picture can also prove fatal. At the very least you might experience an extremely intense Mikegasm that will leave you unable to be satisfied by any other man in your lifetime. READER BEWARE!!!! 18 over, please, though age doesn't matter. It's not the adult content that's going to get you, it's the force of MICHAEL! CobraCrackCentral® is not liable for any failed tests, lost jobs or broken relationships. Married women are particular at risk. Common side effects: Reading stories over and over; referring to characters as if they are real people; intense dislike for corny Michael Jackson fan fiction; Insatiable demand for sex; inability to sleep or function due to an infection of the EXTREMELY contagious virus: OvahXspojer (staring at MJ pics for hours at a time and imagining yourself in the scenes from the stories).

If you experience any of these symptoms close your lap top/pull the plug from your computer IMMEDIATELY!

Reader Discretion is highly advised CobraCrackCentral, uh, NOT just MJ Fan Fiction